Sunday, 18 September 2011

Sunday Smutty Sunday

HELLOOOO! Sadly I am not reading anything smutty at the moment, so I am going to one of my favourite erotic novels for my snippet. 'The Empresses New Clothes' by Jaid Black and available from Elora's cave.

The first novel and a beloved and incredibly HOT series.

The stones in Kyra’s bridal necklace pulsated rapidly. She didn’t have time to make sense of that event before a ceaseless peak overpowered her, maddening in its intensity. The stones blinked in tune with the pulsings of her climax, in tune with the throbbing of Zor’s peak. Kyra screamed, moaning in pleasure-pain from so all-consuming a release. It seemed to go on and on, unrelenting in its ferocity.
Zor was roaring—primal, territorial. Like an animal. The climax was as shattering to him as it was to Kyra.
from The Empresses New Clothes by Jaid Black
Trust me, it is worth a read!