Sunday, 7 August 2011

Sunday Smutty Sunday

Sunday Smutty Sunday is our new weekly feature where we give you a snippet from one of our favourite erotic novels, but there are rules... to tempt you we can only pick and post a few sentences so they have to be the right few sentences!

This week's snippet is from one on my Minxy favourites, Storm's Faeries by Jory Strong (available from Elora's Cave)

"She whimpered as his manipulation of her clit brought her close to the edge, his touch all the magic she wanted to know about in that moment. She wanted to rip her panties down, to feel first his hand and then his cock, but she could only manage a whispered plea for him to touch her, for him to finish what he’d started." from Storm's Faeries by Jory Strong

Do you think he will finish what he's started? *wink*