Saturday, 27 August 2011

Saturday Snippet

I am up to book two of Nalini Singh's Psy Changling series: Visions of Heat... so here is today's snippet.

She turned her head to scan the area again and felt every muscle in her body lock tight. Feral eyes looked calmly into hers. If she'd been human, she might've fainted. As it was, containing her reaction took every ounce of her control. "You're very quiet," she said, blindingly aware of the lethal danger scant inches away. "I guess it's one of the benefits of being a leopard.” Visions of Heat by Nalini Singh

 OOOOO- can't stay to chat.... must go back and read more!


Victoria said...

Can't say I blame you :)

Minx said...

it's so good!!!

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