Saturday, 6 August 2011

Saturday Snippet

Saturday snippet is where we share a short passage from a book which one of us is reading. I am currently reading The Countess by Lynsay Sands, I love her Argeneau series and when I saw this historical in the library I thought WHY NOT! I read the second one 'The Heiress' first and it was so funny! I hadn't read a historical in a while, but Sand's sense of humour comes through in these books and some of the situations the sisters get themselves in make me howl with laughter. They are also sexy little reads!

Enjoy the snippet!

Damn. How could such an innocent touch have such an enervating effect on him? He certainly wouldn’t be  growing were it a valet helping him undress.
The thought died as she got his breeches undone and the proof of her effect on him sprang from his opening  breeches to nearly slap her in the face.
“Oh my, Dicky, what a big—” Her words died on a startled gasp as Richard grabbed her by the upper arms and yanked her to her feet. The moment he could reach her mouth he covered it with his own.

From The Countess by Lynsay Sands


Victoria said...

Excellent snippet. I love the Argeneau series too and will get caught up soon. Maybe then I can move on to her other books. Are these as funny as the Argeneau books?

Minx said...

They are funny, I have read 2 of them now, the Countess and The Heiress, apparently there is a third, the Brat but I have not managed to track it down.

I think the heiress was my favourite, there is an element of farce in them, who has the dead body now, which is amusing, and the stories run concurrently.

Fun pool reads, not at all serious.

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