Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Tuesday Teasing Tuesday!

Hola everyone, I have been away this weekend, my cousin got married, good food, good weather, lots of wine... a good time had by all! The wedding was lovely too, really lovely, we do scrub up well!

Because I was away in a wifi and mobile signal challenged area of Yorkshire... I couldn't do updates or blog, managed to get a couple of tweets through, but that was it. I was starting to twitch, but I am home and we are going to have a smutty teasing Tuesday.

A little departure from our usual Tuesday fare, but we can do that at the end. I must find hump day pictures too while I can, I need to sneak into Bear’s Harem, she has more than me, and she won’t share =(

Back to Tuesday.... where we last left Loki he was heading for a shower with Gunnr, which is where we pick up.

“Loki, I can’t,” she groaned into the pillow allowing it to muffle her voice and also muffle his laughter as he turned her over.
“You can my sweet,”
“Loki I...” she paused as he picked up a dagger and pricked his finger allowing a bead of blood to pool at it’s tip. “I am a valkyrie not a vampire!” she told him haughtily.
“I am well aware of that, and if you were I would never have offered you blood, vampires have a tendency to get rather addicted to the blood of Gods, you however just need a drop. It will ‘refresh you’ shall we say.” He grinned down at her and brought his finger to her lips. She arched her brow and looked up at him. He sighed “it will heal you, you will not feel any soreness and it will give you renewed energy and if it also makes you a little horny...” he grinned and winked at her, “now open up.” Gunnr opened her mouth and licked the bead of blood before sucking his finger into her mouth her eyes meeting his. “You want something to suck on my sweet? I am certain I can accommodate you.” With that he pulled his finger form her mouth and pulled her from the bed “on your knees” he demanded sounding very much like the God he was.

Gunnr slipped to her knees, her hands demurely behind her back as Loki gathered her hair in one hand and brought his stiff cock to her lips with the other. “Open up” he told her she looked up at him through hooded lashes and grinned, opening her mouth and taking him inside. Using her hair to hold her still Loki began to fuck her mouth, her lips slick and tight pulling him in each time, “as beautiful as you look with your hands behind you, I want them on me,” he groaned.

Gunnr took charge, her hands moving to fondle his balls and stroke his shaft as she licked the tip, her tongue flicking against his sensitive spot before sucking him back inside, her hand working his shaft as he began to moan, thrusting in and out again. “Fuck, Gunn, fuck...” he groaned and she just laughed, the buzz and hum of her laughter eliciting a low moan from him as it vibrated through his shaft. “Hold still” he demanded, grabbing her head and gently but firmly fucked her mouth, grunting as she swallowed and deep throated him, “fuck.... Gunnn” he moaned as he bucked and came. Spurting over her warm tongue before withdrawing and allowing her to swallow and then lick him clean.

“Now I do think it is time for a shower, time for me to watch you play with the shower head...”he laughed as he pulled her to her feet, for once in her life Gunnr just blushed.


Victoria said...

Hello Tuesday!

Sparklybearsy said...

Uhnnn!me likey Tuesday now!! great work Minxy!!

Minx said...

Hello Victoria! Heheheee.

@Bear, you didn't like Tuesday before? Thanks, glad you liked it.

I am indulging myself with Hump day and Thursdays snippet!


But I may need harem boys for friday.... *bats eyelashes*

Victoria said...

Oh - harem boys - YES!

Taylor said...

I've got to say I love Loki and all his godly naughtiness but mostly the fact that, when it comes to matters of the flesh, he turns into putty under the ministrations of a skilled mouth. How very human of him *g*

Taylor said...

And excellent work, Minx. I need a Loki novella at the very least. hehe

Minx said...

@ Victoria, yes harem boys! I need them as towel boys for a Gutter Girls smack down!! heheheee

@ Taylor, thanks, I will see what I can do on the Loki novella!

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