Sunday, 10 April 2011

Sunday Smutty Sunday

Hi Loki!

A Gutter Girl Original by Minx.... I hope you enjoy it! *chews nails nervously*

As Loki flashed back into his chambers he dropped his winnings on the side table before removing his jacket and laying it over the back of a chair, no doubt some wench would offer to tidy up for him and it would be back in the wardrobe tomorrow, but he intended for her or even them to earn the reward of his cock. It was their job after all. Tonight had been particularly fruitful. Not only had he won almost 700k in the illegal poker game he’d just returned from but he could sense that Gunnr was still in his bed.

He did like her, some of the Valkyrie had turned away from men, too consumed with wars and fighting, but not her. Freyja was a self-righteous bitch, but she certainly knew how to pick her hand maidens; he stood in the archway to his bedroom and simply admired her naked body as she slumbered on his bed. She must have missed her guard duty and fallen asleep after he left for the game, he would sort it out later, make sure Old Odin saw that nothing happened to her. Freyja would tell him to go fuck himself, but when Odin demanded, she had no choice, and Odin did owe him a favour or 6.

Gunnr was truly spectacular, a thirteenth century Baroness who killed her husband when she pushed him down the stairs during yet another struggle where he tried to rape her, before his men could grab her for a murderer Freyja saw her strength and potential and made her immortal. At 5’9’’ she wasn’t tall in Asgard but for her time she would have stood level pegging with most tall men, she had a body a man would drool over, hips and ass to hold on to, defined curves covering toned muscles, legs long enough to wrap round you and breasts which overflowed your hands. If he didn’t know better he would say he was smitten. But he did, he was Loki, he fucked and worshiped the female form, not made love.

Gunnr squirmed in her sleep and made a small guttural sound, rubbing the apex of her thighs together as she slept, “now we can’t have you going wanting in a dream, can we?” he smirked as he allowed his clothes to melt away and he approached the bed, already his cock was responding to her, hard and stiff against his stomach by the time he too gentle hold of her ankles and very gently pulled her down to the edge of the bed.

Gunnr woke moaning in pleasure with her hand clutching someone’s head as she humped herself against his tongue. “Loki,” she sighed arching her back in pleasure as his tongue lapped at her.

“Yes Gunn?” he asked as he raised his head from her clit.

“Don’t stop!” she groaned smiling at his chuckle, their eyes meeting, “please?” she said with a wink.

Loki simply grinned wickedly before inserting two fingers into her pussy, thrusting them in and out whit his thumb polished her clit. “That what you wanted?” he asked, curling his fingers and finding her g-spot, “or perhaps this?” he dipped his head and sucked her clit as his fingers pumped in and out. Gunnr ‘s hands came up to play with her breasts, teasing her nipples, pinching and pulling at them as he teased her. Her body was so tight, she needed to come, she undulated against him, her cries becoming louder, “soon” was all Loki said as he continued to toy with her; his words vibrating against her clit and making her gasp as his fingers rubbed her g-spot.

“Oh God!” she cried.

“Yes, my sweet,” he laughed “Your God,” with that he bit her inside thigh and Gunnr screamed in release. Loki gave her no time to calm down as he flipped her over, her feet on the floor, ass high as he bent her over the edge of his bed, as he slammed into her. His large pierced cock pushing inside and rubbing against the slick swollen walls. “That’s it,” he moaned as he grabbed hold of her hair with one hand, his other sliding round her hip, “push back against me” he demanded as he pounded in and out. He dominated her, pinned her to the bed with his thrusts, each one hard and balls deep. Gunnr couldn’t move, she didn’t want to, the pleasure was so intense, when one orgasm ended, another seemed to begin. Loki was close, he groaned as Gunnr bore down on him, her pussy quivering as she gripped and held him. His hand sought her clit and with a simple flick her felt her fall apart, her scream assaulted his ears, her pussy clamping so tight on his cock that he roared and released in her, pumping his seed as his body jerked.

He grinned, sated but still semi hard within her, bending over to kiss her shoulder he asked, “you ready for a shower yet?” laughing as she moaned.

Loki's first story


Sparklybearsy said...

Daaaaaaaaaaamn HOTNESS!!!!!

I must have Loki! must!!

Minx said...

Where will you put him? I thought your harem was full? *blink blink*

Victoria said...

Oh how I've missed this!

Minx said...

We have missed you all too! So happy to be back!

Turbi said...

damn, you give good snippet!!! Muahahahahaha

Minx said...

That we do! *wink*

Turbi said...

Psst..sparklybearsy...wanna borrow a stone mason..he can "enlarge" your harem. Muahahahaha..gods the puns in that statement!

Minx said...

No she doesn't Loki is MINE! mwahahahaa

Sparklybearsy said...

HEY!!!! i want him! *stomps foot*

Yes Turbi! ;)

Minx said...

Ok who you gonna swap out of your harem for him?

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