Friday, 29 April 2011

FIGHT NIGHT! Gutter Girls Smackdown

"Roll up roll up roll up! Loki is in charge this evening and what an evening it will be, tonight for the first time ever we are having a Gutter Girls Smackdown, 3 girls sorry women, 3 weapons one prize and that prize? It appears to be a man, what was that? I have just been told it is Barrons dressed as David Gandy, what? Sorry it is the other way round. Thank you and what is your name? Miss Shame, thank you Miss Shame, I must say that is a very cute cheer leaders outfit you are wearing, do you also have pom poms? Big ones, very sexy. You come sit next to me.

"Now to introduce our combatants, in the camo tutu and weilding the feather duster it is our very own Sparklybearsy! Wow you guys are loud when you cheer. Next up we have our lady in the purple shiney catsuit and armed with a wet tea towel it is Jaymzangel! Finally we have our warrior in a corset and frilly panties, with silly string as her weapon give it up for Minx.

"Ok ladies listen up to the rules, no maiming or hair pulling and if you want to get naked and mud wrestle I can move this show to my pad in Asgard. What? Don't glare at me like that. Fine. To the ring.

"Gladiators Ready? Gutter Girls Ready? Always wanted to shout that! FIIIIGGGGGGHHHHTTTTT!

"And they are off, Sparklybearsy starts her offensive by tackling Jay and trying to tickle her with the feather duster but the cat suit is holding up well, she fights back with the feather duster as Minx hits them both with the silly string. Shouldn't have done that Minx, as they are now heading for you and there is nowhere to run. Keep spraying and squealing but that sill string won't last forever. It is a tumble of Gutter Girls! They are so busy that they haven't noticed that the cage is open. Who let the prize out? Miss Shame was that you? *wink* Well he is running up the street, oh they heard that. Yes ladies he is running away, you'd better get after him!

"Who would have known they could run that fast, and who gave them a net? I need to even things up, mate to your left the bike is mine, take it. And he is outa here! Er, they heard me, they are now heading this way and they don't seem happy. Ladies what did you expect I am the God of Mischief! See you soon. Loki out!"