Monday, 3 October 2011

Monday Madness

Just a quickie for today, since we keep hearing about book series which have been picked up for TV or films I wondered... what book or series would you love to be turned into live action?

For me it would be Katie MacAllister Aisling Grey series and Gena Showalter's Lords of the Underworld.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Sunday Smutty Sunday

This weeks smutty snippet is from Trouble in Cowboy Boots by Desiree Holt, if you love your cowboys you must read this book!

“Uh-huh.” He licked first one then the other. “Haven’t you ever worn nipple clamps? Hasn’t some man been so turned on by them that he just had to find the right ones to tighten on them?”
“It-it sounds like it would hurt.” She wanted to be afraid but a streak of something dark and erotic flashed through her.
“It hurts good, sugar. Real good. I think you’d love it. And I’d sure love to see it.” by Desiree Holt

Wyatt certainly has a streak of naughty running through him!

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Sunday Smutty Sunday

This weeks Sunday snippet is from Trouble in a Stetson by Regina Carlysle (available from Eloras Cave) a great fun and sexy read sure to make you want to ride a cowboy!

The very next thing Sam noticed was that his hands were splayed over her sexy ass and her mouth hovered within a hairsbreadth of his lips. Her breath whispered softly against his skin. “Well, now.”
She squirmed a bit and the action only made things worse when her hot little pussy pressed against his suddenly throbbing cock. Lola’s eyes went wide and unable to resist, Sam flexed his fingers over the firm mounds of her butt. Sensation raced over his body, his gut tightened at the feel of all that lush female flesh, and if he’d been a begging kind of man, he’d be pleading with her to put him out of his misery.
Yes, he was in big trouble here. by Regina Carlysle 

Anyone else feel squirmy now?


Saturday, 24 September 2011

Saturday Snippet

Happy Saturday! I am literally just starting 'The Darkest Whisper' by Gene Showalter, so here is my snippet from the beginning. I loved the first 3 I read so I am hoping that Sabin's book will be just as good!

"Your women are going to give me hell," Sabin muttered. The two had recently fallen in love, and both Anya and Danika had asked one thing of Sabin before the warriors left for Egypt: Bring my man back safely. the Darkest Whisper by Gena Showalter

I am SO excited!  I came to the series late but I love them.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Sunday Smutty Sunday

HELLOOOO! Sadly I am not reading anything smutty at the moment, so I am going to one of my favourite erotic novels for my snippet. 'The Empresses New Clothes' by Jaid Black and available from Elora's cave.

The first novel and a beloved and incredibly HOT series.

The stones in Kyra’s bridal necklace pulsated rapidly. She didn’t have time to make sense of that event before a ceaseless peak overpowered her, maddening in its intensity. The stones blinked in tune with the pulsings of her climax, in tune with the throbbing of Zor’s peak. Kyra screamed, moaning in pleasure-pain from so all-consuming a release. It seemed to go on and on, unrelenting in its ferocity.
Zor was roaring—primal, territorial. Like an animal. The climax was as shattering to him as it was to Kyra.
from The Empresses New Clothes by Jaid Black
Trust me, it is worth a read!

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Saturday Snippet

Welcome to Saturdays's Snippet, I am currently reading One Grave at a Time and having a whole host of fun! Ian may be, as Cat describes, 'an arrogant, obnoxious pervert' but he does have some fantastic lines, and one of them is going to be my choice for Saturday Snippet!

'Ian appeared to have recovered from his surprise. He gave Spade an almost accusatory look.
"You're shagging a woman who can turn into a dragon? Blast you Charles I am sick with envy!" from One Grave at a Time by Jeaniene Frost
 Trust me, he is so much fun!

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Sunday Smutty Sunday

This week's snippet is from Maya Banks' Sweet Surrender, we had Gray as our subject for Manly Monday, and I thought we should see what he does, plus it made me read it again, so here goes!

G ray all but hauled her from the room and into the darkened hallway. As soon as they were away from prying eyes, he shoved her against the wall, forcing her hands over her head. His lips met hers in a frenzied rush.
Her body, still shaky from her explosive orgasm, nearly folded. He lowered her arms then moved his hands to her waist, then up her body to her breasts.
“I wanted to touch them,” he said hoarsely. “I wanted to touch you everywhere.”
He shoved her camisole up until his hands found her breasts. He cupped them, brushed his thumbs across the sensitive peaks. Then he bent his head and sucked one of the nipples into his mouth.
from Maya Banks Sweet Surrender

SO hot!

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Saturday Snippet

I am reading Archangel's Blade by Nalini Singh, so here is a little snippet!

"Dimitri could have let it go at that, but there was more at stake here than a dangerous attraction. 'It's not betrayal I'm worried about. It's you.'"

But who is he talking about? I know.... I am a tease!

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Something different for a Sunday!

Time for something different.... a simple little meme, we hare having a pool party and I want to know which character from fiction would you bring and why?

Who would you bring to the Gutter Girls Pool Party and why?

I think I will bring Savitar from Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunter books, he is dark, mysterious and loves the sea. He is also a little tricky and would probably enjoy practical jokes! He would definitely be a fun guest.

Who are you bringing and why? Either post here or feel free to nab the badge and take this to your blog!

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Saturday Snippet

Hola! I have literally just started Gena Showalter's Atlantis books and I am on page 4 of Heart of the Dragon. This little passage got my attention so here is your snippet for today.

Gaze narrowed, Javar closed the distance between them, his boots harmonizing with the drip, drip of water. His lips pulled in a tight scowl, and he gripped Darius's shoulders painfully. "Your mother and father were slaughtered. Your sisters were raped and their throats slit. Had the last Guardian done his duty, your family would still be with you." Heart of the Dragon by Gena Showalter

OOOOOO it looks intruiging doesn't it! Must read more... anyone read it? Good? *scampers off to read*

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Sunday Smutty Sunday

Today's erotic snippet is from Of Crimson and Collars by Stella and Audra Price, another GG fave and the book where we met Ben!  Look what happens when he went swimming...

He closed his eyes, resting his head on the ledge behind him as her cool lips surrounded the tip of his cock. She drew a small groan from him as her tongue ran possessively over his shaft, forcing him further into her mouth. He sighed as she began to suckle lightly on his head as she made her way down. Coming for a swim had been a very good idea. Of Crimson and Collars by Stella and Audra Price

Ben is a bundle of fun! *wink*

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Saturday Snippet

I am up to book two of Nalini Singh's Psy Changling series: Visions of Heat... so here is today's snippet.

She turned her head to scan the area again and felt every muscle in her body lock tight. Feral eyes looked calmly into hers. If she'd been human, she might've fainted. As it was, containing her reaction took every ounce of her control. "You're very quiet," she said, blindingly aware of the lethal danger scant inches away. "I guess it's one of the benefits of being a leopard.” Visions of Heat by Nalini Singh

 OOOOO- can't stay to chat.... must go back and read more!

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Sunday Smutty Sunday

This weeks erotic snippet is from Drilled by Regina Carlysle (available from Elora's Cave- part of the Cougar Challenge series)

You need a little pick me up? This will warm your cockles!

She wanted to speak but the slow fingerfucking stole her words. A real conversation killer for sure because who wanted to talk when all she really needed was to fuck. Hard and fast.
Yeah, she wanted him to drill her body into the damn wall, not stopping until she was screaming with pleasure.
Drilled by Regina Carlysle

*fans self* did it work for you?

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Saturday Snippet

Saturday snippet is where we share a short passage from a book which one of us is reading. I am currently reading Nalini Singh's Psychangeling series.

So here is a snippet from book 1 Slave to Sensation.... I have just started it, so something from the beginning:

His black hair brushed his shoulders but there was nothing soft about it. Instead, it hinted at unrestrained passion and the dark hunger of the leopard below the skin. She had no doubt she was in the presence of a predator. from Slave to sensation by Nalini Singh

Doesn't that just make your hair stand on and and want to read more??? Or is that just me?

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Sunday Smutty Sunday

Sunday Smutty Sunday is our new weekly feature where we give you a snippet from one of our favourite erotic novels, but there are rules... to tempt you we can only pick and post a few sentences so they have to be the right few sentences!

This week's snippet is from one on my Minxy favourites, Storm's Faeries by Jory Strong (available from Elora's Cave)

"She whimpered as his manipulation of her clit brought her close to the edge, his touch all the magic she wanted to know about in that moment. She wanted to rip her panties down, to feel first his hand and then his cock, but she could only manage a whispered plea for him to touch her, for him to finish what he’d started." from Storm's Faeries by Jory Strong

Do you think he will finish what he's started? *wink*

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Saturday Snippet

Saturday snippet is where we share a short passage from a book which one of us is reading. I am currently reading The Countess by Lynsay Sands, I love her Argeneau series and when I saw this historical in the library I thought WHY NOT! I read the second one 'The Heiress' first and it was so funny! I hadn't read a historical in a while, but Sand's sense of humour comes through in these books and some of the situations the sisters get themselves in make me howl with laughter. They are also sexy little reads!

Enjoy the snippet!

Damn. How could such an innocent touch have such an enervating effect on him? He certainly wouldn’t be  growing were it a valet helping him undress.
The thought died as she got his breeches undone and the proof of her effect on him sprang from his opening  breeches to nearly slap her in the face.
“Oh my, Dicky, what a big—” Her words died on a startled gasp as Richard grabbed her by the upper arms and yanked her to her feet. The moment he could reach her mouth he covered it with his own.

From The Countess by Lynsay Sands

Sunday, 31 July 2011

Sunday Smutty Sunday

Sunday Smutty Sunday is our new weekly feature where we give you a snippet from one of our favourite erotic novels, but there are rules... to tempt you we can only pick and post a few sentences so they have to be the right few sentences!

So to begin with let's start with a Gutter Girls favourite love: this is from Simple Need by Lissa Matthews. This extract is from page 23

"She was sexy and the little snore when she inhaled was cuter than shit. He honestly couldn’t have wanted her more if she were riding his dick. Okay, well, maybe…"

I think I may need to read this again.... *grin*

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Saturday Snippet

Something new for Saturday, but the idea is very simple, one of us tells you what we are reading and give you a little snippet from the page we are on!

Here goes:

I am reading The Darkest Pleasure by Gena Showalter, book 3 in the Lords of the Underworld series and here is a snippet from page 31.

"What's wrong with me? He'd kidnapped her for no reason, held her family hostage. He didn't deserve her desire! Why did she crave him so desperately? He was handsome, dangerously so, but other men were handsome too. He was was strong, but he would use that strength against her. He was intelligent, but he would exude any sort of humour. He never smiled. Yet she never wanted a man the way she wanted Reyes."

It makes me want to jump up and down in excitement, but we all know how dangerous that may be *coughblackeyescough* so I will toddle off and read some more!

Look out for another snippet on Loose Knickers later!

Minx xxx

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Masquerade Meme!

Hello! Summer is finally here and I am on holiday and feeling MINXY! I have been reading up a storm and reviews will return to Loose Knickers, however I thought I would get the ball rolling with some summer fun on Gutter Girls.

Over the next few weeks you will see some memes appearing, these are all for Gutter Girl's Parties. I know, it sounds strange, but after a few glasses of wine and over an hour online with my friend E, where we were looking at ball dresses and shoes this seemed like a good idea.

The meme is simple, so here goes!

Meme Rules

You are cordially invited to the Gutter Girls' Masquerade Ball.
All you have to do is decide what to wear, add accessories and say which book boyfriend you want to bring!

Then pass the invite on to 5 of your friends!
We welcome gate crashers so if you want to just join in, grab the meme and post it on your blog, but remember to come back here and tell us so we can go see what you are wearing!

So here goes!

I Minx shall wear this little gold number,


Shoes by Jimmy Choo

And for my date I am bringing BARRONS! (Hands off he is mine!) heheheee

I know, it is silly, but fun, enjoy getting your dresses and finding your dates ladies and meet me back here!

I tag the following people to join me.

Sparkly Bearsy
Scorching Book Review
Midnight Reads
Susi from Secret HEA Society

I hope you all have fun, and look out for out pool party and BBQ, but remember, you can only bring your book BF once, next time pick a new boyfriend!

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

A Minxy Birthday!!!

We have a Gutter Girls Birthday today - Our own MINXY. Please help me to wish her the best Gutterlicious Naughty and Minxiest of all Birthday's..

Remember Minx, when you're having fun today, if it doesn't feel wrong and durty.. you're not doing it right!!

To inspire this naughty route, here's some incentive eye candy goodness..

Love n Smooches

Barrons getting ready to celebrate with you, Minx ;)

bad boys needing attention from Miss Minx

Vane! swoon sigh LICK!

And a slice of cake for the birthday girl!

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Teaser Tuesday!

Who can he be?

1. We post a picture of a sexy man (see above)
2. You suggest possible book boyfriend he could represent.

soooo possible book boyfriends.... who are you?

The Gutter Girls

Monday, 2 May 2011

BDB Love on Manly Monday

 Last week was my love of Vikings, this week I am saving all my love for the BDB, or at least one in particular. Let's face it, we love them all but we do have our favourites, I know there are many V lovers out there and those who would love to obey every command Wrath gives them and I could go on and on through each of the brothers, however there is one who has held my fascination since the beginning and it is Rhage! Why? It is because he is not what he seems, perhaps he once was but he was punished for it and he has learned to deal with his demons, there is just something cheekily adorable about him and his sense of humour, that and his Godzilla collection! His book Lover Eternal is still my favourite and my favourite scene is the one with the cherries, but that is not the extract I am sharing with you today, it is where Mary first meets Rhage. If you haven't read it you must, if you have well read it again an growl with me. Raaaaaaaaawr!

Rhage felt like holy hell as he weaved down the corridor. Every time the beast came out of him and his vision headed off for a little vacation, his eyes took their own sweet time in getting back to work. The body didn't want to play, either, his legs and arms hanging like heavy weights off his torso, not exactly useless, but damn close. And his stomach was still off. The very idea of food made him nauseous. But he'd had it with being stuck in his room. Twelve hours flat on his back was enough wasted time. He was determined to get to the training center's gym, hop on a recumbent bike, and loosen himself up a little— He stopped, tensing. He couldn't see much, but he knew for sure he was
not alone in the hall. Whoever it was stood close beside him, to his left. And it was a stranger.

He spun around and yanked the figure out of a doorway, grabbing it by the throat, forcing the body into the opposite wall. Too late he realized it was a female, and the high-pitched gasp shamed him. He quickly eased up on his grip, but he did not let go. The slender neck under his palm was warm, soft. Her pulse was frantic, blood racing through the veins that came up from her heart. He leaned
down and drew a breath through his nose. Only to jerk back. Jesus Christ, she was a human. And she was sick, maybe dying. "Who are you?" he demanded. "How did you get in here?" There was no answer, just quick breathing. She was utterly terrified of him, the smell of her fear like wood smoke in his nose.

He softened his voice. "I'm not going to hurt you. But you don't belong here, and I want to know who you are."
Her throat undulated under his hand, as if she were swallowing "My name… my name is Mary. I'm here with a friend."
Rhage stopped breathing. His heart skipped a beat and then slowed. "Say that again," he whispered.
"Ah, my name is Mary Luce. I'm a friend of Bella's… We came here with a boy, with John Matthew. We were invited."
Rhage shivered, a balmy rush blooming out all over his skin. The musical lilt of her voice, the rhythm of her speech, the sound of her words, it all spread through him, calming him, comforting him. Chaining him sweetly. He closed his eyes. "Say something else."
"What?" she asked, baffled.
"Talk. Talk to me. I want to hear your voice again."
She was silent, and he was about to demand that she speak when she said, "You don't look well. Do you need a doctor?"
He found himself swaying. The words didn't matter. It was her sound: low, soft, a quiet brushing in his ears. He felt as if he were being stroked on the inside of his skin.
"More," he said, twisting his palm around to the front of her neck so he could feel the vibrations in her throat better.
"Could you… could you please let go of me?"
"No." He brought his other arm up. She was wearing some kind of fleece, and he moved the collar aside, putting his hand on her shoulder so she couldn't get away from him. 'Talk."
She started to struggle. "You're crowding me."
"I know. Talk."
"Oh, for God's sake, what do you want me to say?"
Even exasperated, her voice was beautiful. "Anything."
"Fine. Get your hand off my throat and let me go or I'm going to knee you where it counts."
He laughed. Then sank his lower body into her, trapping her with his thighs and hips. She stiffened against him, but he got an ample feel of her. She was built lean, though there was no doubt she was a female. Her breasts hit his chest, her hips cushioned his, her stomach was soft.
"Keep talking," he said in her ear. God, she smelled good. Clean. Fresh. Like lemon. When she pushed against him, he leaned his full weight into her. Her breath came out in a rush. "Please," he murmured.
Her chest moved against his as if she were inhaling. "I… er, I have nothing to say. Except get off of me."
He smiled, careful to keep his mouth closed. There was no sense showing off his fangs, especially if she didn't know what he was. "So say that."
"Nothing. Say nothing. Over and over and over again. Do it" She bristled, the scent of fear replaced by a sharp spice, like fresh, pungent mint from a garden. She was annoyed now. "Say it," he commanded, needing to feel more of what she did to him.
"Fine. Nothing. Nothing." Abruptly she laughed, and the sound shot right through to his spine, burning him. "Nothing, nothing. No-thing. No-thing. Noooooothing. There, is that good enough for you? Will you let me go now?"
She fought against him again, creating a delicious friction between their bodies. And he knew the moment when her anxiety and irritation turned to something hot. He smelled her arousal, a lovely sweetening in the air, and his body answered her call.
He got hard as a diamond.
'Talk to me, Mary." He moved his hips in a slow circle against her, rubbing his erection on her belly, increasing his ache and her heat After a moment the tension eased out of her, softening her against the thrust of his muscles and his arousal. Her hands flattened on his waist. And then slowly slid around to the small of his back, as if she were unsure why she was responding to him the way she was.
He arched against her, to show his approval and encourage her to touch more of him. When her palms moved up his spine, he growled low in his throat and dropped his head down so his ear was closer to her mouth. He wanted to give her another word to say, something like luscious or whisper or strawberry.
Hell, antidisestablishmentarianism would do it.

From Lover Eternal by JR Ward available at all good book stockists

So ladies, who is your favourite BDB and why?

Friday, 29 April 2011

FIGHT NIGHT! Gutter Girls Smackdown

"Roll up roll up roll up! Loki is in charge this evening and what an evening it will be, tonight for the first time ever we are having a Gutter Girls Smackdown, 3 girls sorry women, 3 weapons one prize and that prize? It appears to be a man, what was that? I have just been told it is Barrons dressed as David Gandy, what? Sorry it is the other way round. Thank you and what is your name? Miss Shame, thank you Miss Shame, I must say that is a very cute cheer leaders outfit you are wearing, do you also have pom poms? Big ones, very sexy. You come sit next to me.

"Now to introduce our combatants, in the camo tutu and weilding the feather duster it is our very own Sparklybearsy! Wow you guys are loud when you cheer. Next up we have our lady in the purple shiney catsuit and armed with a wet tea towel it is Jaymzangel! Finally we have our warrior in a corset and frilly panties, with silly string as her weapon give it up for Minx.

"Ok ladies listen up to the rules, no maiming or hair pulling and if you want to get naked and mud wrestle I can move this show to my pad in Asgard. What? Don't glare at me like that. Fine. To the ring.

"Gladiators Ready? Gutter Girls Ready? Always wanted to shout that! FIIIIGGGGGGHHHHTTTTT!

"And they are off, Sparklybearsy starts her offensive by tackling Jay and trying to tickle her with the feather duster but the cat suit is holding up well, she fights back with the feather duster as Minx hits them both with the silly string. Shouldn't have done that Minx, as they are now heading for you and there is nowhere to run. Keep spraying and squealing but that sill string won't last forever. It is a tumble of Gutter Girls! They are so busy that they haven't noticed that the cage is open. Who let the prize out? Miss Shame was that you? *wink* Well he is running up the street, oh they heard that. Yes ladies he is running away, you'd better get after him!

"Who would have known they could run that fast, and who gave them a net? I need to even things up, mate to your left the bike is mine, take it. And he is outa here! Er, they heard me, they are now heading this way and they don't seem happy. Ladies what did you expect I am the God of Mischief! See you soon. Loki out!"

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Tuesday Teasing Tuesday!

Hola everyone, I have been away this weekend, my cousin got married, good food, good weather, lots of wine... a good time had by all! The wedding was lovely too, really lovely, we do scrub up well!

Because I was away in a wifi and mobile signal challenged area of Yorkshire... I couldn't do updates or blog, managed to get a couple of tweets through, but that was it. I was starting to twitch, but I am home and we are going to have a smutty teasing Tuesday.

A little departure from our usual Tuesday fare, but we can do that at the end. I must find hump day pictures too while I can, I need to sneak into Bear’s Harem, she has more than me, and she won’t share =(

Back to Tuesday.... where we last left Loki he was heading for a shower with Gunnr, which is where we pick up.

“Loki, I can’t,” she groaned into the pillow allowing it to muffle her voice and also muffle his laughter as he turned her over.
“You can my sweet,”
“Loki I...” she paused as he picked up a dagger and pricked his finger allowing a bead of blood to pool at it’s tip. “I am a valkyrie not a vampire!” she told him haughtily.
“I am well aware of that, and if you were I would never have offered you blood, vampires have a tendency to get rather addicted to the blood of Gods, you however just need a drop. It will ‘refresh you’ shall we say.” He grinned down at her and brought his finger to her lips. She arched her brow and looked up at him. He sighed “it will heal you, you will not feel any soreness and it will give you renewed energy and if it also makes you a little horny...” he grinned and winked at her, “now open up.” Gunnr opened her mouth and licked the bead of blood before sucking his finger into her mouth her eyes meeting his. “You want something to suck on my sweet? I am certain I can accommodate you.” With that he pulled his finger form her mouth and pulled her from the bed “on your knees” he demanded sounding very much like the God he was.

Gunnr slipped to her knees, her hands demurely behind her back as Loki gathered her hair in one hand and brought his stiff cock to her lips with the other. “Open up” he told her she looked up at him through hooded lashes and grinned, opening her mouth and taking him inside. Using her hair to hold her still Loki began to fuck her mouth, her lips slick and tight pulling him in each time, “as beautiful as you look with your hands behind you, I want them on me,” he groaned.

Gunnr took charge, her hands moving to fondle his balls and stroke his shaft as she licked the tip, her tongue flicking against his sensitive spot before sucking him back inside, her hand working his shaft as he began to moan, thrusting in and out again. “Fuck, Gunn, fuck...” he groaned and she just laughed, the buzz and hum of her laughter eliciting a low moan from him as it vibrated through his shaft. “Hold still” he demanded, grabbing her head and gently but firmly fucked her mouth, grunting as she swallowed and deep throated him, “fuck.... Gunnn” he moaned as he bucked and came. Spurting over her warm tongue before withdrawing and allowing her to swallow and then lick him clean.

“Now I do think it is time for a shower, time for me to watch you play with the shower head...”he laughed as he pulled her to her feet, for once in her life Gunnr just blushed.

Friday, 15 April 2011

Gutter Girls Role Play

Hello and welcome to Gutter Girls Role Play! We have a variety of characters that we write about for Smut Sunday and now you can intereact with them on Twitter, when they are gracing us with their presence. They mainly fall into two areas.

Our Asgard Aventure and our NOLA/Nydia Adventure, now we have introduces the NOLA characters to you before and I have copied Bearsy's post to the bottom of this one. Now we are introducing four of the Asgard characters, Dragan and Layla, and Loki and Gunnr.

If you want to see what they get up to in their spare time feel free to follow them! They may not auto follow (coz sometimes work gets in the way *pout* ) but will @reply (but we're in the process of following everyone back)


Layla on TWITTER


Dragan on TWITTER


Gunnr on TWITTER



You can find a selection of our Smut Sunday posts here


Our original post and characters.....

Characters we write about in SMUT SUNDAY posts. And now you can interact with them on TWITTER. They don't auto follow but will @reply (Edit: We're in the process of following everyone back) Just hope you don't talk to the succubus when she is hungry!

All of the characters are supernatural in some way, and all connected, by friendship or family. While we do Smut it up (HELLO we ARE Gutter Girls!) the story Arcs are always heading towards a Happily Ever After...but until we get there, there will be feisty, sexy, delicious intrigue and of course..Smut!










Sunday, 10 April 2011

Sunday Smutty Sunday

Hi Loki!

A Gutter Girl Original by Minx.... I hope you enjoy it! *chews nails nervously*

As Loki flashed back into his chambers he dropped his winnings on the side table before removing his jacket and laying it over the back of a chair, no doubt some wench would offer to tidy up for him and it would be back in the wardrobe tomorrow, but he intended for her or even them to earn the reward of his cock. It was their job after all. Tonight had been particularly fruitful. Not only had he won almost 700k in the illegal poker game he’d just returned from but he could sense that Gunnr was still in his bed.

He did like her, some of the Valkyrie had turned away from men, too consumed with wars and fighting, but not her. Freyja was a self-righteous bitch, but she certainly knew how to pick her hand maidens; he stood in the archway to his bedroom and simply admired her naked body as she slumbered on his bed. She must have missed her guard duty and fallen asleep after he left for the game, he would sort it out later, make sure Old Odin saw that nothing happened to her. Freyja would tell him to go fuck himself, but when Odin demanded, she had no choice, and Odin did owe him a favour or 6.

Gunnr was truly spectacular, a thirteenth century Baroness who killed her husband when she pushed him down the stairs during yet another struggle where he tried to rape her, before his men could grab her for a murderer Freyja saw her strength and potential and made her immortal. At 5’9’’ she wasn’t tall in Asgard but for her time she would have stood level pegging with most tall men, she had a body a man would drool over, hips and ass to hold on to, defined curves covering toned muscles, legs long enough to wrap round you and breasts which overflowed your hands. If he didn’t know better he would say he was smitten. But he did, he was Loki, he fucked and worshiped the female form, not made love.

Gunnr squirmed in her sleep and made a small guttural sound, rubbing the apex of her thighs together as she slept, “now we can’t have you going wanting in a dream, can we?” he smirked as he allowed his clothes to melt away and he approached the bed, already his cock was responding to her, hard and stiff against his stomach by the time he too gentle hold of her ankles and very gently pulled her down to the edge of the bed.

Gunnr woke moaning in pleasure with her hand clutching someone’s head as she humped herself against his tongue. “Loki,” she sighed arching her back in pleasure as his tongue lapped at her.

“Yes Gunn?” he asked as he raised his head from her clit.

“Don’t stop!” she groaned smiling at his chuckle, their eyes meeting, “please?” she said with a wink.

Loki simply grinned wickedly before inserting two fingers into her pussy, thrusting them in and out whit his thumb polished her clit. “That what you wanted?” he asked, curling his fingers and finding her g-spot, “or perhaps this?” he dipped his head and sucked her clit as his fingers pumped in and out. Gunnr ‘s hands came up to play with her breasts, teasing her nipples, pinching and pulling at them as he teased her. Her body was so tight, she needed to come, she undulated against him, her cries becoming louder, “soon” was all Loki said as he continued to toy with her; his words vibrating against her clit and making her gasp as his fingers rubbed her g-spot.

“Oh God!” she cried.

“Yes, my sweet,” he laughed “Your God,” with that he bit her inside thigh and Gunnr screamed in release. Loki gave her no time to calm down as he flipped her over, her feet on the floor, ass high as he bent her over the edge of his bed, as he slammed into her. His large pierced cock pushing inside and rubbing against the slick swollen walls. “That’s it,” he moaned as he grabbed hold of her hair with one hand, his other sliding round her hip, “push back against me” he demanded as he pounded in and out. He dominated her, pinned her to the bed with his thrusts, each one hard and balls deep. Gunnr couldn’t move, she didn’t want to, the pleasure was so intense, when one orgasm ended, another seemed to begin. Loki was close, he groaned as Gunnr bore down on him, her pussy quivering as she gripped and held him. His hand sought her clit and with a simple flick her felt her fall apart, her scream assaulted his ears, her pussy clamping so tight on his cock that he roared and released in her, pumping his seed as his body jerked.

He grinned, sated but still semi hard within her, bending over to kiss her shoulder he asked, “you ready for a shower yet?” laughing as she moaned.

Loki's first story

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Lover Unleashed Release Day!!

Here at Gutter Girls we're celebrating our Beloved Brotherhood Warriors being back today in Lover Unleashed (lets take a moment or two to swoon. ahhhh) We will finally get some new BDB crack, it's been far too long since Lover Mine.

SO! Tuesdays eye candy is the sexy gloved glowing Warrior: VISHOUS!

Sorry Manny, i know it's your book, but its the kinky brother i most want to see *grins*

- Gutter Girls

we missed you V! we did! *hops up onto his table*

you just know that smirk is saying "i've got a paddle, whip, black candle wax and a gimp mask, and im not afraid to use 'em" swoon. sigh. SWOON! 


Wednesday, 26 January 2011

It's Bear's BIRTHDAY!

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear BEARSY!
Happy Birthday to you!

Yes you heard it... it is Bearsy's birthday!


We have cake....

and lots of sexy men waiting to wish you happy birthday!

Barrons (on loan)

Rhage (yumm)




Have a great one!