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The Gutter Girls say lets get Frisky Friday!!

Welcome to FRISKY FRIDAY!! It's the day to let your hands get grabby on a favourite book boyfriend!
Which Book Boyfriend are you FRISKING today? I am in the Dark Hunter world right now, reading No Mercy. And i can't help but think of ACHERON, so he is my first choice for Frisky Friday. Come to my hands my mysterious lovahhhhh!!


&& Some Luscious cookies to look at while you decide ;)

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Super Smut Sunday- Aidan and Astrid

SMUTday beautiful SMUTday! Hello Gutter Girls! We have another ORIGINAL GUTTER GIRL FICTION for you today. We give you AIDAN && ASTRID! you'll be seeing more of them over the coming weeks, getting to know what they're like, what makes them tick and purr and growl.

Hope you enjoy!

Witten by Minx and Sparklybearsy

Astrid walked in and dropped the bags of lingerie on her bed, today had been a profitable day, four new matching sets, all innocently dripping of sexiness, and that demi bra, just thinking of the white lace half cups and thong made her smile. She needed some-one to test them out on.

 Smiling as she slipped out of her clothes she shimmied into the pink set, she loved the drop pearl between her breast and how the thong had the same drop pearl at the back where the straps met. Grabbing her phone she rang Aidan and waited for him to pick up, “Hey baby, what you up to?” she asked.

He had a pup by the scruff of the neck out in the forecourt when his phone rang, keeping the whelp in place he fished his blackberry from his back pocket and grinned when he saw who it was "Hey Kitten, i was just thinking of you" he gave the pup a shake when he spluttered a cough laugh, damn whelp didn't know his place. he would before training was through for the today. "In fact, if you want company, i could be persuaded to come over" he suggested with a deep timbered low growl.

“In that case I may make it worth your while, I have been lingerie shopping today,” she told him, “trying it on as we speak, but I could be persuaded to take it off, if you feed me.” She laughed.

Aidan gave a throaty laugh, picturing her stood in some small wisp of lace "i can be there before you've even had time to drop your shopping bags to the floor, just have to say the word"

“They are on the bed and I am in a pink and frilly concoction, there really isn’t much to it, and and you must see the innocent white demi bra, my nipples peek over the top and the lace looks so cute against my piercing” she laughed at his growl.

Fuck he was sporting major wood! he let go of the pup telling him to get back to training with the others, gripping his phone tight he locked onto her location and flashed himself there "Hello ready for my catwalk show"

“This is the pink with pearls baby,” she said turning and jiggling to make the drop pearl bounce before turning and doing the same with the one on the thong, “what do you think?” she asked as she faced him again.

"I think..." he let go of a low growl and pulled her to his body, an arm around her waist "you're the sexiest thing i've ever seen and if i don't taste that mouth of yours there will be trouble...big" he ground their hips together pressing a hand to her lower back "big trouble, love"

“Well if you put it that way,” she wound an arm round his neck and pulled his mouth to meet hers, her tongue traversing the seam of his lips and seeking entrance as her free hand worked on his belt and button flies, slipping inside to find what she wanted. Her hand closed round his shaft, he was so large her fingers hardly met, smiling into the kiss as he moaned she lifted him free of his confinement and began to stroke.

He growled, feasted on her sweet mouth dipping and rolling his tongue over hers and walked her back to press her to the wall pumping his hips to make her stroke his cock in her palm. With a flick of his wrist he had his hand slid up over her belly and popped her bra open, her full lush breasts spilled into his palms, giving a growl he rolled his thumbs over her nipples, he swallowed her moan pressing her harder into the wall grinding to ease the ache between his legs.

Dragging her hand free of his cock, Aidan let out a rumbled moan at the loss of contact, pinning her hands above her head he anchored them in one of his own and let his free hand wander and snake up and down her body, teasing with strokes and caresses. Her skin was like silk he didn't want to leave any part of her untouched.

"Astrid" he panted against her lips, trying to gain a moment of sanity before he lost control "open your legs for me baby.. Mmm let me make you feel good" nudging her thighs apart with his knee he grinded his leg to her core feeling her heat. His fingers stroked over the thin wisp of panties before pulling them aside and teasing two fingers up and down her slit stroking her wetness. her moans were driving him fucking insane to get inside her, to fuck them both blind. "You like that...don't you?" He sliced a lean finger to her opening and pushed in deep. Hard. Repeating over and over, he pressed his body keeping Astrid pinned to the wall and plied deeper pressure to her pussy.

“I do, baby, I do,” she moaned pulling against where his hand anchored her own, using it as leverage to ride his hand, “fuck me,” she gasped before biting his shoulder and working her way up his neck.

Mmmmm kitten likes to bite *he turned his head to the side giving her greater access to let her teeth wander, kicking her legs wider he stroked his cock tip against her clit stroking fast before slipping to her hole burying in one fierce thrust, embedding his cock to her core* Is that what you wanted baby? *he pulled back and rammed her once more*

She hooked her leg round his hip and pulled him closer, “yes, I need it hard and fast, now,” she panted, urging him to thrust as she bobbed on his cock.

Pining her hands tight he stroked his free hand down to her wet core and plied deep pressure with his thumb across her clit, his thrusts rode her against the wall going deeper...harder each time, her whimpered moans urging him to give her hard and fast as she wanted. The tip of his cock played furiously on her gspot punching out at the bundle of nerves. He didn't know how long he could last for, she was fucking killing him with the vice like grip she had around his cock, but he sure as hell would make her scream before he spilled a drop of come. Pressing harder onto her clit he teased the bud in time to his out of control slams, he rode his cock inside her powerfully*

Astrid could hold out no longer as her eyes rolled back in her head and she screamed as pleasure overwhelmed her, he seemed to know just what she needed. Her body clamped down on him, milking him and urging him to follow her over the pleasure precipice as he continued to thrust in her, drawing out her orgasm, making her shake.

pumping back and forth slowly moaning each time her wet walls quivered around his cock he stroked her hair back from her face nibbling on her lips, his jaguar purring and sated after their mating. It would be time to leave soon, being leader of his pack didn't give him much free time, not when he was fishing one or more of them out of trouble all the time, mainly his sister. But for right now he wanted to hold the sexy kitten for a while longer...and maybe make her scream again. He licked a long sensual line up the slim arch of her neck, nibbled his way back down "Mmmmm...i think you've made me a fan of cat walk shows, Love" he grinned pumped into her hard making her gasp, fuck if he could think of Jaguar business while he was between her thighs. Real life could wait, he had a Kitten to sate some more...


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Sunday, 5 September 2010

Oh Smut...where for art thou Smut?

Hello Gutter Girls!! It's been so long since we've given you some ORIGINAL SMUTTY FICTION written by us, but hoorah this week you get double Gutter Girls Fiction! 
It's a little longer than we usually give you, but we are introducing two new characters IVAN and NIAMH (pronounced Neev
So sit back and hope you enjoy! 


Written by Minx and Sparklybearsy

Niamh knew trying to suppress her succubus needs was about as useless as holding back the sea with a broom. She'd been without sex for twelve days and nine hours...yeah she'd counted, and with each passing hour she was becoming more like a cat in heat, ready to accept anything and anyone inside her body to dampen the need. Being an energy sucker and answering to its call was a pain in her ass sometimes. 

Like now. All she wanted to do was eat a tub of nutty swirl ice cream and fall into a sated sleep after a marathon of True Blood (she caught a shit load of grief from her vampire best friend for watching that show, but as Niamh explained cheesy story lines or not when Alex Skarsgard was on the screen it was law to watch him! and she'd kill a bitch who said otherwise) instead she was pacing her living room determined not to flash herself to his apartment and use him until she was spent. Like she had last month. And the month before. 

Fuck. She already knew she'd end up crawling over his sleeping form licking and purring against his neck until he woke up realising who had invaded his home and his body, she wouldn't give him time to reason what was happening, instead she grind over his body pumping her hips to his feeling him grow against her stomach, it would take no more than a deep hot kiss her tongue sweeping into his mouth for him to take control of the situation, rolling her over pinning her to his warm bed and in the darkness of the night feeding the need that crawled through Niamh's veins until both of them were left panting and sated. 

And her guilty as hell for using him. Again. She really was a sucky succubus. 

Breath left her throat as images of them writhing against every surface seeped into her mind. She knew what it felt like to have his cock buried deep inside her moving with purposeful thrusts. She knew what he tasted like. Pure adulterated Sin wrapped in decadence. She knew the feel of his hands as they roughly pulled her thighs open wide as he rode her up a wall. 

Sighing, she tugged at the pink hair tie keeping back her mass of black locks, setting them free to fall around her face, she put away the un-opened tub of ice cream turned off the true blood dvd. The moment she'd began thinking of him that morning her fate was set. 

She grew wet knowing it wouldn't be long before her hunger was fed, the frenzied thrum of her blood built in intensity, she needed him. And now. Fucking her out of control until she was able to think straight again. 

Before she could change her mind and do the sensible thing of finding a complete stranger to feed from, Niamh flashed herself to an apartment across the country.  

Ivan unlocked the door to his apartment and entered, an odd thing to do some would think considering he could just appear inside but he preferred to live as a human, not that he ignored his powers but walking up 2 flights of stairs and opening a door was hardly taxing. He dropped his keys into the bowl by the door adding his wallet and phone to it before dropping a bag of Chinese food onto a kitchen counter and slipping out of his leather jacket. 

He was starving; tracking rogue incubi was always taxing, the fuckers leaving a trail of broken and dying women behind them, all of them addicted to their ‘love’. Fucking bastard didn’t know when to stop, taking more energy than he should have, again and again, torturing them, addicting them, killing them. He slammed the drawer shut after pulling out some chopsticks.
As part of the immortal communities ‘spook squad’ it was his job to track down and capture rogues, he left it up to the politicians and judges to try them, he was strictly tag and bag. Flicking open the box he dug into the noodles with his chopsticks, his stomach rumbling in approval as he felt a fissure open close by. 

Swallowing his mouthful he wandered through the apartment knowing who it would be, with an intruder spell over the apartment only 3 people could enter without invitation. His sister who cast the spell, his boss and her. He smiled when he thought of her, it must be that time of the month again, “chow mein?” he asked her back as he leaned into the door frame.

Even his voice had a deep 'fuck me now' timber to it, Niamh turned slowly to face him and let the punch of arousal assault her senses as she took in the sight of him leaning casually against the door. She could flash his clothes from him in a second but she'd always enjoyed doing it the human way, tearing them from him one piece at a time. The nearer she got to him her whole body was vibrating to take and possess, to feed from him until she was sated and sane again. 
Her eyes took him in, his tall frame leaning as he scooped noodles on and off the chopsticks. 

 "Hello Lover" the sway of her hips brought her to stand a mere inch from his body, feeling his heat radiate from him Niamh sucked in a harsh breath, she let it out on a shudder, knew she wasn't far off turning feral and attacking him. She'd left it too long to feed. Again. Hoping this month she'd be able to control the raging hunger for him. She met his eyes and saw the all knowing look he gave her in return, he knew why she was there. 

At five foot nine Niamh was taller than most women but still had to stand on tiptoes to reach his mouth. Her tongue snaked out slowly and ran along the seam of Ivan's lips, nibbling and giving his fuller lower lip a tug between her teeth. "Mmm...good chow mein, Lover. But i can think of something better for you to eat...I'm hungry. So hungry." Pressed flush to his rock hard body she slid a hand down over his chest and cupped his jean covered cock pressing the heel of her hand hard back and forth purring as he grew harder.  

“Honey, you are going to have to start taking more care of yourself,” he chided her as she massaged his cock, “not that I mind these nocturnal visits, but I wouldn’t want to find you all skin and bones,” he kissed the top of her nose and pulled away to drop the empty carton into the kitchen trash. He grinned as he saw her pouting in his doorway and pulled off his t-shirt, “I like this shirt and it is safer away from you,” he laughed as he let it fall to the floor, and he began to stalk her, “strip.” 

"Mmm... now you're speaking my language, Lover" her clothes were a contradiction to her nature, her friends called her 'the librarian ho' She wore a sedate ankle length skirt, it flowed around her legs. She let it fall, stepped out of it and pulled her matching white tank top over her head. Her underwear though was all 'ho. lace and silk and barely covering anything, giving Ivan a glimpse of what he was about to have. 

Her nail scraped against his belly, abs rippled and she let go of another purr. "You're too covered still" Niamh didn't hold back when the urge to bite and nibble over his chest hit her, she swirled her tongue tip over his nipple making it harden then bit him. Hard. And pushed him back against the nearest wall, hunger clawing at her she let it show with her own claws raking his skin, teeth biting and tasting. 
"Ivan...." panting she drawled his name again. Wanting. Oh gods wanting him so bad.  

“When was the last time you fed?” he demanded as he turned the tables and flipped their positions pinning her to the wall, as her held her hands above her head, one of his holding both her wrists easily, his thigh between hers allowing her to rub herself against his jeans. She had gone too fucking long again and she hadn’t been eating properly, he could see the shadow of a rib poking out, fuck. He was a powerful man, he wanted a lover he could go all out with, not one who looked like she would fucking break. His free hand tugged her thong to the side as his fingers slid in, he needed to give her something or he would get no sense from her. Finding her already wet he rubbed her clit with his thumb, polishing it as his fingers rimmed her hole, “you need to fucking eat more,” he growled as he bit her ear and fucked her with his fingers. 

Breath caught in her throat. oh gods yes...yes right there. But she couldn't get the words out past the rumble growl of lust. She dug her nails into his waist holding on tight, making sure he didn't move away from her. She needed this bad. Needed him even worse. Niamh pumped her hips and took his fingers deep inside her body, locked tight around them and let go of a scream with an instant orgasm firing through her. The air around them crackled, sparks of electricity skimmed over her exposed skin as she fed from him...

"Mmm...Lover" eyes glazed she nuzzled at his mouth tugging once more on his lips with nips of her teeth "what a delicious appetizer that was...Mmmm Ivan *the clawing need was back. her orgasm wasn't enough, she needed more. "feed.." she gasped when his fingers speared inside once more, she twisted around in his arms presenting him with her back, legs spread wide, ass grinding back over his covered cock "get rid of those fucking clothes, Ivan, or i'll tear them from you" she made long talons appear on one hand resting on the wall then flashed it away, preferring to not change full succubus for her mating with him, human skin was much more pleasurable to touch. And taste.  

Ivan unbuttoned his fly and pulled out his cock, pumping it as his did so, “Niamh,” he said as he took hold of her hair in one hand, pulling it and forcing her to look over her shoulder at him as he used his other hand to position himself at the entrance to her dripping pussy, “I ain’t your fucking chew toy,” he said as he slammed into her, settling himself balls deep and stilling, “lover is right, and just you fucking remember it,” he pulled her hair and slapped her ass, feeling her pussy squeeze him. “You always did like it rough,” with the laughing growl he pulled her further onto his thick cock, stretching her back and allowing her to tilt her hips and ass upwards, ready for the pounding he could give her. He withdrew almost fully and slammed back in, repeating again and again, building up the speed, his balls slapping at her, his hand pulling her hair as the other dug into the flesh of her hip. 

Breasts swaying she cupped over her nipples tweaking them to hard points, she cried out again and slammed her hips back hard, pushing her pussy to swallow his cock as deep and and forceful as she could. With a hand resting to the wall she reached between her legs, skimmed her own clit, gave a shudder and went further, rimming his plowing cock as he rode her furiously. She gave a hiss of pleasure when she dragged a groan from him drawing a nail over his ridges "Mmm...You like that lover, feeling my hand on you while you fuck heavy into me...Mmmm oh gods" throwing her head back, the lights in the room flickered on and off as another orgasm pulsed out of Niamh. She went wild, riding his cock with pussy and hand squeezing and riding making him thrust hard into her core to the point of pain scorched down her spine "fuck...fuck...oh gods fuck me more, Ivan...lover please" she pumped her hips after each word panted out, rode his cock to her depths, locked tight around him and made him work to pull from her body. 

Ivan changed the angles of his thrusts, tilting her hips and holding her as he pistoned in and out of her, his jaw locked as he swivelled his hips hitting her g-spot with every thrust. “Come for me, Niamh,” he demanded. 

Panting she circled her hips deep against his cock, going blind from pleasure, he filled her so damn tight she screamed from an orgasm soaking his length, and almost cried out with anguish pulling him from her body, twisting around fast and slamming him to the floor, crawling up him like a predator. She straddled across his waist, pinned Ivan's hands above his head, lapped her tongue over his lips until he opened for her, swept inside for a long lustful taste around his tongue, she fed from his need, purred and undulated atop of him taking him right back into her pussy as deep as she could ride him. 

"I need yours...lover" she pounded down on him, tightening her hands on his wrists "Give me yours. I need it. Feed me" With a nuzzle to his throat she bit him hard right over his pulse, not breaking the skin but enough to make him lift his hips and moan. Niamh shook her head, lifted to meet his gaze and showed him the sexy hot red head with the piercing green eyes and red pouting lips that now straddled him "Who do you need me to be lover?" She leaned down and bit him again, nips all along his jaw while she worked his cock into a creamy frenzy deep inside her core. 

“You,” he answered, “just you.” With that he rolled her beneath him, “ready for the earth to move honey?” he asked as he released himself in her, his roar shaking the floor beneath them. His jerked into her as he finished off, dipping his head to kiss her being careful to support himself on his arms, “feel better?” he asked as his hips slowly pushed in and out, his cock reluctant to stop fucking her. 

Bowing her lower body up from the floor beneath him Niamh let go of a scream that reverberated around his living room, not caring if she shattered every window in the place she bucked and pumped her hips until she was full of the most delicious energy she always recieved from him. "Mmmm oh fuck yes. I feel better. much much better" She landed her ass back on the floor panting, whimpering every time he slid slowly inside her again. She curled a leg high across his waist and enjoyed each leisurely thrust while her lips purred against his tasting him slowly, fingers threaded into his hair she pulled back his head giving him a quizzical look and hissed out a moan "Ivan...when the fuck did you get a cock ring?"


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Gutter Girls Role Play Characters

Characters we write about in SMUT SUNDAY posts. And now you can interact with them on TWITTER. They don't auto follow but will @reply (Edit: We're in the process of following everyone back) Just hope you don't talk to the succubus when she is hungry!

All of the characters are supernatural in some way, and all connected, by friendship or family. While we do Smut it up (HELLO we ARE Gutter Girls!) the story Arcs are always heading towards a Happily Ever After...but until we get there, there will be feisty, sexy, delicious intrigue and of course..Smut!