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Smut Sunday - Meet Aidan!

Happy Sunday Everyone.

Sunday means Smut! (if you're a Gutter Girl) and an original piece of fiction written by one of us GGs. You have the GG oath that it is 100% written by us and we're not professionals so mistakes and typos are  someone elses fault! all ours  So today is my turn and i am introducing you to AIDAN.

It's fairly long and not tons of smut like usual, dont beat me! ok you can but use the good paddles! but i wanted to set up his story for future posts, i have exciting things in store for my boy. So a little about him, he is a were (you find out what kind in  future posts) he is a twin, and his mother is another of my characters you've met before: Cailin  only you met her in the present day, and Aidan is still with me? Ok! Hope you enjoy.



2085 New Orleans.

Striding down the cold street, Aidan crossed the French Quarter and turned onto Bourbon street. Hands firmly tucked into his pockets he thought about flashing on a coat, but shrugged the idea away. He’d be inside the bar soon enough. His New Rocks eating up the walkway Aidan soon stood outside Sneaky Joe’s. A were bar, but humans frequently visited too. He was hungry and tight as a coiled spring.

He wanted a cold beer, a fuck and a rare steak. Not  necessarily in that order.

You could get all three at Sneaky Joe’s. And after the day he’d had, unwinding was all he could think about. Being alpha of his pack was hell on his stress levels, just keeping his sister out of trouble was a full time job.  He growled low thinking of the shit he’d just pulled Asane out of.  His twin may be seventy five but she was a teenager in most respects and her way was the only way she saw was right.

The bar was as it always was, packed. He pushed his way to the front to order a straight up JD, turned his back to peruse the crush of people. He could easily spot the weres that were here, sensed actually before seeing them, he could tell which species they belonged to. He pretty much kept to his own pack, training and helping the new cubs come into their magic didn’t leave much time to socialise. He needed to give more responsibilty to Asane, but until the welp actually grew up he was stuck playing her parent too.

Surveying the room, Aidan scanned to the first floor balcony and back down,  he scented a lot of arousal, it spiked his own making him want to growl…what was that scent? Holding himself still he felt it as it snaked around his body slick and cool like silk carressing his naked skin. Tilting his head to sense where it was coming from.

Intoxicating came to mind. He pulled the scent, spicy and sweet deep into his lungs and wondered which girl writhing on the dance floor it was coming from. About to forget the steak until later Aidan turned to search her out when he felt an arm slung around his neck from behind and a deep French accented voice yelled over the noise of the music “Beer and an ice cream float for the boy here”
Laughing Aidan elbowed his friend in the ribs and watched him sit on the stool next to him “Luc you ass, I could have ripped your head off before I knew it was you”  He motioned for the bartender to make that two beers.
“ frère you were too busy checking out the local talent to notice what was behind you”
Giving a knowing grin Aidan tossed back a pull of beer and kept his eyes scanning the room, searching, hunting out his prey that filled his lungs still. He’d have her before the night was out.
“You’re still an ass” He motioned his head to the throng of bodies dancing to…was that skillet? He remembered them from when he was a cub. It must be an early 2000’s themed night. “Are you checking out a morsel too ?”
Aidan watched his friend grimace and down a third of his beer in a single gulp and grinned knowingly letting out a belt of laughter “Say it isn’t so… the infamous wolf, lay ‘em and leave ‘em isn’t caught is he? “
Even over the beat of the music Aidan heard the warning growl and laughed more “Not caught. Just…pursing”
 “I think tiny angels are weeping in heaven right now Luc. Seriously you’re having women trouble, if the apocalypse happens before I get laid I will reign hell down on you. Or worse, sic my sister onto you” Smirking he finished off his beer as Luc stood again.
 “Speaking of, I have an angel of my own to corner. Until we meet again frère” Cuffing Aidan around the head with a grin he joined the mill of people to find the exit and flash himself away.

Little did Aidan know the angel in question Luc was pursing was Aidan’s mother seventy five years in the past. But that was a story for a different day.  


About to tell the bartender he wanted a menu he caught a glimpse of sheer white out of the corner of his eye and his breath literally left his body.  He knew if he buried his nose into her neck she would smell of the scent he’d caught a hint of minutes before.

He hardened and growled back a moan, his chocolate eyes widening to pure black lust filled pupils as he watched her writhe and undulate on one of those dancers podiums in what looked like a piece of sheer silk. Fuck he was in danger of bursting out of his jeans. He wanted to flash up to the first floor drag her to one of the rooms provided for sex and fuck her right then and there, but he caught himself before he did. House rules, no magic in front of the humans. He let out an irritated curse and just like that, with a bar full of people her eyes turned and met his as if she sensed he was watching her hungrily.

Was she a were? Aidan didn’t think so. Her scent didn’t say animal to him…but there was something he wasn’t quite sure of. He watched the corner of her mouth lift in a knowing smirk, still undulating she watched him just as his gaze penetrated hers, her swaying hips a magnet.

He was mesmerized. She was beautiful, exotic. Mouth watering and he wanted her. Wanted her now.

He’d already fucked her twice in his mind, rough, hard, making her scream and writhe beneath him.  It only took a second to blink and bring himself back to reality, ready to stalk his prey, pursue, entice and seduce, from the way she’d looked at him Aidan knew it wouldn’t take much seducing to have her body beneath his. He scanned back to the top floor to see her gone.

“Fuck” he growled low tamping down his disappointment. Then he felt it. A slow sweet of a finger tip across the nape of his neck, making him shiver. The sweet spice of arousal assaulted him and Aidan turned to see her stood before him looking like the sexiest creature he’d ever seen before.
 “That’s what I am hoping for” There was a smoky husk to her voice, but before Aidan could respond she’d dragged her navy coloured nail across his lower lip suggestively, her eyes dark and glazed bore into his before she turned and twitched her ass between the sea of people, glanced over her shoulder once at him and exited out of sight.

It took moments for Aidan’s feet to un-stick themselves from the floor and follow hastily behind, holding onto her scent as he found his way out of the bar onto the street and around the corner to the alleyway where she rested lazily against a car. What was it about a woman in 6 inch heels that turned his cock to steel? Unlike Luc he didn’t know style or designs of shoes, he just knew her stood there in drapes of white and heels that screamed fuck me Aidan wanted inside her.

“A woman of few words. A rarity” Aidan grinned approaching her to stand mere inches from her looking down on her small dainty frame. He still couldn’t pin point exactly what she was, not human, they had their own unique scent, as did all species of weres. She was…something different. Supernatural yes. But what, he didn’t know. Right now he didn’t give it much thought. “Do you have a name?”

“Chiara” She spoke and again her voice licked flames down his spine. Aidan didn’t have time to say anything else, she moved, and he swore without seeing her move, and had him pressed hard against the brick wall “Didn’t you say something about a fuck?” A raw groan left his throat when her hand made quick work of his belt and buttons and had her hand inside stroking him to full length. “ this is a surprise” Aidan dipped his head to her neck and inhaled giving her a small nip to taste her, he barely heard her speak, lust was fogging his fucking mind to get inside her as she thumbed over his cock piercing causing pleasure to fire behind his eyelids.

“Is that what you want, beautiful?” Aidan hooked a hand around the back of her neck pulling her up to his mouth, breathed a moment against her lips and took them in a hot crush, prying them apart and licked in a slow roll across her tongue while she continued to drive him out of his skull stroking him harder.  She tasted of fire, and cinnamon, a heady mix. He pulled back on her hair, exposing her slim throat he wanted to sink his teeth into “Well?”
“Hand on cock” She drove her point home and jerked him fiercely once, twice and stopped, Aidan tried to pump himself through her palm but she only tightened around him. “Tongue in mouth. don’t take hints well do you?”

That was all the assurance he needed, with a low deep rumbling growl he pulled her body over to the car, kissed her hungrily again pushing their tongues together then flipped her around pressing her face first to rear of the car he had her wrists anchored in his hand, he wondered if she’d object to being pinned down but it seemed to turn her on more, she rocked back grinding her ass to his cock . He snaked his free hand across her stomach and down to cup her heat snapping the bit of lace off her with a flick of his wrist so he could delve right into her wet honey. She undulated more, whimpered out her encouragement riding his fingers.

Aidan didn’t think he’d last much longer, he freed himself kicked her legs wide and buried his cock right down to the hilt in a silken stroke letting out his breath on a groan. Pumping deeper Aidan let her wrists go free pulled her body back against his and worked her over hard knowing he’d stroked against her sweet spot buried inside when he hand came up and gripped his hair yanking hard as she shuddered, she pushed back on him forcing him deeper. “Oh. Fuck.” he barely registered people milling along the street just feet from their dark alley, the tightness of her pussy the only focus he had.

“That all you got ?” Chiara’s body turned slightly and Aidan felt teeth sink hungrily into his throat, tugging and biting, he bit back a pleasured curse and slammed into her fast riding over her Gspot, his piercing edging down her sensitive walls as he pushed in and out of her. Her moans mingled with his own, pants and harsh guttural cries called out into the night as his thumb pressed hell out her clit he felt her body let go and spasm around his cock just as his own climax thundered down his spine and splintered in hot waves.

Panting and feeling his inner animal purr with bliss Aidan rode her gently still until her walls quit quaking around him spent. Righting his clothes he nuzzled the nape of her neck, his stubbled cheek grazing her soft skin drinking in her now sated scent. Had a climax ever felt that explosive? He knew it was a nice appetiser and taking a hold of her waist he turned Chiara and nibbled her lips thinking he would flash them back to his apartment. Before he could she licked a slow path over his lips and down his neck and he heard her whisper some language he’d never heard before, pull from his arms and start off back towards the street…

“Hey…where are….”

She turned her head looking at him over her bare shoulder, the street light illuminating her up like an angel. A sexy naughty angel, Aidan felt a grin tug at his lips expecting her to walk back to him so they could get out of there and continue .. but she licked the corner of her mouth like she could still taste him - fuck he got hard instantly again - and carried on walking.

“I’ll be seeing you soon Aidan Bailios” and just like that she merged into the night and shimmered out of sight. Not flashed like all the supernaturals he knew did. She shimmered. Well fuck!

It was only later Aidan realised he’d never told her his name….

To be Continued…

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Gutter Graphics

Hola, these gutter graphic tiles can be used as wallpapers for you PC, blog and especially TWITTER!

The Bear, Jay and I have been sporting the tiled design for a week and I am liking it... so 2 new Minxy designs for you.

Reading is sexy

and an Andy Warhol inspired Gutter Girls.

If you like them feel free to take them, but comment and let us know what u think or where to find you so we can go say hi!


Saturday, 17 April 2010

Friday Night Fight Night!- Rydstrom v Lachlain!

"Roll up, roll up for our Saturday edition of Friday Night Fight Night and tonight we are down in the Rodeo with out two stallions Rydstrom and Lachlain, that is right ladies cheer! Mar I like your t-shirt, 'save a horse, ride a cowboy,' very environmentally friendly and much more pleasurable. Do you like mine, they wanted to put 'Ride 'em Cowboy', but I thought 'Ride ME Cowboy' was much better... er... Bear, you comfy now? Yes I do like your hat, but when I said they would be naked except for a cowboy hat I meant our victims, I mean combatants, I didn't mean you. Yes your hat makes up for it, pink and fluffy with a tiara too... very fetching and the rope? Oh it is a lasso... you are going to rope you a steer... er Jay, can you turn her chair on?

"OK ladies Bear seems to be happy now, Jay, it's OK leave her with the lasso, I have my whip and there is a spare lasso here. Catch. By the way, love the sexy cow girl outfit, very ye haw! Now ladies for this rodeo edition you will see our contestants are naked except for a cowboy hat... which you both need to put on your heads now. No they are not on your heads, they are covering your privates, the other heads! Much better. Now, we did think about giving you all the baby oil pistols but we had a much better idea, tonight boys you are battling on either end of a specially constructed bucking bronco and you are going to hit each other with these... pillows!

"Yes ladies that is right we are making Lachlain and Rysdstrom have a pillow fight! And yes boys... you can leave your hat on! Cue music...

"OK boys on you get, get hold of the rope handle thingy, Tassi do you have the pillows? Thanks, ummm just pass them to the boys. Thanks. Umm Tassi, you can go back to your seat now, in fact go sit next to Bear. Jay can you turn on the machine? Thanks. Now boys after 3 fight... 1....2...3...FIGHT!

"And they are off... the machine is bucking them around and the feathers are flying, Lachlain gets a good wallop from Rydstrom, and is returning the pillow play. Two sexy men in a pillow fight. Ouch that one must have hurt, Lachlain has whacked his opponent with a pillow and followed it up with a punch, the demon king is getting a little horny but the lykae defends himself, blocking him with the pillow. Jay turn the beast up to full!

"That has shocked them,the crowd go wild, their hats are flying, the pillows are pounding and Lachlain has knocked Rydstrom off the steer. He is celebrating a bit early because he has been caught in a lasso, good shot Bear! Bear and Tassi are in the ring and seem to be tying Lachlain up. He is bellowing that he is the winner. you are Lachlain, they just want to give you your prize! Umm Rydstrom, you are with me! Ladies enjoy the lykae, I'm off to have my own private party with the demon. Y'all have fun now! Minxy Out!"

Friday, 9 April 2010

Friday Night Fight Night!- Barrons v V'lane: sponsored by Jaymzangel

"Evening ladies and welcome to Friday Night fight Night and me your Minxy host! Tonight's event is sponsored by Jaymzangel who has picked our venue for this evening, and our combatants! Innnn the red corner the mysterious, moody and panty melting Jericho Barrons.... Innnn the blue corner the forceful, erotic death by sex fae V'Lane! Now boys, the rules, lots of rubbing, shoving and straddling, this is for our enjoyment not yours even if you do probably want to punch each others lights out.

"As you can see you are both in mini kilts, with remote control snaps, and Bear has the remote this week. Are you out there Bear? Hi to you too, yes you have been very good tonight, chocolate ice cream? Yes, there is a reason why you have some, oh you have eaten yous... I thought you were uncharacteristically quiet. Ladies you all have large bowls of ice cream, this is ammunition for your ice cream guns! They work like a catapult, load the spoon, aim and fire! Bear you can use my ice cream, it is vanilla I think, I have something a bit spicier here... rum and raisin! I will use that. Bear when Jay gives the word.... hit the remote and remove their kilts! No Bear the OTHER remote... that one is for your chair, yes that is why you are smiling.

"Jay, are you ready, you are very quiet tonight too, are the mirrors all turned off? Good! Ladies as you can see the ring has been surrounded by silvers, we have turned them off to stop them trying to escape. Jay you ready with the flag? Oh you couldn't find it? Yes red undies works just as well, nice set too!

"Now boys, after 3 you will begin to fight, you are fighting in cake with pink frosting, and we have ice cream guns, don't worry we Will clean you up afterwards! 1....2......3.....FIGHT! And the are off! Barrons grabs V'Lane and throws him into a sliver, good thing Jay spelled them shut. V'Lane fights back, throwing a punch at Barrons which connects. The fists are flying ladies as they pummel each other... NOW BEAR! And the kilts are off as the ice cream begins to fly and the men slip!

"You heard me correctly they are down on the floor rolling round in pink frosting and melting ice cream. Barrons gets the upper hand, pinning V'Lane to pummel his, both are hurling verbal abuse... gentleman we need to wash your mouths out with soap! Good shot Bear! That hit Barrons right in the ear and distracted him, V'Lane takes his chance and pushed Barrons to the side, but Barron's is not giving up, he has pinned V'Lane face down, straddling his back! The crowd is going wild... wait, the silvers, Jay what is wrong with the silvers, Jay... Jay what are you doing... bring Barrons back. Yes he was winning.. but... Jay.... NO! You don't know where it will take you! Ummm ladies I guess Jay has claimed her prize. Bear quick pin V'Lane down before he can get through a silver!

"Well ladies, we have V'Lane and he needs cleaned up, follow me! And if we get pri-ya'd we can get Barrons to reverse it! See you next week! Minx over and out!"

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Sundays Smut!

A sweet yummy treat for you all this Easter Sunday.  Jay has written part two to her previous Smut Sunday Find part one HERE and while Jay is off frolicking with BOB the Bunnie Rabbits Easter Bunnie Rabbits and hunting for eggs i am posting this for her.

You're going to love it! Enjoy!


Easter Bunny Bear


Rafe - Part Two - By Jaymzangel 

Lissa closed the door to her bungalow firmly behind her & leaned her head back against it. By some miracle, she’d managed to avoid Rafe for the rest of the day. Although, she suspected that was due more to him being stuck in meetings with her brother than anything else. Either way, it was fine with her. Escaping had been her only goal after the bizarre (yet hot!) happenings in Rafe’s office.

Lissa closed her eyes at the memory of how his lips had felt trailing down the side of her neck. A shudder ran through her at the thought of his fangs scraping her shoulder. Shit, she was in deep trouble. There was no way in hell she stood any chance of resisting Rafe if he tried to seduce her, and that pissed her off royally. She took pride in her ability to fend off any guy’s unwanted sexual advances with just a cool look slanted their direction from the corner of her eye. That was another part of the problem. She didn’t WANT to resist Rafe. Part of her had always wanted him.

Lissa gave herself a quick mental shake & pushed away from the door, kicking off her high heels. She was in dire need of both a drink & a reality check. Enough of this nonsense. She wasn’t a swoony college girl with a crush anymore. There was no way she could afford to fall into bed (or against the nearest wall) with Rafe. Playing with him meant playing with fire, and Lissa knew playing with that particular flame would get her burned permanently.

Rafe sat in his black Aston DB9 in Lissa’s driveway staring at her front door. What the hell was he doing here? Idiot, he thought. He knew exactly what he was doing here. Jerking off in the shower hadn’t done a damn thing to take the edge off his craving for Lissa. If anything, he was even hornier before & just sitting here with his thumb up his ass was getting him nowhere. Get your ass out of the car, man. He pushed the car door open, walked up, knocked on her door & waited. Loud music was playing inside the house. He pounded on the door harder. Still nothing. Damn the woman for thinking she can ignore me. Rafe stalked around the side of the house to the open back door.

Lissa was in the kitchen wearing an old t-shirt & a pair of little gray shorts with her high school logo on that had definitely seen better days. Although, Rafe certainly wasn’t complaining about how they fit. The stretchy material hugged her curvy ass so well it made his fingers itch to touch it. The ass in question was currently swaying back & forth in time with the music & Lissa was singing along with the lyrics. ‘Come here rude boy, boy, can you get it up? Come here rude boy, boy is you big enough?’

Rafe’s lips curled up into a wicked smirk. He most certainly could get it up & he’d never had any complaints in the size department either. With an extra hip swivel, Lissa put a big emphasis on the next line. ‘You say you a rude boy show me whatcha got now.’
“Don’t mind if I do,” purred a deep voice from behind her. Lissa screamed & threw the martini glass in her hand straight at the intruder’s dark head. A very familiar dark head, as it turned out. Luckily (or unluckily, Lissa thought rudely), her favorite martini glass was wrapped in his big hand. Damn him & his vampire reflexes.

“You asshole, you scared me to death! What the hell are you doing here?!”
“In my defense, I did knock but you never answered,” Rafe said, running his eyes up & down her frame.
“So what, you just thought you’d take it upon yourself to walk into my house unannounced & uninvited?” Lissa shot back, hands on her hips.
Rafe strode around the kitchen’s bar counter & stopped a few feet away.
“You know I don’t need an invitation, Lissa. I can enter any mortal’s house at my will.”
“Well you most certainly can’t enter me, er, mine without my asking you in so you can just get out now!”
Rafe took two more steps towards her & held out the glass. “I’m sorry I scared you but I’m not sorry I came in. We have unfinished business, you & I. All this has gone on far too long, Lissa, and I refuse to let it continue without some kind of resolution.”
Green eyes narrowed, she closed the gap between them with a quickness & poked a sharp nailed finger into his chest. “The resolution is you getting your sorry ass out of my house NOW.” His big hand slid up to capture hers & bring it to his lips. The tip of his tongue snuck out to caress her fingertip & then he sucked her finger into his mouth.

Who knew a vampire could have such a hot mouth? He must have fed before he came over, Lissa thought, her breath catching in her throat at the sight of her finger disappearing between Rafe’s lush lips. No man should have lips like that, it was unfair to women the world over. His tongue slid along the underside of her finger as he slowly pulled it from his mouth. “You don’t really want me to leave, Lissa. I can tell you what you DO want though. You want me. Between your thighs. Licking you until you scream. Fucking you so hard you can’t breathe.”

Pulling away swiftly, Lissa turned her back to him. “It doesn’t matter if I want that, it would be a mistake. I can’t go to bed with you, Rafe.” My heart won’t survive if I do, she thought desperately. “Please, just go now & we can forget this ever happened.”
A whisper of air & he was behind her, pressing tightly against her from behind, his hands braced on either side of the counter, trapping her with his big frame. “I can’t do that, Lissa. I want you too badly. Just as you want me.”

Rafe turned her to face him, raising her face up to his with a hand beneath her chin. Green eyes met brown as they stared at each other. His thick lashes fell slightly as his eyes went half closed as he bent his dark head down to touch his lips to hers. Softly at first, so very softly, then harder & more fiercely as he wrapped his arms around her hips & lifted her up to brace her bottom against the edge of the counter.
Lissa plunged her fingers into his thick dark hair, grabbing two handfuls & using them to hold him even closer to her face as they kissed. God, she had never felt anything like what happened to her when she kissed him, touched him. It was like electricity, like wildfire.

The solid ridge of his erection pushed tightly against the part of her that wept for him. Wriggling closer, Lissa rubbed herself against it, feeling her clit pulse. She sobbed against Rafe’s lips, it felt so good, almost good enough to come. Almost, but it wasn’t quite enough. “Please Rafe, please,” she pleaded. “I need you, I need more.”
Breath catching in his throat, he pulled back from her, taking in the swollen, red lips & the hungry look in her eyes. “I’ll give you everything you’ve ever wanted, Lissa. Anything you desire.”
Two pairs of hands frantically pulled at clothing, buttons flying from Rafe’s shirt as Lissa yanked it open before attacking his belt buckle. Whipping her shirt over her head, he was delighted to see she wasn’t wearing a bra & swooped her up in his arms to close his mouth over her right nipple, sucking it deeply into his mouth & laving it with his tongue. Her nails dug into the back of his skull & he growled around her nipple before moving over to the other hard peak to give it the same treatment.

Shoving him back, Lissa fell to her knees in front of Rafe to do battle with the zipper on his black dress trousers. Finally, it gave way & they fell down into a pool of material around his bare feet. She didn’t have the faintest idea when he had managed to get rid of his shoes but she had other things to think about just now. Her eyes followed the gorgeous V his ab muscles made down to the evidence of his desire for her.
The thick head of Rafe’s cock bobbed in front of her face. Her exhalation made the pearly drop of fluid beading out of the slit move slightly. Wrapping her hand around his girth, she leaned forward to lick away that little drop of fluid. His taste was salty, musky & sweet.

She heard him groan deep in his throat, felt his hands come up to cup her cheeks & she looked up to see his deep chocolate eyes burning into hers. Guiding his shaft forward, Lissa sucked his length into her mouth as far as she could go, bobbing her head up & down. Rafe groaned once more before grabbing her under her arms to yank her off her knees & onto her feet, his lips covering hers in a rough kiss. “Your mouth feels so good, darling but I won’t last much longer if you keep sucking my cock like that,” he ground out while yanking her shorts down her legs.

Picking her up & wrapping her long legs around his hips, Rafe laid her down on the wood floor of the kitchen. After, kissing her lips once more, he moved down her neck, over her breasts, licking & sucking all the way. Lissa’s breath rushed in as his silky tongue slid across her belly, & he paused to nip it a few times before continuing down to the inside of her left thigh. He softly bit his way up the inside of her thigh, his breath just ghosting across the part of her that craved his touch the most. He again softly bit his way up the inside of her thigh before meeting her eyes as his mouth hovered just above her slick pussy lips.

“Do you want my mouth on you, Lissa? Shall I make you scream now?”
Lissa grabbed a double handful of his hair & yanked hard. “Goddamn you, Rafe! I’ll kill you if you don’t touch me now!”

With a laugh, Rafe lowered his head & proceeded to run his tongue firmly up her wet center. Holding her open with his thumbs, he licked & suckled her till she panted & moaned, sliding first one then two big fingers deep inside her grasping channel & pumping them strongly in & out of her. Sucking her clit between his lips, he bit it gently & felt her inner walls clamp down on his fingers, as he felt Lissa’s hands practically yank his hair out at the root while she cried his name & came shuddering against his mouth.

Rafe came up over her so quickly after that, crushing his lips against hers so that she tasted her essence on his lips. She felt one hand guide the thick head of his cock against her wet entrance while he held her thigh against his hip with his other hand. He pulled back from her lips & looked deeply into her eyes as he began to push inside her. Lissa felt herself stretch to accommodate his size & whimpered slightly.
“Shhhh honey, you can take all of me, just relax,” Rafe said soothingly.
Pulling back slightly, he began again, thrusting forward more firmly each time, until he was moving smoothly in & out. Sliding her thighs higher & more tightly around Rafe’s hips, Lissa began to rock up against his thrusts. Bracing his palms against the floor, Rafe rose up over her, his hips slapping against hers fiercely, groaning at the hot, wet feel of her pussy gloving his dick. Lissa dragged her nails down over his muscular back to dig into his ass cheeks & pull him even closer. Her eyes clenched shut & she started coming as the rotating action of his hips rubbed against her clit. Screaming, bucking & panting, Lissa felt Rafe dig his fingers into her hips & thrust mightily three more times before he roared with his climax & she felt him shudder as  jetted out of him.
After several minutes, Rafe gathered Lissa to him & rolled over onto his back so she sprawled bonelessly across his chest. She felt his lips press against her temple, her forehead, her nose & she glanced up into his eyes. As his heavily lidded gaze clashed with hers, he rubbed his thumb over her bottom lip before leaning up to press a surprisingly sweet kiss to it. Lissa’s brow furrowed & she opened her mouth to ask what had happened to her badass vampire boss but Rafe put his fingertips over her lips.
“There will be plenty of time to analyze all this to death later, darling. For now, just enjoy it,” he said quietly.
Pressing a kiss to his fingers, Lissa whispered, “I intend to & I certainly hope you’re not done yet.”
Rafe’s wide, white smile flashed & there was a wicked sparkle in his eyes.
“I’ll never be done making you scream, Lissa.”
“Promise?” she smiled down at him.
“I promise,” Rafe said, as he scooped her up & carried her off to the shower.

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Have a Happy Easter!

Apparently we want Bones in our Easter eggs closely followed by Acheron!

Happy Easter Pictures, Images and Photos

Friday, 2 April 2010

Friday Night Fight Night!- Acheron v Wraith: hosted by Gutter Bunnies!

"Roll up roll up to the Easter bunny edition of fight night. No our combatants are not dressed as bunnies... we are! From the buzzing I think there are some rabbits here too! Some of us are fluffy bunnies, some of us are studded leather bunnies! But all of us have corsets, ears and bunny tails. Ummmm Bear, why are you naked? No Bear, I said BUNNY suit not BIRTHDAY suit, love the flashing ears though and I so don't want to know how you attached your tail. Just go sit on your chair! Jay, set it to maximum pulse once she is on it!

"We have had mud wrestling, baby oil wrestling but tonight our combatants are wrestling naked in melted chocolate! Jay! Calm down, yes you can lick them clean if they let you, anyone can, I made sure they signed the waiver this morning.

"Innnnn the red corner the leader of the Dark Hunters Acheron! Innnn the blue corner the leader of the Black Dagger Brotherhood Wrath! Now gents, we have dropped the lights and used mood lighting to make this fair, and the ladies have torches, but I can guess where those beams will be directed! We want a good dirty fight, so get those robes off and get naked or we get the whips out!

"The crowd cheer for the naked men! Wait until they are chocolate covered naked men! I have picked my lollipop already! After 3 fight...1.....2....3....FIGHT! And they are off, the fangs and hair is flying as both men launch for each other neither willing to take a subservient roll, which means they are both rolling in chocolate. The flash lights are roaming their bodies as they push and rub and roll, Wraith getting some leverage and straddling Ash's abdomen as he tries to pin him but Ash manages to get in a good shot, punching the king and making him lose balance. They continue to wrestle, oh my..... ladies I wish you could see what I do, no words can describe the... wow that is hot!

"Ash has managed to pin Wrath, Wrath is bucking up, trying to shake him off but Ash has his wrists. The ladies are salivating they are about to break into the ring, the rabbits are buzzing! I declare Ash the winner! Jay open the gates! Ladies.... lets eat! See you next week.... Minx over and out!"