Friday, 7 May 2010

It's Time for FIGHT NIGHT!

"Welcome Ladies to tonight's Trek Mi Quan inspired Fight Night! This will be a close run fight, both are mean, both are lean and both are warriors! With huge 'swords'! As they are warriors from a different galaxy, Bear, space galaxy not chocolate galaxy and Bear why are you wearing, er that. Umm yes this is a sci fi inspired fight, yes it is true, they going to be fighting on a holographic stage, yes like Star Trek's holodeck but they will have holopants which will disappear, but I still don't understand the outfit. It's a holosuit? Ummm no, Bear I hate to say this, but it's not a holosuit, it's cling film. Oh it is warm, well ok then, get yourself comfy, Jay give her the remote and turn the holograms on. Thankies!

"Bring out the warriors! Innnnnn the red corner the mighty King Kil! Innnnnn the blue corner the sexy Lord Jek! Wow you really are big and big down there I see too, well this is going to be a fun evening, for me at least. No wonder Dak said 'Once you go Dak you'll never go back'. You will be fighting on a gangplank with quarterstaffs. The beam is suspended over a vat of melted galaxy chocolate. Yes Bear, chocolate. Nice timing with the drool bib Jay!

"After 3 fight, 1....2....3...FIGHT! And they are off, Jek makes and attack swinging his stick and looks like his shaft is swinging too, both of them are... ok no words to describe that view, but... ummmmm yummm. I know just which chocolate lollipop I want. Sorry, was distracted for a moment.

"They are too good at this, Kil is parrying Jek's blows and is going on the attack and whilst he appears to be winning, he is not really making any gound. We need more hand on hand. Jay remove the gladiator skirts and the quater staffs. That is better, now we can really see, and oo the wrestling begins! Jek nearly went into the chocolate, but he has grabbed Kil round the waist, well he certainly almost got a mouthful!

"Bear! Stop eating the chocolate and move out of the way... why? Because with a press of this button that plank will vanish. That's right boys you are going to become chocolate platters! In they go!

"Chocolate fondue time ladies! See you next week. Minx out."


Sparklybearsy said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! laughing so hard!

I loved that Minxy Moo! I will help Jek clean off ;)

Tassi said...

*growls and tackles Jek* MIIIIIIIIIIIIINE!!!!! *squirms around a bit in the choco before getting the leash onto Jek and leading him out*



jaymzangel said...

HEE! I love that I'm always on bear minding duty, she is a very unruly charge. scrummy fight night, minxy! *dives into vat o' chocolate*

~*Jessica Rabbit*~ said...

Mmmm. Hey, you look like you might need help holding one of them down Jay. *Dives after Jay*

Minx said...

*Blushes with chocolate covered face* Fanx!

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