Saturday, 1 May 2010

Hooray for Fight Night!

"Welcome ladies to our gladiator edition of fight night! I see everyone has their Black Dagger Brotherhood banners and flags, umm Bear what did you use to make your pennant? Yes Bear it is a very pretty thong but shouldn't you be wearing it, oh it gets in the way, well I guess that makes everything alright. I see Jessica Rabbit has joined you on the special chairs, I must try one of them one week. Tonight is our gladatorial special our two combatants are fighting in the style of galdiators of old, with a bit of TV gladiators and gutter girls thrown in. The old bit is that they will be virtually naked! We have given then the leather gauntlets, sandals, the calf and leg leathers and the straps of the chest plate. But not skirt. Sexy brothers in leather strapping, tackle out, fighting on illuminated podiums with pugel sticks! In other words giant cotton buds and we have infused the ends with baby oil! Each blow will make them all slippy and shiny, and they are fighting over a vat of chocolate mousse.

"Bear! Jay! Back in the chairs! The mousse is for later, and trust me you won't need spoons. Jay do you have the camera ready? Oh Tassi is photographing this evening, ok. I think we are now ready, Bring out the boys! Innnn the red corner the one and only Phury, in the blue corner the mean and moody Zsadist! Both sexy, both mated, both brothers, now we want a nice mean fight! Now get on the podiums! Ladies you have your baby oil guns this week, feel free to use them.

"On three fight, 1....2....3....FIGHT! And they are off the pugel sticks flying as they block and pound each other. And they aren't the only things flying, being brothers, twin brothers, they are both equally endowed and they are flying... and I am being blinded by flash bulbs. Bear! Back on the seat! Jay wipe her chin, please.

"They are having too much fun up there getting out all of their pent up sibling aggression, ladies it is baby pistol time, aim for the podiums, make them slip! There feet are staring to go, and Phury is the first to fall! Focus on Z ladies... and he is down too. Both of them and naked in chocolate mousse... I say we go in and help clean them up! OW! Bear that was my foot! I'm getting in before there is none left. See you next time!"


jaymzangel said...

LOL! I love that bear is trampling everyone on her way to Z, she is quite fierce & single-minded when it comes to him. next time, I must remember her drool bib. excellent fight night, julesy!

Sparklybearsy said...

LMAO!! always giving me a giggle.

awesome fight night Minxy woo ;)

~*Jessica Rabbit*~ said...

Yeeeeeah! Oh man I love Zsadist. Mmmm, I know my mama always said not to talk with a full mouth but this chocolate mousse is tasety. ;) Bear, I like you peach but keep trying to tug Z away. We can share can't we? I mean... Bear! *scrambles after Bearsy* Damnit, bring him back.. I'm telling! Minxy!

You're lucky I'm out of shape and can't chase you. Hmm, where did that tastey Phury run off to?

Sparklybearsy said...

LMAO!!!!! girl you made me giggle!

~*Jessica Rabbit*~ said...

Haha. Well you ladies make me laugh everytime I come on here, glad I could my you laugh your booty off. ;)

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