Monday, 31 May 2010

★Gutter Girl Forum★

 Hello Ladies!
Minx and I have made a nice sparkly new playground for the Gutter Girls to play in and would like to invite you all to join.
We request your privacy and your right to look at cute candies and talk like a Gutter Girl so rest assured we have made a secure private Forum for you to enjoy.

Come and see my Harem boys.
Come and steal Minxy's Tower menz (hehe!)

Do you have a stash of Book Boyfriends you love to talk about ?
Can talk books for hours on end?
Like fun, games, music, recipes, graphics, chatting ?
Want to post/look at pictures of cute menz ?

Then the Gutter Girl Forum is for you!!

To register click HERE

We're looking forward to seeing you around our playground. Have Fun!