Friday, 14 May 2010

Friday Night Fight Night!- Raphael v Illium

"Roll up roll up and welcome to Friday Night's Fight Night! Something a little different tonight, we are having a science fiction theme, with flimsy sets and doors which go woosh when they open. Tonight we also have use of a transporter pad, we can energise people in and people out, same with things.... Bear, I know I seem to ask this every week, but.... why are you naked? The transporter made you naked? Bear are you sure you were wearing clothes when you stepped into it? It ate them... ok. Better luck next time! I see most of you managed to get here clothed, Jay I like the costume, cyber vamp, very sexy, it is amazing what you can do with two strips of duct tape... I hope it comes off easily. Bear! Stop fighting and let them clip the drool bib round you and I will let you sit on the chair with the new batteries. Good Bear!

"Tonight we have battling Angels! Raphael v Illium! I see we have some Bluebell supporters in tonight, and lots of Raphael supporters too. Now boys to even this up no Angel fire.... and you do seem over dressed, where is that energiser zapper? There, naked, much better. The rules, lots of rubbing, wrestling and straddling, no gouging or spitting.... it is a disgusting habit and I just won't have it. You do something that breaks the rules and I am setting Crazy Legz on you! Look how she sits in the captains chair, her finger poised over the energise button. No corners this week, you will be fighting on that raise glass illuminated dais. Off you go. Ladies video footage from under the dais will be played on the large video screens.

"Angels... on your marks.... get set... FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!

"Angel on Angel is sexy, look at them go, Raphel is the first to land a punch which sends Illium reeling, but he is not down for long, a round house knocks Raphael's legs from under him, but wow, Raphael flips and launches himself at Bluebell and slips... how.... nice shot Jay, is that last weeks baby oil pistol? They are on the floor now and rolling round on the baby oil, some punches land put Raphael is on top now, he has straddled Illium and pinned him to the ground.

"Yes Bear, yes you can have a copy of the video.

"Illium is bucking and trying to move Raphael but it's not working. Legz, what are you doing, it's time? Ok...hey Raphael, there is something behind you. Now Legz! Quick Bluebell, you come with me, what do you mean what happened? Crazy Legz just energised Raphael to her spaceship for dessert.... you are mine!

"Ladies... I will see you next week! Minx out."


Sparklybearsy said...

LMAO!!!! Bear gets crazier each week! too funny!

boo! i didn't get winner or loser! i object, OBJECT i say!!

jaymzangel said...

LOL!! love this week's theme minx & love love LOVE this week's fighters mmmmmmmmm Raphael mmmmmmmmmmm Bluebell
I want them both! I call seconds

Amora said...

Awesome! You guys come up with the best stuff ever!!! Thanks!

~*Jessica Rabbit*~ said...

LOL! Ah, another great match. *sighs* I only get to attend two more of these before I move and the internet is taken away from me. You ladies make me laugh. :) I shall miss ya'll.

Sparklybearsy said...

oh noes Jessica!! we'll miss you giant sloppy bunches too!

come back to us soon! *hangs on to coattails*

Minx said...

No internet again ever????

*faints.... keeps one eye open for those who want to steal Bluebell*

Heather (DarklyReading) said...

Hehe..awesome match-up..I wanna video of it ;D! Two of my fav angels rolling around fighting.. awesome!

~*Jessica Rabbit*~ said...

lol. I will get the Internet back... eventually. Just not for a while.

*holds onto Bearsy*

Don't let them take me. I don't want to move.


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