Saturday, 17 April 2010

Friday Night Fight Night!- Rydstrom v Lachlain!

"Roll up, roll up for our Saturday edition of Friday Night Fight Night and tonight we are down in the Rodeo with out two stallions Rydstrom and Lachlain, that is right ladies cheer! Mar I like your t-shirt, 'save a horse, ride a cowboy,' very environmentally friendly and much more pleasurable. Do you like mine, they wanted to put 'Ride 'em Cowboy', but I thought 'Ride ME Cowboy' was much better... er... Bear, you comfy now? Yes I do like your hat, but when I said they would be naked except for a cowboy hat I meant our victims, I mean combatants, I didn't mean you. Yes your hat makes up for it, pink and fluffy with a tiara too... very fetching and the rope? Oh it is a lasso... you are going to rope you a steer... er Jay, can you turn her chair on?

"OK ladies Bear seems to be happy now, Jay, it's OK leave her with the lasso, I have my whip and there is a spare lasso here. Catch. By the way, love the sexy cow girl outfit, very ye haw! Now ladies for this rodeo edition you will see our contestants are naked except for a cowboy hat... which you both need to put on your heads now. No they are not on your heads, they are covering your privates, the other heads! Much better. Now, we did think about giving you all the baby oil pistols but we had a much better idea, tonight boys you are battling on either end of a specially constructed bucking bronco and you are going to hit each other with these... pillows!

"Yes ladies that is right we are making Lachlain and Rysdstrom have a pillow fight! And yes boys... you can leave your hat on! Cue music...

"OK boys on you get, get hold of the rope handle thingy, Tassi do you have the pillows? Thanks, ummm just pass them to the boys. Thanks. Umm Tassi, you can go back to your seat now, in fact go sit next to Bear. Jay can you turn on the machine? Thanks. Now boys after 3 fight... 1....2...3...FIGHT!

"And they are off... the machine is bucking them around and the feathers are flying, Lachlain gets a good wallop from Rydstrom, and is returning the pillow play. Two sexy men in a pillow fight. Ouch that one must have hurt, Lachlain has whacked his opponent with a pillow and followed it up with a punch, the demon king is getting a little horny but the lykae defends himself, blocking him with the pillow. Jay turn the beast up to full!

"That has shocked them,the crowd go wild, their hats are flying, the pillows are pounding and Lachlain has knocked Rydstrom off the steer. He is celebrating a bit early because he has been caught in a lasso, good shot Bear! Bear and Tassi are in the ring and seem to be tying Lachlain up. He is bellowing that he is the winner. you are Lachlain, they just want to give you your prize! Umm Rydstrom, you are with me! Ladies enjoy the lykae, I'm off to have my own private party with the demon. Y'all have fun now! Minxy Out!"


Sparklybearsy said...

HAHAHAH you just know we would all be like that!durty gutter girls!

and i loves my chair, i may not buzzzz ahhhhh!!!

jaymzangel said...

hehehe, cowboy butts drive me nuts! I love this week's fight. those are fab t-shirts you're wearing, minx & mar =D

Glory said...

I wanna this shirt!!! "save a horse, ride a cowboy", ahahahah!
well,i wanna boys,too! anyway,minx dont keep just for you the demon. Nay, ya MUST share him! LOL

Sarah said...

I love fight night!! Lovin' the t-shirts this week :o)

~*Jessica Rabbit*~ said...

Aw, Minxy, did someone tell you I am from the south? Oh I love the rodeo, especially when there are naked men involved. And Bear, I'm with you, these chairs are awwwwwwsome!

SusiSunshine said...

OMG..that just really made my Sunday!

Drea said...

mmmm....cowboys! Amazing battle. ;)

Tassi said...

*wikkid grins* love it Minxy! and i only wanted a LITTLE feel of their cowyboy hats...i mean who can resist a black stetson!?!?

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