Friday, 2 April 2010

Friday Night Fight Night!- Acheron v Wraith: hosted by Gutter Bunnies!

"Roll up roll up to the Easter bunny edition of fight night. No our combatants are not dressed as bunnies... we are! From the buzzing I think there are some rabbits here too! Some of us are fluffy bunnies, some of us are studded leather bunnies! But all of us have corsets, ears and bunny tails. Ummmm Bear, why are you naked? No Bear, I said BUNNY suit not BIRTHDAY suit, love the flashing ears though and I so don't want to know how you attached your tail. Just go sit on your chair! Jay, set it to maximum pulse once she is on it!

"We have had mud wrestling, baby oil wrestling but tonight our combatants are wrestling naked in melted chocolate! Jay! Calm down, yes you can lick them clean if they let you, anyone can, I made sure they signed the waiver this morning.

"Innnnn the red corner the leader of the Dark Hunters Acheron! Innnn the blue corner the leader of the Black Dagger Brotherhood Wrath! Now gents, we have dropped the lights and used mood lighting to make this fair, and the ladies have torches, but I can guess where those beams will be directed! We want a good dirty fight, so get those robes off and get naked or we get the whips out!

"The crowd cheer for the naked men! Wait until they are chocolate covered naked men! I have picked my lollipop already! After 3 fight...1.....2....3....FIGHT! And they are off, the fangs and hair is flying as both men launch for each other neither willing to take a subservient roll, which means they are both rolling in chocolate. The flash lights are roaming their bodies as they push and rub and roll, Wraith getting some leverage and straddling Ash's abdomen as he tries to pin him but Ash manages to get in a good shot, punching the king and making him lose balance. They continue to wrestle, oh my..... ladies I wish you could see what I do, no words can describe the... wow that is hot!

"Ash has managed to pin Wrath, Wrath is bucking up, trying to shake him off but Ash has his wrists. The ladies are salivating they are about to break into the ring, the rabbits are buzzing! I declare Ash the winner! Jay open the gates! Ladies.... lets eat! See you next week.... Minx over and out!"


Sparklybearsy said...

my harem boys said i looked ravishing *preens bunny ears*

my boy acheron in chocolate...DAYUM my favest fight night yet!!!!

Amora said...

OMG! This was my first Friday Night! Awesome! There are no words for what I see in my head!!


SusiSunshine said... girls are killing me!

I'm so hungry now.....

Mar said...

I know what I want in my Easter basket.
Happy Easter GG! :)

jaymzangel said...

I can finally post here now that blogger has stopped being an ass.

mmmm chocolate covered hotties, what more could one ask for? I am all ready to lick ;)

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