Sunday, 7 March 2010

Sunday Smutty Sunday- Loki has landed.

Loki lay on his bed in Asgard, he had an appointment at an illegal poker game in a couple of hours and a bored Loki was not something the world needed. He grinned mischievously, he knew just the Valkyrie to keep him company. Closing his eyes he reached out to Gunnr locating her in England of all places, one minute she was walking through the tourist area of Bamburgh Castle heading for the hidden door to take her to Valhal, the next she was walking across his room.

“Dammit Loki!” she said, her tone exasperated, “I don’t have time for this, I am on guard duty in an hour, get yourself another plaything!” she said as she turned to head back out of the room.

“You will be on duty in about an hour, a little late, but a lot more sated!” He replied as he got up off the bed, both their clothes melting away.

“You are an arrogant shit!” she said with a smirk, “but I am a little tense.”

“Then I suggest you bend over and touch the floor, that will stretch your muscles.
Oh,” he said as he materialised a bowl of ice and some ice cubes in his hand, “and the word is chew toy, not play thing, because I intend to eat you.” He smirked.

Gunnr laughed and bent at the waist opening her thighs and placing her hands on the floor, laughing she looked through her legs at him. Loki was something else, one of the few Gods she liked and the only God she fucked. He could make a girl feel like she was turning inside out when she came. He never wanted more than they were willing to give, and promised nothing in return, for her he was the ultimate fuck buddy.

“Oh yeah Gunn, fuck you have a fine ass.” He said as he knelt behind her placing the ice and the fruit on the floor, picking up an ice cube he trailed it down her flesh, watching the skin pucker as she gasped, popping it into his mouth he warmed it then removed it and watched it drip into her channel, laughing as Gunn moaned for him to stop fucking teasing. He picked up a strawberry and dipped into her glistening juices as they seeped out of her. Bring it to his mouth he bit into the flesh, “so fucking sweet,” he said laughing as she gasped when he pushed the melting ice cube into her channel.

“Fuck!” Gunnr gasped.

“All in good time,” he told her, “I’m just on entrees at the moment.” With that he dipped his head and licked her slit, his tongue teasing her clit as he sucked it into his mouth, nipping it slightly with his teeth as his hands held her open, his thumbs rubbing her skin.

Gunnr gasped as he bit her, he knew just want to do to get her going, the feel of his tongue as it moved through her folds was indescribable, “Oh God!” se moaned as her thighs began to tremble when Loki fucked her with his tongue. His fingers squeezing her clit, his thumbs rubbing it. “More!” she screamed as she felt her orgasm approach, gods he was quick and he was right she needed this. Loki inserted his fingers into her, fucking her with them as he went back to sucking on her clit. He held her on the edge for so long, taking her to the brink then changing rhythm until she was shaking, “Please!” she screamed on the verge of collapse, with that Loki slapped her ass with his fee hand and simultaneously scraped her clit with his teeth while his fingers hit that spot inside of her guaranteed to make her implode. Gunnr screamed as her legs gave way, suddenly finding herself being held in place by Loki who was laughing,

“My turn!” he stated as he thrust into her, seating himself balls deep, his large shaft stretching her, she could feel him banging against her cervix as he stated to pound into her. “Gunn, you have a perfect pussy, how your late husband could mistreat it is beyond me, killing him was the best thing you ever did.”

All Gunnr could do was gasp, his frenum piercing had found her sweet spot, “Loki!” she screamed as he hammered into her, his balls slapping a rhythmic tattoo against her clit whilst his finger dug onto her hips. She arched her back as she bent even lower allowing him to get deeper. “So close!” she moaned, her words beginning to become unintelligible.

“This what you need Gunn?” Loki hissed as he slapped her ass, the combination of the pain and pleasure pushed her over the edge, he smiled as she screamed in release, her channel contracting round him, squeezing him and milking his cock, he let his head fall back as he came inside her, jerking with the movements allowing her to milk him of every drop, before pulling out of her and picking up her boneless body and carrying her to his bed. Placing her on it he stretched out next to her, leaning over to toy with her breasts, sucking her nipples as if they were candies; “aren’t you pleased I was bored?” he asked laughing.

Gunnr didn’t have the energy to reply.