Saturday, 6 March 2010

Saturday's Friday Night Fight Night!

"And welcome ladies to our Saturday Dungeon edition of Friday Night Fight Night! Innn the recorner the sexy and well attired once cop.... BUTCH! In the blue corner the kinky and whip weilding sexy savage VISHIOUS! The crowd are going wild! Bear has been restrained, we have tied her to V's table and she seems quite happy. Jaymzangel is looking after her and both of them are holding black candles and lighters and are looking at Vishious as if he is lunch.

"Now boys you will have noticed that the ladies all have whips tonight, in fact some of them have handcuffs too, if you don't perform as they wish they will riot and whip you. In fact I think some have planned that, that is one of the reasons we have subdued Bear. We also had a vote, we want you naked, so strip now. Now I said, you can hear the cheering, don't make them angry. Ok, lots of rubbing, smooshing and groping. Oh yes and fighting.... after 3 fight... 1....2.....3.....FIGHT!

"And they are off, both are just circling each other and growling.... GET ON WITH IT! Butch makes a move first grabbing V by the arm and swinging him round. V uses his over balance to his advantage and brings Butch down, turning and following him down. That is right ladies V and Butch are lying naked on the dungeon floor! Jaymzangel make sure those restraints are tight on Bear, she is getting excited! Boys unless you want those ladies to whip you I suggest you do something!

"Butch tries to get to his feet but V cuts him off at the knees causing Butch to fall on top of V. They are rolling! Each trying to get on top and straddle the other, but V seems to have the edge, he has pinned Butch to the floor and is spread-eagled on top of hip, his hands holding his down. The crowd are excited! Butch is trying to buck him off, nothing is working, oh my that is...... wow!

"I declare V the winner of Saturday's Friday Night Fight Night! The crowd have engulfed the dungeon, Bear is free, she is cackling and running at V with a trail of clothing behind her, Jaymzangel thinks it is a race. V you are on your own with these two, if they begin to fight, just let them but video it and put it on you-tube! Butch, for your own safety I think you should come with me, my is nice and safe. We will just take these cuffs and that candle for light. Ummm until next week! Come on Butch!"


Sparklybearsy said...


well dang, that was some manlovin' Finally we gets Butch n V all rubbin' on each other *fans self* Now if you'll excuse me Minxy, i haz a table to strap myself down on ;) MWAH!

Sagi said...

lol that was fun to read :D thanks for the fun fight night Minxy! :D

Crazy Legz said...

Dude!! MMM!!

jaymzangel said...

HAHA!! bear cackling & streaking, that sounds very familiar =D mmmm just the thought of those two sweaty & rubbing all over each other *SWOON* we were robbed, I tell you, ROBBED!! do you hear me JR Ward?!?! *shakes fist*

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