Saturday, 13 March 2010

Friday Night Fight Night!- Zarek v Alexion!

"Round up, round up ladies for the fight of the week between 2 ex Dark Hunters, one God and one... umm Alexion super hunter thing.

"In the blue corner we have Zarek, hater of the frozen wases and sexy as hell! In the red corner we have Ash's right hand man, a man who is constantly IN Danger, hehee, the super sexy Alexion! Now boys we want a good dirty fight, in fact you are fighting naked in mud, so get your pants off! BEAR! I meant them, not you! Actually since you already have them off you might as well sit on your vibrating chair, here you can have the remote, make yourself happy.

"Ok boys, after 3 fight, 1.....2.....3.....FIGHT! And they are off! Zarek tries to throw a thunderbolt at Alexion and fails, yeah we have a dampening Field here, it is no fun if you can both stand at either end and smite each other without touching. We want touching, LOTS of touching, so have at it, or I let the Bear loose!

"That seems to have motivated them ladies, the crowd are going wild as they begin to fight. Alexion and Zarek running at each other, trying to grab and throw. Oooo, Zarek missed and grabbed more than he bargained for. We have Danger and Simi in the audience tonight, they are cheering them on, in fact Simi has both Alexion and Zarek flags, she can't decide, saying they are both good peeps!

"Zarek has taken Alexion down as I was talking, they are both in the mud wrestling, Alexion gets the upper hand and pins Zarek, but wait, the Bear is loose, she is in the ring and pulling Alexion off Zarek, oh my, Simi is in the ring too, she is pulling Bear off Alexion and pulling her out of the ring! Simi has tied Bear to the vibrating chair, Simi.... get the remote, set it for super pulse!

"Alexion and Zarek, this isn't over, get on fighting! Zarek rugby tackles Alexion and take him down, they are rolling in the mud, Jaymzangel is taking photographs and these will be available after the performance! Get stuck in boys! Zarek seems to be winning, he has pinned Alexion, count with me ladies, 1...2....3...4...5...6...7...8...9...10! I declare Zarek the winner! Now, who wants to help me clean them up!

"See you next week, Minxy out!"


Sparklybearsy said...

HAHAHAH and a good time was had by me!!

yay for Zarek, i heart him so!

jaymzangel said...

*cackles* IN danger, good one minxy & a LMAO @ bear & her vibrating chair! she is a happy girl with that thing *snickers*

Minx said...

she loves it! heheeee

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