Friday, 26 March 2010

Fight Night Returns to Friday Night!

"Roll up roll up ladies to our all human bout tonight! If you want to feel the merchandise I suggest you are quick before Bear turns up, she was last seen in her trailer with 5 of her harem, but she will be here soon! Ladies, ladies, don't trample me, Jaymzangel watch where you are putting that elbow, that was my boob! OW! Ladies quick, to your seats her door has opened, Jay, switch on her seat and get the straps ready, she will try to bolt for them when they are released. Shhhhh ladies, Hi Bear, yes I like your banner, oh you have two, yes your undies are lovely, but shouldn't you be wearing them, oh they are for throwing, well that is good to know. Sit down and we will start, here, set your pulse setting yourself tonight.

"This week our all HUMAN bout! In the red corner star of the in Death books Roarke! Innn the blue corner star of Skin Game Reyes! Ladies I know you are as excited as I am, so tonight we have dug out your baby oil pistols again and the remote control loin cloths. Jay has the remote tonight and when she presses the button. Jay I said WHEN I didn't mean now, oh well, boys you will be wrestling naked in baby oil! After 3 fight 1.....2.....3.....FIGHT!

"And they are off the baby oil is flying, licking at their skin where the ladies are firing it, both men are being covered and are finding it hard to grasp each other, all their hands seem to do is skim and rub in baby oil. The flashes are blinding, but how they highlight their skin. Roarke manages to get hold of Reyes, he grasps his hip but slips and ends up with his, wow he didn't see that coming, nor did Reyes!
Reyes attacks, tackling Roarke, he does not seem happy that is tackle was tackled!

"They are rolling on the floor in baby oil and are punching each other, their fists flying and slipping as the ladies continue to fire baby oil. They are struggling, but Roake manages to get some blows to connect and straddles Reyes, pinning him beneath him, even though Reyes is trying to buck him off. The ladies are counting, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10! I declare Roarke the winner! We did say the winner got Bear, so Bear collect your winnings.

"Reyes, as for you, I have an army of ladies waiting to clean you up, they even brought their own baby wipes! Ladies.... over you you, Reyes, enjoy!

"Oh and Bear! Bring him back unmarked, use your fluffy cuffs! Until next time ladies, Minxy over and out!"


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