Sunday, 28 March 2010

Gutter Girls Wallpapers

Thought I would try and make some wallpapers, if you like them, feel free to take and use them.


OO if you click them they get bigger. I am currently wearing the second one.


Today is Jaymzangel's Birthday... so we at Gutter Girls would like to give her a little gifty!

A Cake...

Alexand Skarsgard in bed

Him looking to see where you went...

Heheheee would we leave out the chocolate sauce?

And him in the shower after you have sauced him

OOOO and the cherry on top!


Friday, 26 March 2010

Fight Night Returns to Friday Night!

"Roll up roll up ladies to our all human bout tonight! If you want to feel the merchandise I suggest you are quick before Bear turns up, she was last seen in her trailer with 5 of her harem, but she will be here soon! Ladies, ladies, don't trample me, Jaymzangel watch where you are putting that elbow, that was my boob! OW! Ladies quick, to your seats her door has opened, Jay, switch on her seat and get the straps ready, she will try to bolt for them when they are released. Shhhhh ladies, Hi Bear, yes I like your banner, oh you have two, yes your undies are lovely, but shouldn't you be wearing them, oh they are for throwing, well that is good to know. Sit down and we will start, here, set your pulse setting yourself tonight.

"This week our all HUMAN bout! In the red corner star of the in Death books Roarke! Innn the blue corner star of Skin Game Reyes! Ladies I know you are as excited as I am, so tonight we have dug out your baby oil pistols again and the remote control loin cloths. Jay has the remote tonight and when she presses the button. Jay I said WHEN I didn't mean now, oh well, boys you will be wrestling naked in baby oil! After 3 fight 1.....2.....3.....FIGHT!

"And they are off the baby oil is flying, licking at their skin where the ladies are firing it, both men are being covered and are finding it hard to grasp each other, all their hands seem to do is skim and rub in baby oil. The flashes are blinding, but how they highlight their skin. Roarke manages to get hold of Reyes, he grasps his hip but slips and ends up with his, wow he didn't see that coming, nor did Reyes!
Reyes attacks, tackling Roarke, he does not seem happy that is tackle was tackled!

"They are rolling on the floor in baby oil and are punching each other, their fists flying and slipping as the ladies continue to fire baby oil. They are struggling, but Roake manages to get some blows to connect and straddles Reyes, pinning him beneath him, even though Reyes is trying to buck him off. The ladies are counting, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10! I declare Roarke the winner! We did say the winner got Bear, so Bear collect your winnings.

"Reyes, as for you, I have an army of ladies waiting to clean you up, they even brought their own baby wipes! Ladies.... over you you, Reyes, enjoy!

"Oh and Bear! Bring him back unmarked, use your fluffy cuffs! Until next time ladies, Minxy over and out!"

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Guest Blogger for Smut Sunday- Welcome to Sagi!

Ladies I would like you to give a rousing gutter girl welcome to miss Sagi, who has written our special editon of Smut Sunday this week.

*CHEEERS with much Kudos*

If you would like a guest spot for Smut Sunday let me or Bear know!


Okies over to Sagi....

Tris and Nathan walked past each other in the lobby of the Wellington Hotel; Nathan's eyes caressed Tris's body slowly up and down. She was wearing her very sexy little black dress that made her perfect body even more perfect. Catching himself daydreaming that he would whisk her away to his suite and give her pleasure like she never experienced before, he decided to try his luck and went to talk to her.

Tris saw Nathan walking towards her and laughed to herself. Nathan assumed that Tris didn’t know he was watching her, what he didn’t know was that she wore her little black dress on purpose. Tris saw Nathan the other day having dinner and he turned her on as she watched him devour his food, she decided that she really wanted Nathan badly. The morning after she saw him having dinner they both met to the pool by coincidence. She remembered how she watched as Nathan took off his robe, slowly revealing his muscular body. He has a six pack and when his robe was off she saw he was wearing a speedo. How her eyes lingered on Nathan's speedo clad cock and it turned her on even more.

When Nathan got to Tris through the crowded lobby of the hotel he shook her hand and gently kissed it. With a huge smile on his face and his sexy voice he said: "Hello beautiful I'm Nathan". Tris melted on the spot. Perplexed by his sexy-ness and very formal introduction Tris introduced herself before they spent the evening talking and laughing together.

After both Tris and Nathan were talked out Nathan decided to try his luck. Using his sexiest voice Nathan invited her to his suite to "play" snooker (pool). Since he owned the Wellington Hotel he had his own private suite, with whatever he wanted whenever he wanted. He was planning on brining a lucky lady to his suite tonight, he ordered from room service all that he needed to make this a perfect night for the lucky lady he brought up.

Tris couldn't resist Nathan's sexy voice, immediately accepting his offer with a very deep kiss. As she got closer Nathan pulled Tris closer to him kissing more intensely, grinding into her and showing her how hard his cock was, dramatically increasing her pleasure. Both so turned on they quickly went into the elevator and Nathan pushed penthouse. Not able to control themselves they were all over each other before the doors shut,. Nathan cupping Tris's breasts hoping that no one - especially not old people - were going to need to go up with them in the elevator.

Once the elevator stopped at the Penthouse Nathan and Tris ran to the door. Both panting and not wanting to wait. Nathan got the door open to his suite and led Tris in. He watched as her perfect body moved and her head turned making a move that made Nathan want to be inside her even more intensely. Tris shook her head seemingly in slow motion as if she could read Nathan's mind.

"Nathan you naughty boy..."she laughed. She set up the snooker table making the balls go all over the table. Nathan got closer to Tris laughing and saying "I got this snooker table to increase your pleasure honey. Nathan made the snooker balls vibrate as he lifted Tris and gently placed her on the snooker table. Tris really enjoyed the vibrating table and was very curious to see how Nathan was planning on using these amazing vibrating snooker balls.

He took off Tris's dress and kissed her more intensely. She unbuttoned Nathan's shirt and unzipped his pants finding his hard cock and gently caressing it. Panting Nathan found her wet cunt, he gently and agonizingly slowly circled her clit first with his fingers and then taking a snooker vibrating snooker ball continued to circle her clit taking her to the verge of an orgasm. Watching Tris's pleasure Nathan's pleasure increased.

He took Tris's hips in his hands and spread her legs wider. Tris begged Nathan to continue but he had other plans. Nathan teased Tris's nipples as he moved is hips in a circular motion right on Tris's clit moving the vibrating snooker balls in a circular motion making them both moan in pleasure. Tris moaned with pleasure so intense it sent shivers down both their bodies. Slowly Nathan left a trail of kisses from her breasts down towards her sopping wet cunt. Slowly using his tongue on her clit Nathan pushed Tris's pleasure to the brink of an orgasm again.

Tris begged Nathan to continue again but this time Nathan's hard cock entered her slowly. As his cock entered her Tris moaned with pleasure. Nathan moved in and out of her wetness extremely slowly. Nathan revelled in the way Tris looked when she was being pleasured. Nathan slowly increased the speed. Tris's orgasms started and Nathan watched as he caused her rolls of pleasure one after the other. Nathan got Tris to her orgasm high so strong that with every convulsion of Tris's Nathan felt her pleasure in him. Nathan and Tris came together every time.

Panting both Nathan and Tris were at the height of their pleasure, him still inside her as she cuddled him, neither wanting this amazing night to end; content in each other’s arms and each other’s company.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Super Smut Sunday Challenge

Something different for this week! We have here the beginning of a story written by Miss Bearsy and my Minxy self. However it is unfinished... we challenge YOU our Gutter Girls readers to write the next installment... what will Torik do?

All you have to do is post a comment narrating the next paragraph. Good luck!

Mollie lay on the bed waiting for the door to open, she was nervous and excited, as a member of the royal house it was her right to be initiated by two of the guards but she never thought she would get Rafe and Torik. Rafe, tall, muscular, dark and captain of her uncle’s personal guard, and Torik with his Slavic good looks looking like some other world Viking. Just thinking about them made her wet, just thinking about what they would do with her made her rub her legs together in need.
Mollie was no virgin, she had lost that at the tender age of 16, but the law forbade her from taking two lovers until she was 21 and today was her 21st birthday. She sat up as the door opened and Torik and Rafe entered, both robed but barefoot. “My Lords,” she said formally, smiling coyly as she leaned back on her arms.

Rafe felt his cock give a kick seeing her highness atop of the bed, the sheer lingerie she was dressed in barely covered her thighs and crimson panties could be seen through. His teeth ached already to tear them from her. For months he knew this night was coming, he'd had four of the palaces best whores only the previous night in preparation or he would have been in dire shit of coming on the spot the moment he got his mouth on Mollie. She was a vision, raven hair tumbled around her shoulders, he wanted to fist it and drag her mouth to suck him. Watching her from under hooded eyes he approached the bed, for the moment ignoring Torik and shrugged out of his robe letting Mollie see exactly what she was getting.

"Your highness" He spoke, his voice deep rumbled out of his chest, and with a quick movement of his hands he had them around her ankles pulling her to the edge of the bed, smirking at her squeak of surprise "As much as I like that scrap of red almost covering you, it would look much better on your floor" and with a quick peel of material he had them down her thighs and tossed them aside, he had no patience to wait, with a growl he captured her lips prying them apart to dip inside with a slow stroke of his tongue.

Mollie smiled and opened her legs wider to give him full access, moaning she looked up and held out a hand to Torik.

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Friday Night Fight Night!- Zarek v Alexion!

"Round up, round up ladies for the fight of the week between 2 ex Dark Hunters, one God and one... umm Alexion super hunter thing.

"In the blue corner we have Zarek, hater of the frozen wases and sexy as hell! In the red corner we have Ash's right hand man, a man who is constantly IN Danger, hehee, the super sexy Alexion! Now boys we want a good dirty fight, in fact you are fighting naked in mud, so get your pants off! BEAR! I meant them, not you! Actually since you already have them off you might as well sit on your vibrating chair, here you can have the remote, make yourself happy.

"Ok boys, after 3 fight, 1.....2.....3.....FIGHT! And they are off! Zarek tries to throw a thunderbolt at Alexion and fails, yeah we have a dampening Field here, it is no fun if you can both stand at either end and smite each other without touching. We want touching, LOTS of touching, so have at it, or I let the Bear loose!

"That seems to have motivated them ladies, the crowd are going wild as they begin to fight. Alexion and Zarek running at each other, trying to grab and throw. Oooo, Zarek missed and grabbed more than he bargained for. We have Danger and Simi in the audience tonight, they are cheering them on, in fact Simi has both Alexion and Zarek flags, she can't decide, saying they are both good peeps!

"Zarek has taken Alexion down as I was talking, they are both in the mud wrestling, Alexion gets the upper hand and pins Zarek, but wait, the Bear is loose, she is in the ring and pulling Alexion off Zarek, oh my, Simi is in the ring too, she is pulling Bear off Alexion and pulling her out of the ring! Simi has tied Bear to the vibrating chair, Simi.... get the remote, set it for super pulse!

"Alexion and Zarek, this isn't over, get on fighting! Zarek rugby tackles Alexion and take him down, they are rolling in the mud, Jaymzangel is taking photographs and these will be available after the performance! Get stuck in boys! Zarek seems to be winning, he has pinned Alexion, count with me ladies, 1...2....3...4...5...6...7...8...9...10! I declare Zarek the winner! Now, who wants to help me clean them up!

"See you next week, Minxy out!"

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Sunday Smutty Sunday- Loki has landed.

Loki lay on his bed in Asgard, he had an appointment at an illegal poker game in a couple of hours and a bored Loki was not something the world needed. He grinned mischievously, he knew just the Valkyrie to keep him company. Closing his eyes he reached out to Gunnr locating her in England of all places, one minute she was walking through the tourist area of Bamburgh Castle heading for the hidden door to take her to Valhal, the next she was walking across his room.

“Dammit Loki!” she said, her tone exasperated, “I don’t have time for this, I am on guard duty in an hour, get yourself another plaything!” she said as she turned to head back out of the room.

“You will be on duty in about an hour, a little late, but a lot more sated!” He replied as he got up off the bed, both their clothes melting away.

“You are an arrogant shit!” she said with a smirk, “but I am a little tense.”

“Then I suggest you bend over and touch the floor, that will stretch your muscles.
Oh,” he said as he materialised a bowl of ice and some ice cubes in his hand, “and the word is chew toy, not play thing, because I intend to eat you.” He smirked.

Gunnr laughed and bent at the waist opening her thighs and placing her hands on the floor, laughing she looked through her legs at him. Loki was something else, one of the few Gods she liked and the only God she fucked. He could make a girl feel like she was turning inside out when she came. He never wanted more than they were willing to give, and promised nothing in return, for her he was the ultimate fuck buddy.

“Oh yeah Gunn, fuck you have a fine ass.” He said as he knelt behind her placing the ice and the fruit on the floor, picking up an ice cube he trailed it down her flesh, watching the skin pucker as she gasped, popping it into his mouth he warmed it then removed it and watched it drip into her channel, laughing as Gunn moaned for him to stop fucking teasing. He picked up a strawberry and dipped into her glistening juices as they seeped out of her. Bring it to his mouth he bit into the flesh, “so fucking sweet,” he said laughing as she gasped when he pushed the melting ice cube into her channel.

“Fuck!” Gunnr gasped.

“All in good time,” he told her, “I’m just on entrees at the moment.” With that he dipped his head and licked her slit, his tongue teasing her clit as he sucked it into his mouth, nipping it slightly with his teeth as his hands held her open, his thumbs rubbing her skin.

Gunnr gasped as he bit her, he knew just want to do to get her going, the feel of his tongue as it moved through her folds was indescribable, “Oh God!” se moaned as her thighs began to tremble when Loki fucked her with his tongue. His fingers squeezing her clit, his thumbs rubbing it. “More!” she screamed as she felt her orgasm approach, gods he was quick and he was right she needed this. Loki inserted his fingers into her, fucking her with them as he went back to sucking on her clit. He held her on the edge for so long, taking her to the brink then changing rhythm until she was shaking, “Please!” she screamed on the verge of collapse, with that Loki slapped her ass with his fee hand and simultaneously scraped her clit with his teeth while his fingers hit that spot inside of her guaranteed to make her implode. Gunnr screamed as her legs gave way, suddenly finding herself being held in place by Loki who was laughing,

“My turn!” he stated as he thrust into her, seating himself balls deep, his large shaft stretching her, she could feel him banging against her cervix as he stated to pound into her. “Gunn, you have a perfect pussy, how your late husband could mistreat it is beyond me, killing him was the best thing you ever did.”

All Gunnr could do was gasp, his frenum piercing had found her sweet spot, “Loki!” she screamed as he hammered into her, his balls slapping a rhythmic tattoo against her clit whilst his finger dug onto her hips. She arched her back as she bent even lower allowing him to get deeper. “So close!” she moaned, her words beginning to become unintelligible.

“This what you need Gunn?” Loki hissed as he slapped her ass, the combination of the pain and pleasure pushed her over the edge, he smiled as she screamed in release, her channel contracting round him, squeezing him and milking his cock, he let his head fall back as he came inside her, jerking with the movements allowing her to milk him of every drop, before pulling out of her and picking up her boneless body and carrying her to his bed. Placing her on it he stretched out next to her, leaning over to toy with her breasts, sucking her nipples as if they were candies; “aren’t you pleased I was bored?” he asked laughing.

Gunnr didn’t have the energy to reply.

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Saturday's Friday Night Fight Night!

"And welcome ladies to our Saturday Dungeon edition of Friday Night Fight Night! Innn the recorner the sexy and well attired once cop.... BUTCH! In the blue corner the kinky and whip weilding sexy savage VISHIOUS! The crowd are going wild! Bear has been restrained, we have tied her to V's table and she seems quite happy. Jaymzangel is looking after her and both of them are holding black candles and lighters and are looking at Vishious as if he is lunch.

"Now boys you will have noticed that the ladies all have whips tonight, in fact some of them have handcuffs too, if you don't perform as they wish they will riot and whip you. In fact I think some have planned that, that is one of the reasons we have subdued Bear. We also had a vote, we want you naked, so strip now. Now I said, you can hear the cheering, don't make them angry. Ok, lots of rubbing, smooshing and groping. Oh yes and fighting.... after 3 fight... 1....2.....3.....FIGHT!

"And they are off, both are just circling each other and growling.... GET ON WITH IT! Butch makes a move first grabbing V by the arm and swinging him round. V uses his over balance to his advantage and brings Butch down, turning and following him down. That is right ladies V and Butch are lying naked on the dungeon floor! Jaymzangel make sure those restraints are tight on Bear, she is getting excited! Boys unless you want those ladies to whip you I suggest you do something!

"Butch tries to get to his feet but V cuts him off at the knees causing Butch to fall on top of V. They are rolling! Each trying to get on top and straddle the other, but V seems to have the edge, he has pinned Butch to the floor and is spread-eagled on top of hip, his hands holding his down. The crowd are excited! Butch is trying to buck him off, nothing is working, oh my that is...... wow!

"I declare V the winner of Saturday's Friday Night Fight Night! The crowd have engulfed the dungeon, Bear is free, she is cackling and running at V with a trail of clothing behind her, Jaymzangel thinks it is a race. V you are on your own with these two, if they begin to fight, just let them but video it and put it on you-tube! Butch, for your own safety I think you should come with me, my is nice and safe. We will just take these cuffs and that candle for light. Ummm until next week! Come on Butch!"

Monday, 1 March 2010

Smut Sunday - Luc!

Hello Gutter Girls, this weeks Smut Sunday is another slice of my wolf, Luc as he tries to win the girl he is falling in love with, things aren't easy for him, she shagged him then wouldnt see him again (yes, she IS crazy!) what is a wolf to do..but persue HIS woman. Hope you enjoy.


SparklyBearsy xoxox

Luc growled low in his throat as he sat in his office, feet up casually on his desk. He was glaring at the wall he'd pressed Cailin to just days before and screwed them both to oblivion and back.

And now the woman was avoiding him. And here he was, Lone Alpha wolf brooding like a damn schoolboy.

She was giving him blue balls. Never before had a woman screwed his brains out and not pursued him afterwards.

 Except her.

She hadn't even kissed him goodbye before she'd left his office without a backward glance.

Avoidance pure and simple. She wouldn't return his calls. it was about to stop. Standing to his tall frame Luc flicked off the table light and noticed it was two am. He always did like the art of surprise. He smirked and tapped into his wolf powers taking him to Cailin's bedroom in seconds.

The room was dark and smelled of her. Sweet. Spicy. Forbidden. He breathed deeply for a moment, his cock hardened. Luc almost changed his mind about waking Cailin as he watched her twist around in her sleep.

Until he heard her murmur his name. Arousal spiked through him so hard. So she was dreaming of him huh. He would just have to go and see exactly what. Calling his wolf magick he felt it stir inside him building in a blue swirl of mist until he could locate Cailin's subconcious mind. Fuck she was having sex with him. Raw deep animalistic sweaty sex. The sight he stepped into was all about sex. He watched as Cailin and his dream self writhed on a tall four poster bed, draped in sheer lace cocooning them in their own little world.

Sweet Gods she was riding dream Luc. Manipulating his magick again it was a mere moment and he had replaced the dream weaving it into one of his making. Cailin was now riding HIM not dream Luc. He gripped her hips in his hands moving her just right to take all of his cock down deep.

She moaned his name again slamming her core taking him hilt deep. This was the Cailin he wanted wanting him, she was open and giving, not denying she wanted him.

"Mmm. Fuck. Harder Angel" Luc moaned picking up her pace with a short stab up with his hips as she rode astride him, pleasure flushed her face her nails digging into his chest.

With a growl he rolled them planting his cock all the deeper inside her shoving her up the bed with a thrust that made them both gasp out loud, his Angel was a dream tiger, she grabbed his head threaded her fingers into his short dark hair pulled him down to her mouth and licked a slow line across the seam of his lips dipping into his mouth when he opened for her. Tongues tangled around in a slow swirl, tasting each other while Luc fucked Cailin into orgasm after orgasm, her body convulsing around his cock.

Panting against her mouth his climax wanted to thunder out of him, Luc gritted his teeth holding it at bay, he kissed her deep his mouth cruising over hers with a passion "Time to wake up Angel" He whispered "Wake up and lets finish this" Magick filled the air and Luc was transported back to Cailins room once more.

Leaning over her bed he pressed his lips to hers just as she roused from sleep "Cailin" He breathed and felt her tense before her soft hands flattened to his chest and tried to push him away. Luc grinned and took her hands nibbled on her fingers before pinning her to the bed going almost nose to nose "Hello sleeping beauty. You've been avoiding me"

"Luc i... what the hell are you doing here? Stalking is an offence you know! And get the fuck off of me right now" She was wide awake and seething fire at him.

" fiesty Angel. You were not telling me to move off you a moment ago, you clawed your mark into my chest" He give a hard nip to her lips licking across the sting feeling her shudder beneath him. Ah there was his Angel, despite her protests her body wanted him still.

Settling his body more firmly over Cailins he nudged her thighs apart, the tiny scrap of silk and lace she wore riding high, she gave a token struggle only to stop suddenly when he pressed deep into her core grinding slowly "Mmm don't stop mon amour. Why haven't you returned any of my calls?"

"I would have thought that was obvious" She tried to pull back her hands only to have them locked tight in his pinning her to the bed, she wanted to raise herself again but with the wolf lodged between her thighs she didn't dare trust herself, waking up to find the guy you'd just ridden furiously in your dreams staring down at your face and thick between your legs would be a shock to even the most loose of nympho's! "You have to go. This.." she hesitated biting back a moan as he slid forward brushing their lips and pulsed against her core, her leg instinctively wrapped around his leg, He smelled so good, like sex itself and she could see his dark eyes flash golden in the darkness "This can't happen again, Wolf. You know i'm not..look, it shouldn't have happened... it..." She was stopped by his tongue sliding into her mouth in a slow lick rolling across hers

"So tell me to stop" Nibbling her full lip Luc plied just the right amount of pain to make her gasp so he could swoop inside her lips "Or tell me to fuck you like i know you want" To prove his point Luc thrusted his hips, cock straining through his jeans.

"I.." Eyes rolled to the back of her head, swimming with bliss as tongues clashed and rolled. Cailin kissed him with all the pent up frustration she'd had since the last time he was buried inside her. Someone like Luc she knew he'd pursue her eventually. If she was honest, she'd wanted him to.

"What's it to be Amour, go or fuck?" She felt his smile against her lips.

Cailin moaned and bit his lip "I hate you Luc"

"Angel we established your hatred of me in my office several days ago. If that is how you hate me then please hate me. Hate me long and hard. Answer me" Letting her hands go free pretty sure his eyes wouldn't be clawed out Luc slid a hand sensually slow up her leg to tease fingertips up and down her slit. Cailin shuddered and made her decision, she grabbed onto his hair kissing him more firmly pressed her body to his "Fuck. Now."

Magick was a handy tool when it came to getting rid of clothes in a blink of the eye, Luc had them naked and rolling together in seconds, he flipped Cailin to her side spooned behind her and attacked her throat with lips and teeth holding her head back with a fistful of hair, his free hand skimmed her body finding her heat opening her up to dip and stroke leisurely sliding even further to find her sweet spot. lifting her leg high over his thigh Luc dragged his cock tip through her wet lips, her clit pulsed as he strummed fast over the bud.


"We are" he smiled against her throat pressing his cock just an inch inside her, she rocked back on him trying to push him further, their pants mingled and echoed around the room. Hooking a hand just under her chin Luc tilted her head back to let his teeth graze her soft skin, her hand tangled in his hair pulling him further to her throat told him she wanted a deeper bite, he smirked and sank his teeth in growling when she reached between them fingered his cock with small jerks bucked her hips and buried him hilt deep in her core. No teasing now. No stopping. Luc slipped out to his head and slammed back deeper, harder, riding her back they moved as one, fucking as hard and desperate as they could. Luc pulled her head around to crash lips down on hers prizing them apart to lick across her tongue, her taste filled his mouth and his cock kicked deep in her core throbbing harder, it was only moments later her pussy viced around him in hot spasms signalling her climax and Luc roared his own letting it barrel down his spine and into her wave after wave, his magick swirled around them enhancing her orgasm building it higher making it roll continuously through her.

Breathing hard Luc wondered if this time the mating mark would appear on them both, had the fates deemed them mates? He didn't know, he did know this woman was in his blood. He pressed kisses over the bites marks on her neck and held her close while she continued to shake "Let me belong to you, Angel" He murmured against her throat, he felt her tense and before she could give him any kind of protest he rolled them over pinned her once more, grinned wolfishly down at her, growled taking her lip between his teeth "And now....Round Two"