Sunday, 14 February 2010

Sunday Smutty Sunday- Meet Arak!


“Fucking succubae,” Arak growled as he stuffed his hands into his pockets and trudged down an icy Chicago street, “It’s fucking freezing and I could be on a fucking beach somewhere, Dragan you owe me, you fucking bastard.” All berserkers had been set from Asgard to Earth to hunt down the band of succubae who were stealing the souls of the valiant, souls Odin had already claimed. He didn't want to be here, other than the fact he hated Odin, his excuse being that most sons hate their father at some point, Dragan knew how Arak hated the cold and sent him to Chicago in February; “Sadistic Bastard,” he muttered as he made his way down the busy street causing people to turn and look at him. He never noticed as he ploughed through them, but a 6’5’’ and an expression like thunder, most people moved out of his way.

“Fucking Starbucks”, he groaned “next thing they will expand to Asgard, shit.” He looked around, all he wanted was a quiet cup of coffee somewhere where he wouldn’t be asked a million questions about syrups and what the fuck was venti anyway, what was wrong with large? As he turned the corner the wind whipped up around his face and that was when he smelt it. Freshly baked cinnamon rolls. “Perhaps today won’t be a total loss” he said as he set off after the scent; he found it’s source two streets later, a small bakery, with its own small coffee shop.

Pushing open the door Arak bustled inside stamping his feet to bring blood to the frozen blocks before marching to the counter. “Large black coffee and 3 cinnamon rolls” he ordered, the woman behind the counter nodded asking Arak to take a seat. The cafe was all but empty and he found a comfortable looking sofa in a corner to sit on, it gave him a clear view of the door and the windows. Digging in his jacked he dragged out his phone and wallet, throwing some money onto the table before dialling Dray’s number. Straight to voicemail, great, “Stop fucking around you bastard and get me out of here, there is nothing going down in Chicago, trust me, nothing, my balls are so blue they are gonna drop off. Ring me back” he barked before hanging up. He’d been in this frozen hell hole a week and seen no sign of any succubae. The future valiant souls in the city were all safe and well, no life force had been sucked from them. “Loki if this is your idea of a twisted joke I promise I will unscrew your nuts from the inside”, a noise in front of him made him look up. The sight which greeted him made him smile but also sit back in shock.

Life as a berserker had trained him to recognise a ‘wench’ when faced with one, wenches were born in Asgard and were there to serve the berserkers, not just with wine but also with sex. After puberty they were given the choice of life with the Gods or life on Earth, most chose to stay but a small percentage left for a wealthy and exciting life on earth, he had never come across one as a waitress. Not only that; a waitress who was one step away from death. His divine father had not given him much but one gift Odin had passed onto Arak was the ability to sense a person’s soul and their life force, and hers was almost gone, stolen.

Fuck me, he thought, Chicago doesn’t have a succubus problem, they have an infestation of incubi. Shit, he had no problem with succubae, hell they were a bloody good fuck and incubi always paid for their own share of drinks, but they usually fed sparingly, shared it around. But now a group of them had broken away and were targeting claimed souls. Visiting them again and again, stealing their lives and with one last great fuck, damning them forever. Arak looked at her; she was perhaps one fuck away from death and damnation. “Thank you” Arak said as she put the coffee and the plate on the low table, allowing a good look down her top.

She looked up and caught his smiling, her expression clearly said, ‘you are a pig’ even though her lips smiled and said “you’re welcome.” Picking up the money Imogen turned to go to the till and make change for the man in front of her, sexy, yes, tall yes, handsome, yes, but still a pig.

“Wait,” Arak said as she turned to go.

“Yes sir, is there anything else I can get for you?” Imogen asked, a smile plastered on her face.

“How long since you left Asgard?”

“Who are you?” Imogen demanded her voice quiet yet steely, she looked around to see how many people might have heard but it was nearly the end of the day and they were not far from locking up. The last couple were just leaving as Maggie smiled at Imogen and nodded towards the back room. “Wait there!” Imogen grated through clenched teeth before walking over to Maggie.

Where the fuck does she think I am going to go? Arak thought as he wolfed his way through the cinnamon rolls and began to drink his coffee.

“You going to be ok on your own Imi?” Maggie asked as Imogen approached her.

Imogen smiled, Maggie had taken her in 3 years ago when her life had hit the skids, originally they had been neighbours and then friends. When Imogen had lost everything Maggie had given her a job and a roof over her head.

“Yeah Mags, I’ll be fine, it’s my turn to lock up, you empty the till and bank it. I’ll stay here with him and lock up when he goes. It will be fine.” She smiled, knowing a smile was needed to convince her friend. “Go! You have a date. Go!”

Maggie smiled “You are the best,” hugging Imogen, “I’ll make it up to you,”

“Just promise me you’ll get laid, then you might be able to crack a smile in the morning,” both women laughed as Maggie stuffed the takings in her purse and passed the keys to Imogen. “Have fun,” Imogen wished her as she locked her out of the store. She then turned to face him. “Who are you?” she demanded.

“Arak, berserker, and you are a wench.”

“No, I may have been born a wench but I chose to live here, to give up that life, so get the fuck out of my shop,” she shouted.

Arak drained his coffee, “I leave now and you die.” He’d expected shock but all that crossed her face was fury, so the bunny has bite after all, I think I could get to like this, he grinned up at her and tried not to laugh as her expression became even more thunderous, but Arak laughed in the face of thunder, he laughed at Odin often enough.

“How dare you threaten me, you... you... you bastard!” she shouted.

“Yeah, dad knocked up Mommy dearest when he was married to another, but old Odin does what he likes, so I guess that makes me a bastard; but I’m not threatening you baby, I am telling the truth. Whoever you have been grinding for the last few weeks is an incubus and you are one more orgasm away from death and damnation.” Arak stood up quickly as he watched Imogen’s legs crumple under her; he tried to catch her but caught a foot on the coffee table and ended up falling on her. Before she managed to push him off he felt firm breasts, small waist and hips designed for a man to hold onto while he rode her to ecstasy.

“Fucking bastard.” Imogen screamed as she pushed at him, scrambling out from under him but remaining on the floor. “You lie,” she accused, but deep down something told her she was telling the truth, she had been off colour recently, very tired, forgetful, achy. But Drew, an incubi?

“Trust me baby, I didn’t get much from Dad but I did get the ability to see souls and life force and yours has been systematically ripped from you.” Arak stood and bent to pick her up off the floor only to be hit. “Prickly little bitch aren’t you.”

“What do you expect you turn up and tell me I am being slowly murdered by my boyfriend, why the fuck should I believe you!” Imogen turned to face him, her chin defiant, her chest heaving with anger and even though she was almost a foot shorter than him she would not be cowed by him.

“What is your name?”

“My name?”

“Yes you know, that thing people call you, I am assuming they don’t shout bitch.”

“Funny! Imogen, but most people call me Imi.”

“Well Imogen, let me guess how this all started, he approached you a few weeks ago, somewhere public, not a bar, a park, no the grocery store! I knew it,” he shouted as Imogen’s mouth opened in shock, “he asked you for a drink or a coffee, you went, you dreamed about him during a very restless sleep, he rang the next day asked for a date, you went, a little under the jumper action and another wet dream, Next time was dinner then fucking like bunnies and you have been at it ever since. But this last week, you have been tired; the erotic dreams of him are beginning to get scary like he is taking your soul. Why? Because he fucking is.” Arak growled, she looked so crumpled and yet so defiant. He was beginning to like this bit of fluff. “And there is only one way you can be saved.”

He was right, every part of it, Drew, the dreams, his stamina, she’d never come so hard since, well ever, and the dreams were scaring her now, they hurt, physically hurt. “How?”

“How?” he repeated, he was surprised she didn’t go down the why me route most women would have, even her 'how' demanded an answer, it was no meek defensive whisper. He’d enjoy making her scream in pleasure. “Sex with me of course.”

“Fuck off,” Imogen turned to go and found herself dragged back to him.

“Baby, I am your only fucking hope, get a berserker wound up enough and the only way they can release that pressure is through rage or sex. Rage, power streams out of us, but in sex we expel that power as excess life force. My semen can save you, how fucking ironic is that, almost fucked to death and I’ll fuck you back to life.” He began to laugh until he felt a hand slap his face. “Bitch” he said gently grabbing her wrist.

“Bastard, I don’t like you or trust you, why would I fuck you!”

“Yeah, I thought we’d established that I was a bastard and you were a bitch, and Imi, you don’t have to like someone to fuck them. Trust me on that,” he said as he dragged her body up against him, “I don’t like you much at the moment, but that doesn’t stop me from being turned on, or from wanting to push you against that counter and plough into you.”

“Ugh” Imogen said as she tried to pull away but he only pulled her closer, she could feel his erect cock pushing against her stomach, “let me go.”

“Fine” Arak said as he released her, “but this is your one and only chance, once I go through that door I am gone, and all you will be left with is him.” Arak headed for the door only to stop when he heard her voice, so quiet that he almost missed it.

“I don’t want to die.”

“And you won’t have to baby,” he said as he turned the lights off inside the shop, the only illumination now came from the streetlights outside, but he had perfect night vision, he could see her chest heaving, the pulse in her neck fluttering from both fear and desire. He stalked towards her.

“I still don’t like you, I am only doing this because I have to,” Imogen stated.

“Yeah baby, you keep telling yourself that,” he laughed before he hauled her against him and his mouth descended to capture hers. Arak shrugged out of his jacket and began to open his shirt with one hand, whilst his other hand held her chin as his tongue stroked hers. Imogen pulled back and moved towards the back room, “here,” Arak said.


“Here and now, I am going to bend you over that counter baby I already told you that,” Arak threw his shirt on the floor and undid the top button of his jeans before pulling off his boots.

“But the window,” Imogen said, pointing.

“Imi, you are in a quiet side street and it is lighter out there than it is in here. The only person who might see is your incubus boyfriend across the street.”

Imogen turned to the window to see Drew across the street watching them. Part of her wanted to run across and scream at him, to stick her fingers in the air, but, and she hated to admit it, Arak was right, there was one way of making him get the message. She smiled sweetly and began to strip. Her top and bra first and then her boots, leggings and skirt.

“Leave the thong,” Arak growled as he stepped out of his jeans, “I want to rip it off you. Now sit up on that counter and let’s give him a show.”

Imogen couldn’t help but smile, she didn’t know why she was, Arak was a bastard and she’d just met him, now she was about to fuck him on the counter of her friends shop whilst being watched from across the road by her killer boyfriend. Not the day she’d expected when she got up this morning. “Make me scream.” She ordered as she hopped on the counter and opened her legs.

“Baby, you’ll wake the fucking dead.” He promised as he ripped her thong off with a flourish, throwing it behind him, Imogen hooked her legs over her shoulders, he bent his head and began to feast.

God she tasted sweet, fresh and womanly, if they’d had more time he would use more finesse but with the incubus watching their time was limited and her life still in danger, he had to give her some life before he got her to safety and reported what was going on here. Her legs gripped his ears as he licked and sucked, he laughed against her as his tongue slipped through her folds circling the entrance to her pussy before heading back to suck her clit, gently worrying it with his teeth before sucking into the cavern of his mouth.

God he was good! Imogen leaned back her hands behind her on the counter, thrusting her breasts out as she struggled for breath, her eyes closed as she began to moan. He was quick, she had to admit he aroused her, she was already wet as she was undressing, but this, she almost lifted off the counter as he inserted 2 long fingers and massaged her sweet spot. She felt her orgasm coming like a steam train and there was no way to stop it. Chest heaving, legs quivering she opened her eyes and looked directly at Drew who still watched them and screamed.

“Good girl, you make sure he understands you are no longer his.” Arak kissed her mound and smiled at landing strip of hair. In Asgard wenches were hair free but he liked this, an arrow to guide a man to treasure. He lifted her off the counter, “turn and face the counter and brace your hands against it,” his voice was low and gravelly; he was so hard it wasn’t going to take much, but he would take her with him. Arak kicked her legs wider apart and gripped her hips, turning and looking over his shoulder grinning at the man watching them as he thrust into Imogen, “fuck baby, he must have been a young one because you are so fucking tight,” at 6’5’’ everything about Arak was large but she fit him, tight like a well fitting glove. Hard deep thrusts, his balls slapping against her, he hooked one of her legs on his arm lifting it causing Imogen to gasp, changing his angle to rub against that spot inside her. With his other hand he reached round to tease and tug her nipples, “play with your clit baby,” he ordered. He smiled as one of her hands left the counter and began to rub and circle her clit.

Imogen was finding it hard to breath, the pressure building inside her, she may not like him, but he felt like heaven. “Harder “she moaned.

“Greedy little baby aren’t you,” Arak growled as he pounded harder into her, he was so close, he could feel that tingle at the base of his spine, he wasn’t going to last. Taking his hand from her breast he moved it to her clit taking over the job as she braced her hands and pushed back against him, nipping her clit she screamed, contracting around him, milking him as shot inside her; roaring to the heavens as he fed her life force.

His heart rate began to slow and his withdrew from her, grinning at the noise it made. “A few more rounds like that baby and you will be fine,” he slapped her ass and turned to grin at the man outside.

“Is he still there?” Imogen asked.


Imogen turned, her heart still hammering; their combined juiced seeping down the tops of her legs. She stood in front of Arak and took his hand, stroking it down her body until they reached her cleft, all the time looking at Drew. She laughed and stopped as he turned and walked away. Arak’s hand returned to her clit and continued to stroke, she let her head lean back against his shoulder. She hoped Maggie was getting some too. “Maggie!” she shouted as realisation hit, moving away from a confused Arak. “Maggie! My friend Maggie, who was here before, she is out on a date with one of Drew’s friends we must save her!” she shouted as she threw Arak’s clothes at him.

Arak looked down at his cock who was again looking back at him, I hate fucking blue balls. “You’d better fucking make this worth it,” he growled as he put on his jeans.



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