Saturday, 13 February 2010

Menage et tois! Arcady, Ben and Kael interviewed

You met them last week ladies as part of out Eververse Saturday, the boys were so excited by the attention, we were granted an interview! This is how it went!

Minx: What do you notice first in a woman ?

Arcady: It varies. If Im all topped up its eyes, I got a thing for eyes… if Im jonesin for a fix, then I just let my Incubus senses out to play and see who has sex wafting off their aura. ::smiles::

Ben: her ring finger. If theres nothing circling it… ::WINK::

Kael: Laughs. I like a womans laugh. If shes got one of those guy laughs it’s a dealbreaker.
Minx: Tits...ass...legs...which do you prefer?
Arcady: Can I say hips? I like a nice set of hips to hold onto.

Ben: Hips are good… but I like Lips better.

Kael: Im a leg man… longer the better in my eyes.

Minx: Do they like women to be smart or have a smart mouth?

Arcady: Both… You gotta be able to spar with me, dumb girls are only good for one thing… and even then they aren’t that good.

Ben: Stupid women aren’t worth my time.

Kael: Agreed. Smart well read women are extremely sexy.

Bear: How do you feel about the Sister's Price writing about your lives?
Arcady: Actually I love Stella and Aud, very much infact. They brought me from utter obscurity, its been pretty fucking cool.

Ben: I think they were the right ones, and Drake and Murphy speak highly of them, so it was logical.

Kael: They are good girls, and they get me seamkonkies…

Minx: What's your favourite city?

Bear: Is that your subtle way of asking them to come to the UK ?

Minx: might be *blushes*

Arcady: Actually a few of us like Edinburgh a lot.

Ben: Im a big fan of Cairo.

Kael: hmmm… Im not a city kinda guy, I like the water much better.

Minx: Describe yourself in 5 words

Bear: *Mutters under breath:!*
Minx: I can give you an example if you're stuck *winks*

Arcady: ::Smiles:: Well by all means ladies… we would love some examples…

Minx: How about, tall, sexy, sulty, hansome, intense and erotic?

Bear : if you could change species for a day, would you and what would you become?

Arcady: Hell no. Nothing better then being an Incubus, plus, technically im a double threat, with all the psychic shit.

Ben: Well Im the best of both worlds, a Satyr with the strength and power of a demon.

Kael: I love being a dragon, I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Bear : Is there anyone you wouldn't let your lady tumble with ?

Arcady: If she wanted to, who am I to say no? Seriously… You will learn Im not really into the whole monogamy thing, I mean our bodies are temples, and there should be worship 6 times a day, on your fucking knees. ::WINK::

Ben: Mina can do anything that is mutually beneficial to our pleasure.

Kael: Bryn isn’t into anyone else. Dragon Mates don’t share.

Minx: anyone you would like to tumble with on a free pass ?

Arcady: Again, it works both ways. Im never jealous.

Ben: I can do anyone I want… And I know you chicks fancy a go…

*Bear whispers to Minx who nods*

Kael: Been there done that. Im a very old and very sexually used dragon. Nothing is better then sex with the one you love. I never understood the Demon’s way of being so free with their bodies…

Bear : Tell us one thing someone would be surprised to know about you ?

(Minx: Oh yes...Tell us a secret! )

Bear: I just asked that...but in a polite non nosey way Minxy!

Minx: What can I say, I am a Minx, I need to know Minxy things *poskes out tongue*

Arcady: ::LAUGHS:: Hmmm… Well its not a sexy secret, but Im really good with numbers, If I wasn’t a hitman, I would be a daytrader on the NYSE probably.

Ben: Secret? Fuck I don’t think I have any…

Kael: I like Opera… and Sometimes I sing..

Minx: OOO, that sounds fun Kael, we'd love to hear it some time, now our readers and us *grins sweetly and leans forward* want to know about your favourite things, so what is your favourite.... *reads off list* food, drink, colour and sexual position?

Arcady: ::Shakes his head:: ooh lets see… Food:Sushi, Drink:Tequila, Color:Green, and Sexual position: Big fan of reverse cowgirl ::WINK::

Ben: I’m not even going to fuck with the other shit, you sexy bitches just wanna know my favorite position, and I enjoy fucking from behind… with the chicks leg up on a counter. Picture it.

Kael: I have always been partial to missionary, only its gotta be at a deep depth.

*Minx passes note to Bear, good thing we are flexible*

Bear: We know you like collars *glances to Ben* but what other toys do you prefer?
Minx: oooo yes tell us, you never know we may stock it

Bear: You actually need MORE Minx?

Minx: you are right I do
I must visit Ann Summers on my way home!

Ben: You know Drake’s chickie like lives at Ann Summers? I swear she owns stock. I’m a collar kinda guy, I’m not a big fan of aids, ::LAUGHS::

Arcady: I’m not a huge fan of toys either, though I do love a good blindfold.

Kael: I’m the really vanilla one of all of us…

Minx: Nothing wrong with vanilla, it's out favourite kind of icecream. If you had to rate yourself *bear coughs sausages* on a coffee scale would you say you were.... tall, grande or venti?

Arcady: You kidding? Fuck what guy is going to say tall? Seriously?

Ben: Im past venti darling…

Kael: ::BLINKS:: Coffee? Seriously?

Minx: Yip our readers like coffee and we were thinking full package girth and length, our research has show us girth is good. The ladies voted on it!

Bear: Ben you were the Gutter Girls first...eververse book, that is *Grins* Is there any advice you would like us to pass onto readers before they attack you, I mean your book?

Ben: Don’t expect a story with themes modern society is ok with. That and Enjoy the story for what it is… cuz its only going to get nastier as we go.

Minx: Who did you last snog?

Bear: *rolls eyes* you only said "Snog" so you'd have to demonstrate what it was!

Minx: like you don't want to!

Bear: would be the polite thing to do!

Arcady: Are you going to demonstrate on each other? I could be into that…

Ben: Yeah I’m with the Incubus on this one…

Kael: Me three…

Bear: I kissed a girl and I liked it
Minx: Is that when you tasted her cherry chapstick?
Bear: Yes, but no biting me this time
Minx: That wasn't me!
Bear: It wasn't?
Minx: No, remember I was the red lipstick stain
Bear: I remember! So who bit me?
Minx: I dunno, *whispers* if we say maybe next time, perhaps they will come back!
Bear: *nods* Maybe next time boys! *wink*
Thankies boys, this has been fun, but we also must thank Stella and Audra Price for allowing you to come out and play with us, I mean allow us to interview you.

Minx: *blows kisses*

Stella Price
Award winning best selling author can be found at


Sparklybearsy said...

HEE! we had such a giggle doing this interview, the sexy trio are welcome back ANYTIME!

jaymzangel said...

hehe, great interview minx & bear! you two must have been totally gooey over interviewing those three hotties ;)

Sagi said...

I LOVE this interview *evil grin* yes I am having fantasies here... wow... nice! :) ... so good! give me more!...

*looks to the side* Bear and Minx what are you two doing here? - I never knew you both had the power to change/steel fantasies! - *runs over to talk to Stella and Audri Price* - wait I shouldn't be complaining u 2 are very good at this! :P *another evil grin*

Sparklybearsy said...

thanks for the comments ladies! yes we had alot of fun, the boys were most...acommodating ;)

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