Friday, 19 February 2010

JM+Qhuinn+oil=FIGHT NIGHT!

"Roll up, roll up and welcome to fight night ladies! This is the one a lot of you have been waiting for, those of you who have opted for the vibrating chairs make sure you are securly strapped in. Now for this evening's main attraction.... innnn the red corner the sexy silent and deadly John Matthew! Innnn the blue corner the rebellious sexy and growly Qhuinn. Now gents you will notice that all you are wearing tonight are robes, that is because you are wresting naked. Lets not beat about any bushes, we want to see muscular glistening bodies rubbing together. So off with the robes, Sagi and Pixiedust won the raffle and are here to oil you up. So ladies, warm the oil on your hands and get rubbing!

"What was that Bear? Can you rub too? Ok but no biting bums understood! Legz u got the camera? Cool, get snapping. Ladies, the flashes are blinding me, Bear! I was talking about camera flashes not FLASHERS there was no need to flash me. I do apologise, you were flashing them. We must add knickers to your shopping list.

"Ooooo they are all shiny and glistening, ladies you have additional baby oil pistols strapped to the side of your chairs. Now gents we want a good 'durty' fight, lots of straddling, rolling and rubbing. If you don't I am sending Bear and Jaymzangel in to fight over you. Understood?

"After 3 fight...1.....2....3....FIGHT! Normally Qhuinn is there to protect JM but tonight ladies in our little fantasy bubble all bets are off and he is taking advantage of this tackling JM and trying to wrestle him to the ground, JM as hold of him too and they are both bending.... ummm..... Legs I hope you got a shot of that, I need my fan. Wow that even silenced Bear, she is just salivating now and holding Jaymzangels hands.

"Some of the ladies have remembered their pistols after that view and are firing at them, waiting for them to slip and.... there they go, Qhuinn goes first and JM impacts landing on top of him. The ladies cheer! They are rolling and trying to buck each other off. JM is on top and landing some good punches, Qhuinn rears up from underneath and flips JM, pinning him under him and... ummm.... things seem to be getting a bit heated.

"Qhuinn as you are on top, I declare you the winner, Bear, Jaymzangel try not to trample JM as you take Qhuinn away to clean him up. As for JM, you are mine, I always did like the strong silent type! See you next week ladies! Minx out!"


Sparklybearsy said...

ROFL!!! what a naughty one that Bear is. ;)

Dont expect Qhuinn back for quite sometime, i hear hes good on staminia. RAWR!!

LOL my fave fight night yet, Minxy lady of the lemsip!! great work!

Monica said...

Fantasy come to life...I Blay should fight the winner :p

Pixiedust said...

*squeaks and girly grunty noises* omg those boys! I hope ya'll got good pics cause I couldn't! My hands were too oily! *winks*

F*cking awesome fight night chica! *grins, letting the fantasies roam*

jaymzangel said...

*PURRS* bear n I are gonna tussle over Qhuinn, yum yum YUM. *snags JM from jules & drags him along too*

Mar said...

Oil pistols! I'm going to google oil pistols! I need me a pair of those.

Awesome, sexy fight!

Sagi said...

sorry for the late comment but yesterday was a crazy day - I really enjoyed smearing oil on our two hotties *grins* that was so much fun!! :D

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