Friday, 5 February 2010

Friday Night Fight Night!- Lucan v Tegan

"Welcome ladies to our Friday night Breed Match! They are tall, they are glyphed and they are breed males, and two more sexy specimens a girl could not wish for. Just look at their breed markings, don't you just want to lick them! I do, in fact I already have! They taste yummy! Down to business, you will notice that Bear is sitting quietly tonight, you will also notice she is sitting on Ash from last week, if she starts to squirm, just leave her, she is happy or soon will be! Innnn the red corner the sexy and sultry Lucan; innnn the blue corner the sexy and deadly Tegan. Yes I know you are both deadly, but it doesn't have the same ring to it if I just repeat myself, now just out of those robes, get into those tighty whities and get into that ring! Tanned skin, breed glyphs and tight white undies definitely does something to a girl.

"Our ring tonight is a little special, as the breed are descended from the ancients who were aliens, we have impregnated the ring with sparkly star dust, when they roll and fight it will cling to their sweat and they will shine and glisten. Oh my just thinking about it I have to fan myself. Now, on the count of 3 fight...1....2...3...FIGHT!

"Oh my Tegan leaps for Lucan, but Lucan turns and catches him in the side, flailing to the side Tegan lashes out and has connected one desperate kick, trying to knock Lucan's feet from under him. Lucan punches him! Umm boys, we ladies appreciate the violence but we'd like a little more rolling around and rubbing in the dust. Do it, or I will get my whip out! Ouch, my shouting has distracted Lucan and Tegan has tackled him to the ground! Look at that star dust fly, highlighting the glyphs and every muscle on their torso. Now if only we could see every part of their torso, 'Bear do you think Ash could do something about that?' Ladies, that screaming you can hear is the crowd cheering, Ash has made their undies vanish, we are all getting quite an eyeful, as for the glyphs, I think we have found new areas to lick!

"They are still on the ground, they are wrestling, trying to pin each other down, Lucan elbows Tegan in the jaw, rolling to the side before jumping on him, flipping him and flinging Tegan's face into the star dust soaked mat. Tegan is groaning, as Lucan is pummelling him, he seems breathless and exhausted, has someone been exhausting him before all this began, in fact where is Jaymzangel, I hope she didn't wear him out.

"Lucan is on his feet, he is declaring himself the winner with a mighty roar, wait, Lucan where are you going, ladies he is in the the crowd now, he is searching for something... no.... someone! Lucan has picked Crazy Legz out of her seat and flung her over his shoulder, he is now striding away with her! She has an amazing view of his ass, Legz have fun and try not to damage him! As for Tegan, Zazoo and an army of Lambettes are in the ring, they appear to be trying to revive him, but I am certain resuscitation should be mouth to mouth not...mouth to.... ok I guess it looks like you can blow into it...

"I guess that is it for another Friday , looks like I will be going to bed with my teddy bear, until next time... Minx over and out!"


Crazy Legz said...


Muaaaahhhhh!! I can defo say he has the nicest tasting buttocks EVER!!

Minx said...

yay... weird but my paragrapsh won't show!

Sparklybearsy said...

HAHA love that Minxy! another triumph fight night...and see how i behaved this week ;)

Sagi said...

lol this fight was close :P i love the pixie dust or glitter dust :D

I love this post :D

Mar said...

To do list: get glitter. Check.

Sarah said...

Ppppphhhhhhwwwwwaaaaaarrrrr! I love Lucan :o) Gimmie a vamp with glyphs anyday LOL

Moonsanity said...

Well, that was a yummy fight, except Tegan lost. LOST. you think he needs to be comforted? Eased? Rinsed off? *snicker*

Minx said...

I'd say he could use some comforting! =D

zazoo said...


zazoo said...


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