Saturday, 27 February 2010

Friday Night Fight Night!- Adam Black v Dageus McKeltar

"Roll up, roll up.... time for the Highland Fling on Gutter Girls! Yes ladies we have ourselves two stars from KM Moning's Highlander series, innnn the blue corner the dark and dangerous Dageus McKeltar and innnn the red corner the sexy and infamous Fae Adam Black! You will see that tonight we have tried to recreate the snow of the highlands and you will be wrestling in foam, that is right ladies we are gonna have us a Foam Partay! Look Bear is foaming at the mouth already! Boys I should warn you to keep Bear happy tonight, you are wearing very little, which is just how we like it! A mini kilt with nothing else, you may have also noticed the unusual digital fastening on them. Bear has the remote and with one press of the button the fastening will open and the kilts will fall! So keep her happy!

"Now boys to your corners and after three fight... 1...2....3....FIGHT! And they are off and so are the kilts! Bear getting button happy, but that could be from the vibrating chair she is bouncing on, but the ladies cheers as both of them kick the kilts to one side and start to fight! The foam is flying and it's not the only thing, trust me ladies, we just got an eyeful and they have NOTHING to be ashamed of! Jaymzangel try to get some close-ups!

"Dageus is on the attack, catching Adam about the waist and throwing him down. But Adam has a firm hold on Dageus and pulls him down of top of him. Mmmmm they are rolling in the foam, some of the ladies have brought water pistols and are using them to clean off parts of their bodies. Bear has a super soaker and seems to have lost her drool bib!

"Adam has risen to the occasion and is on top, he is punching Dageus who manages to block it and hit Adam with an upper cut, stunning him whilst Dageus pushes him off. He is not taking this lying down, he rears up and drags Dageus back down. Dageus turns as Adam pulls and lands on top of him! The foam is making it slippery as they rub against each other, the fists are flying as is the foam and water. Dageus straddles Adam as he pummels him, Adam is lying there stunned as the ladies charge the ring. There are so many of them and they are so excited. They are declaring Dageus the winner and are lifting him onto their shoulders and running off with him. Jamymzangel is helping them and Bear has abandoned her vibrating chair and is running along after them.

"Adam, don't you worry, Minxy will make everything better, lets just go back to my room.... see you next week ladies! Minx out!"