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Eververse Men - Sexy Dragon KAEL

Dragons NEVER used to flick my switch. Until i met Char and Kael. Now i want both the fire dragon and water dragon for my pets!  Here's a sexy snippet excerpt from DEEP WATER - Kaels story by Stella and Audra Price If you haven't read it already, you're going to love this Water Dragon.

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Sparklybearsy & Minxy



Flipping the cell back into his pocket he reached out with his senses and searched for his mate. With a smile he realized that she was in her soon to be vacated apartment and covered in running water, the shower no doubt. Chances were very good that he'd get to see the inside of the place after all.

He walked sharply in her direction following her location in his mind more than the actual path to her apartment. She felt good in his head a constant cool beacon calming and exciting at the same time. She was completely his and he was just as much hers. The knowledge didn’t frighten him as he'd thought it would so many years ago. Instead it reassured him like nothing else he'd ever experienced, she truly was his home. The other dragons would be amazed to see he'd taken a mate; the thought in itself was worth the act. She was an ice demon, the only one that could possibly have any power over him and he'd gone into it not only willingly but it had been his idea. He'd been right about the sex though, it was spectacular.

As if it had heard his thought his cock twitched, glad to be recognized, the damn thing was far to close to his brain sometimes. He opened the door to her apartment pleased to hear the shower still running. Silently he moved through the room discarding his clothes and sneaking into the bathroom and shower stall. He placed his hands on her hips pulling her back into him. "Need a hand?" He whispered into her ear.

At the feel of the cool hand on her mating mark, Bryn’s knees nearly buckled. The feeling of the water on the mark before this was highly erotic, like a demanding caress, and she had found herself leaning into the spray. With her lover’s hand on it, his voice in her ear, and his hard male body behind her, she whimpered, grinding her ass into his erection. "Ummm" she said and reached back, digging her nails into his flank. "Everything ok?"
"Yep, we're all set." He kissed over her neck towards her shoulder. "How did you get on with your boss?"
"Well he’s not my boss anymore, lecherous fuck that he is."
"Yeah? Do you want me to kill him?" He nibbled on her shoulder blades slipping his roughened hands down to her hips.

She moaned, the feeling of his touch on the already erogenous zone of her mark pooling heat low in her belly. She was aroused, considerably, and she knew it would only get more intense. "Umm, thanks for the option, but no, Karma will see to that."
"True, but we could always give karma a tiny push..." His hands slipped around from the tops of her thighs to the lower inside and up lightly grazing over her clit. "It’s just a thought, I trust your decision." He nibbled over her skin again his warm tongue darting out to lap off some of the water.
"Umm I’ll think on it. The water isn’t too cool for you is it?" she asked in a mere whisper, her body shuddering in his embrace.
"No it’s perfect; water at any temperature suits me."
"Good. I needed the coolness after that conversation."
"You are my mate. You realize that the thought of some human upsetting you is infuriating... if I was a fire dragon the whole resort would be in cinders by now. They have temper issues."
"Well then I’m glad I have you, my wonderful and intelligent water sign," she giggled and leaned back into him. "God, you know just how to touch me."

He chuckled into her skin. "That’s because I’m wonderful and intelligent."
"Can’t fault nature, that’s for damn sure. So what’s the plan, after we get out of this shower I mean?"
"We'll move your things to the boat, then dock it somewhere secure before going back to meet everyone."
"Where is the family Kael? You never said."
"England, on the west coast."
"England? Hmmm, never been there. I’m a U.K. virgin. How long will it take to get there?" she asked as she rubbed against him.

"Not long, we'll go the fast way. It should take us a few hours to get to the dock with the tides with us."
"Ummm and oh king of the seven seas, you’ll make sure the tides are with us won’t you?" she turned in his arms and kissed him. "Do you have any idea how turned on I am just standing under this spray with you?" Smirking he bent taking the back of her thighs and lifting her pressing her back against the ice cold tile. He ground himself into her. "More or less than now?" She sobbed and looked into is eyes, grinning. "Ummm more now... God that feels good. I think it’s quite fitting that my last hour here I break in the place," she giggled and kissed him wrapping her legs and arms around him. "Yeah I think that sounds about right." His tongue slid down to her breast and he sucked in a nipple nibbling on her.

Bryn arched, her nails digging into Kael’s shoulder as she did, the sweet moan escaping her lips filling the small space of the shower with a light echo. He felt so right, it felt right, his mouth on her skin, teasing and tempting, driving her passion higher. "Ummm, this is what I’m going to have to endure now all the time isn’t it? I might die from ecstasy."
"It is a possibility” he mused softly.
She giggled. "Then I’ll die happy that’s for damn sure."
"You'll be dying with me then."
She grinned at him, squeezing his hips with her thighs. "So are you going to take me dragon? Or
tease till I fall to my knees and slide you down my throat?"

"Mmmm." He nipped her nipple hard. "Both are very good ideas but..." He trailed off lifting her
higher and slipping her down him. Bryn’s body sang at the contact. Her mark pulsed the feeling reaching low into her belly, making everything clench. She gasped, her nipples tightening further if it was even possible, and she moaned his name. "Everything feels better when you’re finally inside me."
"You're my mate." He said as if it explained everything.
"Umm yes I am... I love you Kael," she whispered in his ear and kissed his shoulder as he rode her on the wall, even, long strokes that had her panting in no time. "I love you too." He gasped as she dug her nails into him.
She came for him seconds later, as if the double admission had triggered the event, the primal needs for her to show her love to him.

He kissed her possessively doubling his pace with her legs wrapped tightly around his waist. The
sound of her flesh slapping against the wall echoed through the room. "Kael....oh gods baby harder..." she moaned and surrendered to all feeling screaming as she came yet again for him. Her body icing up. "Let it go love, let it all go..." He lifted her, angling her slightly, allowing him to pound deeper into
her. "I'm close... shit Bryn that’s it... let it all go."

The room grew cold as she did as her lover asked, the spray around them turning to little diamonds of ice, hanging in the air. She closed her eyes and felt it again that thick, crinkly feeling that would send her over the edge once more. "Fuck Kael!" she moaned and shivered, her body completely letting go. The room dropped another few degrees and she arched, her nipples frosting over.
Her orgasm triggered his as she felt him come an instant later, his grip on her tightened as her body milked him dry. She panted, smiling at him and kissed his lips, hers colder then his own. "Ummm. Kael you sure do know how to break in a room."
"And this is just the bathroom." He kissed her back still pressed to her.


RAWr! Isn't he YUM?! && Minxy...we can all hear that Buzzing! naughty! =D


Mar said...

..."You'll be dying with me then."...Just know that when I read that, I fell out my chair before my head exploded. I really can't take more of this (yes I can). Gawd I love dragons.

Sparklybearsy said...

I know right! such a hot scene, Kael def is a toe curler pantie screamer!

&& your comments all day have made me giggle Mar! thanks for being a part of Eververse day =)

Sarah said...

Oh wow - these are just getting better & better :o) I really can't wait to read them all!!!

Stella Price said...

ooh I love me some Kael..

and Kael's Muse was Daniel Craig... LOL...

orelukjp0 said...

I do love these boys.

jaymzangel said...

Kael = Daniel Craig = jay with explodey head

Minx said...

Buzzing, what buzzing, that wasn't me *blushes*

Mmmmmm Kael I have his book, but haven't read it yet!

I don't know who to do, I mean read next.... decisions decisions!

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