Saturday, 6 February 2010

Eververse Men- Meet Remy!

If you like life a little wild then why not try a Were Snake! As the tag line says
"There is a reason why Eve was so tempted...and it wasn’t the apple."


Remy can be found in the short story Beyond the Vision of Dreams, here is a little sample just to whet your appetite. Oh and if you like tats and piercings, he could be the snake for you. Oh just think of the things he could do with his tongue.

She opened the door to see him standing naked with his very lickable back to her. She nearly choked, as her eyes bugged and her panties moistened.
“Maybe we should get that partition after all. You looking for someone?” Her lips twitched in a smile as she moistened them with her tongue.
“Got tired of hiding, Darlin’? I was beginning to think you weren’t going to show. Now how does this go? Oh that’s right. On your knees, pet, or are you forgetting?”
Her lower muscles clenched, and she swallowed hard, not believing she’d heard correctly. “My knees?” She walked towards him slowly.
“This is my dream, pet, and it always starts with you on your knees with my cock in your mouth. Hmmm, you have forgotten, haven’t you? I think a refresher course is in order.” He smirked at his dream girl and crooked his finger at her. “On. Your. Knees.”

Giggling slightly, she did as she was told, falling to her knees for him. Thoroughly entranced, she gazed up the line of his body and licked her lips.
“That’s new,” he said of her gaze. “You never look at me like that, pet. Perhaps I’m getting more creative. You like what you see, Darlin’?”
“I’m here, aren’t I?” And she did like what she saw, god did she. He was a god in flesh. And he was pierced, she’d been right. She loved being right.
He smirked and touched her face. “Then get to it. I wanna feel your hot, wet pussy before I wake up.”
She sank suddenly down him, feeling the cold metal of the frenum piercing, a barbell pierced through the underside of his cock, just under the head, at the back of her throat. God, this feels so amazing. She sucked him hard not letting him adjust as she pulled off him then sucked slowly down to his base.
“That’s it, baby. You know how I like it…” He balled his hands in her raven hair and growled.
She continued, sucking harder and deeper each time. He tasted wonderful and filled her perfectly. She began to hum on him as her head went down, vibrating deep into his shaft.
He growled again and looked down at her. “That’s it, baby. Um…your pussy is going to feel so good after this.”
She whimpered, speeding up, unable to get enough. Her hand reached up to forcefully knead at his balls.
Remy hissed, pulled her off his cock and tilted her face up to his. His eyes had gone reptilian, and he smirked at her. “You suck cock like a pro, baby. Did I ever tell you that?”
“You just did, baby.”
“Strange, we never talk. Fuck it. It just must have been my day. All I kept thinking about is slipping into your tight pussy, pet.” He let go of her face and came down to his knees, turning her roughly in the same motion. He bit her shoulder and worried the flesh. “Now, pet, who said you could wear anything this time? You look great, but I prefer to see your shaven pussy. The only thing that catches your wetness is my cock or my mouth baby. Take them off, or I’ll rip them off.”

Oh fuck yes. She quickly pulled off her shorts and threw them onto the deck. “So, you were thinking about me all day, baby?” she asked as she pulled off the baby doll, dumping it somewhere near the forgotten shorts.
“Don’t talk,” he hissed in her ear. “You never talk.” Remy grabbed her hips and plunged into her heat quickly, groaning. “God, baby, you’re so wet.” He pushed her shoulders forward and rode her hard, grunting. “So fucking hot, baby. You feel like hot silk,” he said, his piercing scraping over her insides deliciously.
She bit back a scream and shivered. So, he doesn’t want me to talk, eh? I don’t have to talk. She backed into him, pushing him deeper. Her nails scraped at the decking with every thrust into her body.
“God, you’re all I fucking need,” he whispered in her ear, once again biting her shoulder as he rode her, laying his claim to her and marking her as his jaw clamped down, his eyes fully python now. He pumped viciously into her and reached around, playing circles on her clit.
She came hard, screaming and bucking under his weight. “Oh fuck, Remy!”

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Sparklybearsy said...

O.M.F.G.!!!!! and i never ever thought snakes could be made SSsssexy!!!

*adds Remy to the harem list*

Minx said...

Wait til you meet Reece! That is all I have got to say.

Sparklybearsy said...

I cant wait! my mind was changed on dragons, so im open to snakes, even though i find them squicky!

jaymzangel said...

holy shit!!! who said snakes aren't hot? phew!! *fans self*

Stella Price said...


Remy's muse is actually Sully Erna from Godsmack, right down to the star tattoo on his face!

Minx said...

Nearest I got was the shoulder! But I likes my model too. =D

Stella Price said...

Muahahahah... No i like him too! Im just saying, when Remy showed up he was Sully, and OMG he sings just like sully too... Sexy growl and all.

Mar said...

That was so freaking hot, damn Remy.

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