Saturday, 6 February 2010

Eververse Men- Meet Reece!

Reece is another of the Knossos West Were Snakes and cousin to Remy (I think I am going to have to visit this compound) he sometimes comes across as a bit of an ass, but fuck me if he isn't sexy with it. A lover of bikes with a dangerous and dominant streak, he will take you anywhere and according to him do it so completely you will collapse!

This extract is from his short story Surrender in Moonlight

Read it and.... is that buzzing I can hear? Where is Bear anyway? Enjoy!

Remy saw it and groaned. “Come on, Mate. I really don’t wanna see him fuck her right here. He’s got that look in his eye.”

Chrissy laughed. “Oh God, no. That’s the last thing I need to see.” She shuddered and stood heavily. “Let’s go lay in the sun, babe.”
He took her hand as Reece watched them walk through the back kitchen door into the bright sunshine. His attentions back on his little toy, his hands went to her hips then he slipped then under the shirt she wore, his fingers playing on her hard nipples.

She growled and backed up into him, her ass rubbing along his groin. “Um, I liked your shower.”

He hissed. “I bet. We can’t have you wearing my clothes, Pet. Granted it’s sexy, but…” He let the thought die as he sighed. Her wearing his clothes was too familiar, like the state of Chrissy and Remy’s relationship. He was not getting suckered into that, no matter how sensational she was in bed. In one month, she was gone. That’s it.

“It was the only choice I had that was clean. It won’t happen again. I can take it off if you’d prefer?”

“No, but why didn’t you put on your own clothes?”

“My top from last night was dirty. It smells like jail. My pack with everything else I owned drove off with that truck from last night, which was entirely your fault, by the way.”

“Right, so what do you want me to do about it?”

“You should at least replace what I lost. I’m sure a change of clothes will come in handy at some point over the month.”

“So shopping, is it?” he asked as he rolled his hips on her ass in time with the rolling of her nipples in his fingers.

She yelped delightfully. “Well, first, I think you could take advantage of the fact that you got me all bent over and at your mercy. It would be rude not to.”
He pinched her nipples hard and growled. “Then get the pants down, and I’ll satisfy us both.”

Her hands made short work of her pants, pulling them down quickly and stepping out of them. “I kept my end of the bargain,” she teased, her bare ass in the air close to him.

He grinned, moving his hands off her breasts and clutched her hips with one. The other opened his silk pants, letting his cock and balls spring free. He rubbed himself on her wet pussy, sliding his shaft between her folds, scraping on her clit, back and forth slowly. “You sure you want this, Carmen?”

She moaned and braced herself. “Pretty damn sure…”

“Good.” Reece moved just a scant inch and slid into her dripping wetness, groaning. “God, that’s good.”

She whimpered under him, her sensitive body moving to take more of him. “Um, fuck yeah.”

“Such a wanton little thing, aren’t you?”

“Only for your cock.” She cheekily bucked him in further.

“Such a naughty bitch.” He pumped into her, hard and fast, letting her moans urge him on. The fact that Remy and Chrissy were just outside excited him, who knew when Chrissy would want a cool glass of lemonade or a brownie or smoothie? Getting caught was always a turn on for him, and he figured it was for his little toy, as well. He bent over and whispered to her. “Any minutes Remy or Chrissy could walk in and see you bent over getting fucked and moaning like a whore. You’d like that, wouldn’t you? Maybe some random person? Another guy, maybe? He could fuck your face while I fuck your sweet pussy? Yeah, I can tell you like that, bitch.”

She cried out, backing hard into him, her body trembling in his grasp. She convulsed hard around him.

“Um, God, that it, baby. Show me how limber you are, touch the floor with your hands.” She moved her ass in the air, and he fucked down into her like a jackhammer, his hands on her hips, squeezing. “Oh fucking God, you’re perfect! Come again for me, bitch. Show daddy how much you love being fucked.”

She grabbed at his ankles, bending double. “Oh, fuck…Reece!” she screamed loudly, her body convulsing around him as she came.

He felt her come, and it triggered his own release, his body pumping his hot sticky cum, filling her. He panted and slapped her ass, feeling her body clench his deep inside. He bent, still inside her and pulled her up just a bit to kiss her neck. “Fuck, you’re a treat. And they heard that scream, baby. I know they did.”
She shuddered. “I hope they did. So are we shopping?”

The Review on Loose Knickers

So is there a dry seat in the house?


jaymzangel said...

Dayyyyyyyyyuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmm!! o_O
if there's a dry seat in this house, it's not anywhere
near me, I can guarantee you that *mops brow*

Stella Price said...


And Reece's muse is Timothy Oliphant... god hes hOT!

Kindle Vixen said...

Thanks girls for smokin hot excerpts lately :) I am intrigued by Reece, i love good dirty talk, but I have to admit the "bitch" usage turns me a away a bit.

Sparklybearsy said...

Amen to dirty talk, dayum Reece is HAWT!!

*adds him to bears harem*

Im with you kindle, i dont think being called a bitch would set my cooch ablaze, but some chicks dig it, and id overlook it for smexen dirty talk from reece LOL

Minx said...

Yip with u on the bitch, but loves the dirty talk. I didn't know about Timothy Oliphant, so I just picked a half naked snakey looking guy!


Anonymous said...

you cant beat dirty talk. HOT! and i love the picture ;)

~Jenn Benn

Stella Price said...

LOL ooh no thats fine... I dont think I have his gallery up on the forum yet... I should put it up...

Mar said...


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