Sunday, 7 February 2010

Eververse Men- Meet Char!

Short for Charcoal this dragon could certainly burn his way into your pants and heart! He did so with Alycone, and he will do with you to. A sexy and romantic dragon who wants nothing more than to make you scream, after that he may just cook you breakfast! Because when he wants something, he goes ALL OUT to get it!

Char can be found in the Eververse book Fire in His Eyes

Are you sitting comfortably? Because after this you could well be squirming..... in a good way! Get ready to wave your panties in the air, and wave 'em like you just don't care!

"So my little pixie, do you like what you see? Or were you expecting someone else?"
She shuddered and nodded. "I like what I feel too." she ground her hips into him
again and then turned, rubbing her body down his. She felt him everywhere, her
body responding to his nearness.

His large hands tightened around her hips, crushing her into him. "Well I always
like what I see when I watch you." He whispered into her ear biting teasingly on her lobe.
It is him... Goddess this luscious man was the one that sent the flower, and the choker. Her heart was palpitating as she tried to figure out how it was she got so lucky; she turned her head to his ear and purred. "And do you watch me a lot?" His voice was so smoky and thick; all she wanted was to hear it as he touched her, the effect of both sending her into a frenzy she would have had to keep in check were she not at this party.

"Ummm hmmm, I watch you a lot." She could hear the smile in his words, and his hand began to leave her hips. One slid lower and the other higher to cup her breast. "I watch you always. Even when you're alone at night, love." He gently pinched her nipple as his other hand slipped low to cup her through her dress, adding pressure to her clit. "I know where you like to touch yourself..." he whispered, kissing and biting at the sensitive flesh on her neck. “I know how to touch you." he all but growled into her ear.

She shuddered, leaning into his hands. His caresses were bringing her to the edge and the situation, this strange man touching her, telling her such things with such a sexy voice… she shook for him. "You... you do?"

"You're a goddess Alcyone... my goddess. You should be worshipped, let me..." Her name rolling off his tongue made her whimper. She nodded and licked her lips. "Anything you want, just don’t stop touching me."

"Oh, I don't plan to; it's not in my nature. But I'm not into public shows..." A deep chuckle escaped him. "Well, at least not on this dance floor. Should we allow the shadows to provide more cover?"

She nodded and motioned to one of the darkened alcoves. He slowly guided them over, the pounding beat of the music providing enough cover for them both. She followed him, her eyes on his ass, hugged nicely in his dove grey pants. This was crazy; in her life as a succubus she never had something this out there happen to her.

The corner was dark and void of life as they settled in and she wrapped herself
around him, both their masks still in place. He kissed her deeply, lifting her with ease, and she shuddered and whimpered as he did, wrapping her legs around his waist with a smile.
He growled as he broke the kiss. "You taste just as good as you smell, my love." She kissed him again, words eluding her. All she could do was feel, and boy, did he feel good. She moaned, her body keening with energy. He slipped her dress up, his hands kneading her thighs.

"Gods... please..." she bit out as she whimpered, loving the feel of his hands on her bare skin. He pressed her small frame against the wall, letting her feel his need. "Baby... please don’t tease..."

"Teasing?" He guided his hand between them, and slipped a finger inside of her. "Love, I haven’t even begun."

She whimpered again, riding his hand as he touched her, his thumb pressing on her clit. If she had been standing, she wouldn’t have lasted long, as it was; her legs were shaking as they were wrapped around his waist. She bucked, trying to get him to move, to touch and caress her wet and wanting flesh. He tortured well, and he didn’t lie when he said he knew just how to touch her. She wondered, idly, just how he was able to watch her alone in her room. She didn’t have any windows that faced anything remotely useable to peep from, and unless he was a Caligo, which was entirely possible, he could use the shadows for transport and spying like the shadow court did. Shit, maybe he is a Caligo she thought as she moaned into his mouth, a bruising kiss the object of their mutual enjoyment. Can’t be a Caligo, I think I have met all the men, well except for Amaro, but it can’t be him. When he finally slipped his fingers into her willing flesh she surrendered conscious thought. When he moved away from her lips and found her neck, biting down hard, and she moaned in response. He growled into her skin, working her harder, his finger raising in temperature and thumbing hotly on her clit.

"Goodness!" she cried out, her body shuddering, her orgasm building. Being a succubus, she often had to feed first to get this worked up and aroused and wondered why it was different tonight. Probably the sex in the air, that’s got to be it, fuck that’s so hot, really hot, god he’s playing my clit so fucking good.

"Oh love, that’s it, let it go... Ummm, let it all go." He pinched her firmly. She came hard and panted, purring as she did, surprised. She felt her body shake for what he was doing to her and she licked her lips.

"Fantastic" she murmured, her head thrown back, her mask slightly askew. Removing his finger he smiled smugly.

"Told you." He grinned before kissing her and unbuttoning his pants. She panted, her eyes heavy lidded behind her mask. She reached up and righted it, feeling his knuckles brush her wetness as he undid his pants. She arched to get a better feel of the light caresses he was giving her as he worked his fly open, moaning as he touched her slick and swollen flesh. He growled, his eyes flashing under his mask a second before he sunk deep into her.

"Fucking Christ!" her body welcomed his cock easily, even though she could feel herself being stretched and quickly. He was big, very big, bigger than she had ever had, and fuck if he didn’t fill her perfectly. God this guy is so perfect, so fucking long and thick; how the hell did I get this lucky?

"Call me anything you like love." He kissed her hard as he pounded her into the wall in time to the driving music. She shuddered and moaned, throwing her head back, her eyes to the ceiling. He touched and fucked; his movements deliberate and precise, her body pulled taut like a string. He nuzzled at the straps of her dress, pulling them down with his teeth, dragging them down and exposing her breasts to the air and his gaze. Her nipples grew hard with exposure, perking up, begging for attention which he was only too happy to deliver. He sucked one into his mouth, worrying it gently with his teeth.

"Gods!" she panted as he paid such careful attention to her, doing everything she liked. This man is made for me, Goddess thank you. Her orgasm was rising again, and she clutched at him harder with her legs around his waist, lowering her head to his ear. "You make me so fucking wet, don’t you dare stop."

He grabbed at her back, forcefully pulling her deeper onto him. "Like I said, it’s not in my nature." he answered from around her nipple. She whimpered as her orgasm found her, and screamed clutching him. Her body shook as her cum flowed from her, and she could feel it, hot and slick, coating his cock and herself. Her orgasm triggered his and he followed her over, pouring potent energy directly into her. She felt him spill into her, heard his roar and the power, the energy he put out from his orgasm hit her full force, like a hot wave crashing on the shore. She arched and soaked him in, so much pure and mystical energy, she could taste it, and she knew if Camions felt this she would have a lot of explaining to do. At this moment she didn’t care, the feeding was too pure. She giggled and hiccupped, completely power drunk on her lover, a man she didn’t even know.

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Mar said...

I need this guy *ahem*...this my hands, NOW.

Sparklybearsy said...

LOL! oh hun...yes YOU DO! ive never ever ever liked Dragons UNTIL CHAR!!! i wanted to crawl all over his dragony self LOL.

Stella Price said...


Normally our Char is Dominic Purcell... Such a hottie.

Sparklybearsy said...

We tried to keep the guys pics close to who you based them on =D some i may have deviated...due to extreme droolage LOL

Sarah said...

OK I think I might need to change my contest entry - I NEED to get me some of this guy!!! Loving the dragon :o)

jaymzangel said...

holy hell, with all these hot men around, I don't know how I'd choose just one *ponders* I suppose I wouldn't HAVE to choose just one, would I? *eg*

Minx said...

I know, a hot scene right.... wait til you read it in context, I almost melted!

mk said...

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