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Eververse Men- Meet Andy!

Andy, Andy, Andy... his family found him a little detached to find himself a mate, but oh my does he find one in his story A Gift of Daybreak we also meet Ryan, who I am hoping to hear much more of some day! *wink*

Trust me, Andy is all snake with a little dark side to him, but when you are with him he will romance and seduce you, even when he is weresnakenapped!
Sit back and enjoy!

Giving in to her urgings and deciding to be bold, she pushed off from her seat and stood, her breasts now exposed to the air once more, the water running rivers down them and between. She moved closer, the water thick about her waist and thighs as she tried to sway them. She hoped she didn’t look stupid. Seduction was far from her thing.

When she made it to the wall closest to Andy, he stepped out of his pants, and stood there in front of her, gloriously naked, close enough to touch, to run her hands down his hips, into the darkness that was the shadow that concentrated between his thighs, teasing her. She itched to touch him, to see what was waiting for her, what she swore she would have before the night’s end.

She looked up at him, smiling. “You just going to stand there or join me?” she asked and moved back a few steps. “‘Cause, you standing there is just a big old tease,” she added coyly and licked her lips, her eyes never leaving the shadowy area where his cock was hiding.

“A tease?” His eyes glinted with amusement. “I guess I am.”

“Shouldn’t we be getting to know each other, Andy?” she asked in a singsong voice and pouted. “Your reluctance would say otherwise.”

“Oh, there’s no reluctance on my end, Fay. I’m sure you can see that.” He stepped into the light, his erection standing proud and tall along his taught belly. “No reluctance at all.”

Fajer’s mouth went dry as she blinked at him. Whoa. She might have gotten herself in over her head. Trying to recover from her initial shock, she looked up at him and cocked her head. “Is that for me?”

“It is.” He palmed himself, stroking gently. “If you want.”

At his words, her body clenched in low places, heating her blood deliciously, and her snake took severe notice. She moved forward and licked her lips, rising from the water again and placed her hand over his and took his other to tug him towards the water.

“This is what you’re here for, isn’t it?” She leaned in and kissed him, her lips just touching his, as if to give him the green light.

He took her mouth, kissing her possessively as he moved into the water beside her. His cool hands slipped around her waist pulling her against his hard lean body.
Fajer melted against him as she gave up any thought that he was simply playing the field. No man kissed like this unless they were committed, and she had to believe that. Her hands skimmed his sides then his back, and she all but purred with joy at the feel of him. Hard lines and angles in all the right places, the ridges of his abdomen tickling her own tummy as the sunk further into the swirling water.
He growled into her mouth, her scant touches driving him wild. Suddenly, lifting her in the deep water, he wrapped her legs around him.

She giggled and smiled down at him. “Umm... I do love your arms Andrew.” She nuzzled his throat. “Tell me,” she whispered in his ear, “on this boat of yours, will you make love to me by starlight on the open sea?”

“And daylight,” he kissed the side of her mouth. “And twilight and moonlight and candle light.” He punctuated his words with kisses trailing down her throat. “And in any other type of light you can wish for.”

Fajer gasped with each kiss and wrapped herself tighter around him. His thick cock nestled between their bodies, hugged and caressed by her soft, wet flesh. He throbbed for her. She’d never thought a man would be that crazy for her.

“The night you kissed me,” she moaned and shivered, “I wanted you then.”
“And I you. I had to drag myself away from you. I thought about you all that night and every night after.”

“Yet, you visited me only once.” She chuckled. “Granted, it was interesting. I wouldn’t have thrown you out of my bed, Andy.”

“I know that now.” He kissed her again, this time bending slightly to suck a beading nipple into his scorching-hot mouth.

“I want you Andy…to know you, to have you…please…,” she whimpered and arched under his careful attentions.

“Yes.” He thrust into her, filling her completely, his mouth kissing up to cover hers.

Fajer saw stars at the invasion, his body fitting hers so snugly. She moaned into his mouth, gripping his ass with her hands as he flexed while he moved in her. He felt amazing, with the warm water swirling around them, his body advancing and retreating so perfectly. He made slow love to her, and she couldn’t want anything more. Snakes were known for their wild sexual appetites, but Andy was showing her what could be for a lifetime with him. She could feel the propensity for violence, for the crazy wild sex that Anya talked about, but that would have to be for later. Now, now was about cementing something they had yet to talk about.

He cupped her face with his hand, cradling her to him as he loved her.

Fajer kept her eyes on him the whole time, a smile peeking out from the gasps. He moved them to the low seat and turned to sit, allowing her the dominant position, as befitted a female of their race. She rode him with purpose, gasping as she felt that tight little ball of feeling start to grow. “Andrew,” she moaned and shivered.
“Fajer,” he cried out, grasping her tightly.

She shattered, her body moving on its own, gripping him lovingly, as she panted her joy for him.

He found his own release, spilling into her, his whole body gripping her.

Calm settled over Fajer as she felt her lover’s breathing begin to slow. She looked him in the eyes and grinned then kissed him and leaned in, rubbing her face against his shoulder, licking the newly blossomed sweat from the crook of his neck. “Umm... I needed that.”

“As did I.”

She giggled and sighed. “And here I thought I was going to get ravaged by you.”

“I thought we could save that for later, sometime when we have a more private setting.”

“So you want there to be a next time?” She wiggled on his lap then righted herself, her arms around his neck, the water bubbling around them both.

“More than anything.” He kissed her, lightly brushing their lips together.

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Stella Price said...

Andy is... Andy is so romantic and reserved it was hard to write this book. I like how hes not selfish and how he recognizes that Fajer should have choices...

And I LOVE that Hunter shows up in this one. LOVE me some hunter... holy crap hes a hot one.

Minx said...

He is so romantic, and I loved this scene for that, he was something different in a very harsh world.

As for HUNTER.... and RYAN... RAAAAWR!

Stella Price said...

Ryan and Hunter... Well Hunter is... hes a surprise in a half.

Ryan... Ryan you will see again... and LOVE him for it..

jaymzangel said...

oooo very romantic! sssssexy too ;)

Mar said...

I found my man. Sigh.

Stella Price said...

Mar, LOL! Andy is great!

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