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Eververse Men - The Delicious DRAKE!

Drake Drake MMMM DRAKE!!! If you Gutter Girls haven't read the free ebooks the sisters Price have wrote, then you're missing out on this tall drink of water. You will find all free ebooks on My Blog (right sidebar) But as a lil teaser, here is an excerpt for you to drool over. I  ♥ DRAKE! His book is in the near future, i for one can't wait to get my hands on him..i mean the book =D Enjoy!

Excerpt taken from "In Marrakech" - Stella and Audra Price 

She laughed and kissed him fiercely. " Yeah, and what we could have been, Drake." She finally looked into his eyes, hoping she conveyed what she felt for him, the love, adoration and loyalty she could only give him. "So?"
"So I gather that we have some time to spare."
"I always have time to spare, Picasso. You going to make it count?"
He laughed easily picking her up, pressing her against the wall. "Don’t I always?" She kissed her agreeance into him and moaned as she wrapped her body around his. If this was their last time together, she was indeed going to make it memorable.
He kissed her crushingly tight as he slipped his hand down her body, pinching and teasing her nipples before gliding down to her thighs. She moaned as she nibbled on his neck, her hands deftly unbuttoning his shirt and then working towards his belt buckle and zipper. "Don’t hold back, Picasso,"
she whispered before she bit his earlobe, grabbed his length and squeezed.
He hissed loudly slamming her hard into the wall. "Do I ever?" he asked in her ear, before roughly shoving his pants down and thrusting deep inside of her.

She gasped and arched to take him fully, panting. "Oh god, no, no you don’t."
"No, I didn’t think so," he said as he started to pound her steadily into the wall. She screamed loud, knowing the time dilation was a muffler to the real world, and no one heard her screams but him, and anyway, that’s who they were for, only ever for Drake. She finally got his shirt off and bit his shoulder, reveling in that surging feeling she was getting as he rode her hard. "Baby, oh shit, so good."

He began to pant, sweat starting to bead on his soft hard flesh. "Oh fuck girl, take it all...fuck."
Always, always for you. She growled and threw her head back as she came for him and shuddered. "Drake!" she screamed as she did, her hands roaming his strong back and her legs wrapping tighter around him.

He waited for a second, letting her finish before pulling out and bending her over the bed. He slapped her bare ass lightly eliciting a gasp and a moan, before slinking up behind her and slipping back inside her slick heat. "Oh fuck...Baby, you feel so good." He practically purred. "Fuck, can you feel that? How good this
is..." He slowly started to rotate into her, giving her the full effect of his considerable girth and length, making sure that he hit all of her sweet spots.

She wasn’t sure her knees could take it. She sank a bit from the force of the feeling she was getting; he was indeed giving her everything. Her flesh was so sensitive, his body so deep, she could swear she was feeling him in the back of her throat. “, god yes...Ummm shit so good!" She bit the blankets she
had balled under her arms and stifled a scream as she came once more, her entire body shaking and breaking out with a sheen of sweat.

He pushed her face into the bed, fucking her from a higher angle. "Fuck yeah!"
She moaned and shivered, pushing back into him, keeping her upper body flush with the bed. She whimpered his name and sobbed, all for him. He fucked her harder and faster, gaining speed and depth with every stroke. "Oh god, Drake..."
she sobbed, tears rolling from her eyes to the bedclothes, her body getting thoroughly abused, and she loved it. No one else made her feel so complete, so whole. She was going to miss this. His body knew hers so well, so damn well...

The sound of flesh on flesh echoed in the room. "Fuck me, you’re so tight, Sandy." She moaned, knowing it was just his size that did that, Drake was nothing if not a very impressive guy, in every aspect. She nodded, licking her lips, her head to the side as she panted; her body about to crest again.
"One last big one, Darlin, come on baby...I'm so close..." He lifted her hips, changing his angle again.

She sobbed for him and shuddered as he drove into her and cried out. "God yes!
So close, baby..."
He growled hard, coming violently inside of her, his body temperature dropping to ice as he pumped his cold seed inside of her. She screamed, her body’s release triggered by his. She fell forward just enough for him to collapse on her, his arms wrapping around her. She panted and purred. He knew how to give a great send off. She loved that they were still joined, him still deep inside her. She moved his arm to her mouth and kissed it. "Fantastic, Drake, god so good, I'll miss that."

She didn’t expect an answer, and he held her quietly. Her body had gone through so much just then, it was well and truly exhausted. She felt the dregs of sleep coming on and snuggled to him, as she drifted off. "I love you, Drake," she whispered almost inaudibly, knowing that he did catch it, his body tensing as she
fell into a comatose sleep.

Hot stuff huh? Drake makes me wanna throw myself down and beg for a good...rough...cuddle! HAHA and you thought i was gonna be durty ;)

Stay tuned for more smexy Eververse boys!


SparklyBearsy & Minxy


Minx said...

*throws self on Drake's bed*

Sparklybearsy said...

LOL hussssy!!! and you nearly felled on me Minx *pushes her across the bed*

Anonymous said...

I LOVE DRAKE! and while you girls fight over him ill slide on over and steal him ;) Muahahah

sexy posts Bearsy, you girls did good!

~Jenn Benn

Stella Price said...

I thought we talked about this one ladies...

The line starts behind me, Muahahahah...

Hell I think I have another Drake Excerpt floating about.. I should send it to bear...

Sparklybearsy said...


ok ok i can concede to being SECOND place, but dont wear him out pweaze! =D LOL

I Heart all over Drake, He was the one who got brain shagged the most last night as i prepped posts HAHAH!

Minx said...

OOOOOO More DRAKE??? *pushes to front*

Stella Price said...

LOL Lemme see what I cam find In my bag of drake tricks...

Stella Price said...

OOh what did you think of his little cameo in Kael's book?

Sparklybearsy said...

OOOOH yeah! i thought for a second he was gonna get it on with Alcyone I certainly wasnt cheering for it.. *grins kicking the pom poms away* =D

Stella Price said...

Nah Drake exudes sex... but Al isnt his type... Though he does get it on with Astrid down the line.. HEH.

jaymzangel said...

man, Drake's bed is gonna be CROWDED! ;) save some of him for me, ladies. was hoping we might see the "extra special" Colin pics for this one *evil cackle*

Stella Price said...

AHHAHAAHAH thats just horrible.

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