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Eververse Men - Ben

Do you hunger for a sexy Dom to control your every orgasm, need and want? Then meet Ben! But he isn't your typical tie you to the bed and spank you raw kind of Dom. He's arrogant and a lil selfish but oh so freakin' scrummy...and Ladies you may as well not wear panties around him, 'cus they're gonna end up on the floor in moments!

This excerpt is taken from "Of Crimson and Collars" The American Satyrs Series by Stella and Audra Price.  It was the first of the Eververse world id read (Much thanks go to Smokinhotbooks, i saw her talking of sexy Ben on twitter and HAD to meet him for myself) And from there i've loved each Eververse man. Each one different but all are sexy and makes you want to devour each book.

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Enjoy. Smooch!

Sparklybearsy & Minxy

He felt a familiar presence move past his wards and smiled. Ah yes, a swim would be the perfect distraction for him and the delightful little water Nymph he sensed would make such a distraction all the more worthwhile.

He left the papers unread and unsigned, easing himself out to the pool where he stripped off the few items of clothing he wore. The water was perfect as always as he sank deep into his favourite corner of the pool, letting the warmth lap over his shoulders. The Nymph smiled seductively at him as she dove into the pool and moved up to him from under the water. It wasn’t like him to keep acquaintances other than his human slaves, but she’d insisted, and he’d always enjoyed the underwater play human bodies just weren’t built for.

He closed his eyes, resting his head on the ledge behind him as her cool lips surrounded the tip of his cock. She drew a small groan from him as her tongue ran possessively over his shaft, forcing him further into her mouth. He sighed as she began to suckle lightly on his head as she made her way down. Coming for a swim had been a very good idea.

The Nymph’s mouth surrounded him as she truly set to work on his cock, the sensations thrilling. She excelled at this, and his cock felt quite at home down her throat as she hummed on him. His hands found her hair as it glided in the water, and he threaded his finger through it, pulling it taut in his hands as he guided her further down his shaft. He knew she could take it all, and that she was just playing with him. He wasn’t in the mood for her games, his pleasure being first and foremost on his mind. Her lips kiss his groin, her mouth encircling the root of his shaft. Her bottom lip worked softly on the upper reaches of his sac as she had him swallowed to the hilt.

He slipped her off forcefully, her tight mouth making the most delicious sensation as he did. The motion caused ripples on the surface of the otherwise placid pool. He watched it and grinned as he moved her head below the surface to his sac and felt her mouth surround him, sucking him into her mouth. He hissed as he felt teeth, and he pulled her hair sharply. Her hands, now on his thighs tightened, and he grinned down to the eyes that looked up to him with malice.

His grip loosened as she changed her approach from aggressive to gentle, his sac warm and secure in her mouth as her tongue lazily rolled over him. Normally, he took her any way she was willing, but today, after Kate’s transgressions, he was in no mood to be generous.

Her attentions where he wished then, he left one hand balled in her hair, the other slid to her shoulder to help her stay down. Water Nymphs didn’t really need the help, but she always lost concentration when she serviced him while fully submerged.

She squeezed his thighs, and he let up on her hair. The sensation of her mouth on his sac was starting to numb him, and that was not what he wanted. She let go of him and quickly went back to his cock, her mouth seemingly hungry for it. He chuckled and sighed at the feeling of the fluid heat of her mouth surrounding him once more as she set to work once again, this time with more purpose. He smirked. She knew full well he wouldn’t let her up until he was satisfied with her performance. He groaned and closed his eyes as she showed him yet again why he kept her and her skilled mouth around.

A little twinge at the back of his mind informed him something else was making its way through his cleverly placed wards. The creature wasn’t familiar to him, yet it was deemed sentient enough to warrant a twinge. Normally, he felt a lot more than a twinge when a stranger crossed the lines. He dismissed the feeling quickly as the Nymph brought her hands into the party as she sucked furiously at him. Balling his hand in her hair he pulled hard, causing a squeal that vibrated through his core. He kept her pressed against him though, only wishing to cause her a little pain and not to stop her. He wanted this to last.

There was a small scuffing sound from beside him then the unmistakable sound of someone clearing their throat. Forcing back a sigh, he opened his eyes to address the intruder only to be taken aback by its appearance.

“Well, that’s something you don’t see every day,” he said, mostly to himself since the Nymph was busy, and he wasn’t sure if the small oddly shaped creature in front of him could talk. It was small, about a foot tall, maybe taller since Ben was below it. He supposed it was man shaped, and it wore a pair of glasses that barely fit its humanoid head, the stems hanging awkwardly off its pointy ears.

“Master Esben Chambers?” the imp said quietly and looked down, averting its eyes.

Its voice was rough like tree bark, but the use of Ben’s full name that made him flinch.

“It’s Ben,” he snapped warily. He hated his name, what type of crazy person named their son Esben? Obviously, the type of crazy who abandons said kid into the care of callous relatives. “And what of it?”

The imp bowed and cleared his throat once again, opening a scroll he held in one of his hands. “Master Esben Chambers, your presence and pedigree are summoned to the Solar Convergence summit in New York City in two days time. Confederation leader Milton Bronwich wishes your attendance.”

Ben gritted his teeth at his name again, trying to figure out just what in holy hell this little freak was talking about. Presence and pedigree? Solar convergence summit? Confederation leader? None of it rang any bells. Instead of displacing the Nymph, who was doing lovely work, and throttling the little man, he coolly raised an eyebrow, a skill that had taken him the better part of fifty years to perfect. “Summoned?”

The imp nodded and bowed once more. “All Princes of the confederation are summoned to New York City for the gathering.”

“Uh huh.” He considered pulling up the Nymph to ask her what she knew of this but decided against it. He could ask her later if he had to. Ben hated ignorance, especially his own. He decided to let the Prince comment go. It was true his mother had been the King’s sister and so technically he was a Prince, but why split hairs? He was a Prince no matter where he was, and it didn’t mean shit. If this was really a message for Murphy, he’d scream. No, he severely doubted it was. The thing had his name, his full true name. Nobody but his cousins and the king knew that.

“Exactly what confederation are you talking about? I’m aware of there being quite a few.” He knew no such thing, but it sounded good.

“Why, the only true confederation, Sire. The Satyr confederation. Your presence is requested by the head of Rictus Arcane.”

“Really…and why would that be exactly?” he asked, trying to think on what a Satyr was and why they’d be summoning him. As far as he knew, he hadn’t stepped on anyone’s toes or horns—he could remember something about them having horns. Big ugly nasty things, not anything he’d have anything to do with at all, let alone submit to being in a conference full of the dirty beasts.

“Rictus Arcane is the governing clan of the confederation. As a Prince of the Tempest clan you should know that, Sire.” The imp looked around then back at Ben. “Is there some problem, Sire?”

He frowned at the little imp. “A problem? Yeah, I think there’s a problem.” He roughly pulled the Nymph off him. She was becoming almost as irritating as the messenger in front of him. “First of all, you’re clearly on drugs, and while I suppose I agree with drugs as a whole, I’d rather not have a junked up troll-imp-man break through my wards and fill my extremely busy day with this crap. Clans and Satyrs,” he scoffed. “I have better things to do with my time than discuss the politics of lower beings. Now get the fuck out of my home before I’m forced to squash you with a really large book.”
HEE! i love that Ben just let the Nymph carry on munching down on him on while some dude talked to him.


She supposed this was what it was like for a more human female to be in the presence of even the lowest, feral Satyr. All pets had some Satyr blood in them, but the ones with the least were the ones sent out to the human world. Those like her, who felt the pull of the moons and the night most, had the most Satyr blood a female could have, and they became Princesses. They were truly few and far between and only born to those pairs to mate and conceive during the solar convergence. If things worked well, she would be part of such a pair.

He looked into her eyes, the green in his blazing with their own inner light. “I think we better move to somewhere a little more private. I have no desire to top the previous entertainment.”

His voice caressed her senses like she wanted his hands to do, and she nodded. “Yes, Prince. There’s a private salon to the left if that’s what you desire?”

“It is.” He smirked. “Take me there.”

She nodded and licked her lips, leading the way to an innocuous wood door. She pushed it open, revealing a sumptuous and sprawling room, done in silvers and blues and crimson, lush pillows, large divans and couches placed strategically throughout. “Is this to your liking, Prince Chambers? I’m sure I could find you another place for us to talk.”

He looked over the room appraisingly before nodding and turning back to her. “It will do for our…talk.”

She nodded and stood to the side for a moment then sat on a long dais with her hands folded in her lap and her back straight, watching him with hungry intent. If they were going to mate, she wanted it to be during the convergence in her suite of rooms, but this would do for the preliminary getting to know you session.
He smiled, throwing himself effortlessly down beside her. “So…” He turned to watch her like a cat does a mouse. “You’re a virgin, then?”

She looked him over. “As are all Princesses until this night, Prince.”

He nodded, seemingly accepting of this. “So what else can you do? Your father mentioned you being well schooled in other forms of pleasure?”

“A Princess is bred and taught to serve, Prince. I know many things to keep you occupied and can converse on a great many subjects. I’m proficient in a few art mediums as well as learned in the more notable forms of carnal pleasures from around the world. Humans are very kinky creatures, Prince, and they have some practises that Satyr kind have never used before.”

He smirked at her. “Show me then. Don’t tell me.” He lounged back farther, the picture of comfort. “Show me what you can do then maybe, if you’re good, I’ll return the favour and break you in properly.”

She shuddered, her body waking quickly. She felt her skin tighten and knew it grew brighter, just a little, and her nipples, very visible through the jewels, stiffened. She rubbed her thighs together, feeling the wetness his voice evoked trail from her pussy, and whimpered. “What do you wish, my Prince?”

“For tonight, Princess? Your choice.” He smirked as if the thought amused him greatly. “Seduce me. Prove you’re worth the collar. But only your hands and mouth may touch me. Anything else will be punished.”

She nodded and smiled, going to her knees on the dais and crawling over to him. She kissed him, slow and lingering, her hands on his chest, touching the muscled planes of his stomach. A soft groan escaped her lips. Her left hand found its way to his groin and palmed him through his slacks, squeezing and weighing him through the cloth. She wanted what was there for her. The merest touch of that cock sent shivers down her body to pool in her core. She would have this Prince for her own, be his to tease and torment for all time.

He kissed her back, making no move one way or another, letting her take full control. She could feel his need for her, but he held himself back with what was an extraordinary amount of self-control. It was obvious that he wanted her. Her body must surely call to him as his did to her.
She broke the kiss and smiled at him, heavy lidded. “You naked is going to be a real treat, Prince,” she said, and she slipped off the dais and onto the floor between his legs and breathed hot breath through his pants right onto his straining cock. She nuzzled him through his pants and looked up at him for permission. She wasn’t going for such a revered piece of him if he didn’t wish it.

“It is. If you’re lucky, you might find out.” He nodded down at her, the heat in his eyes making her swallow hard.

She nuzzled his groin again and reared up, grasping the button of his pants with her teeth and pulling it free, spitting the button across the room. If this was an audition, she would make damn sure she passed. She bit down on the zipper and pulled it down slowly nuzzling the newly exposed skin. He smelled good. Of dark nights and passion, of kudzu and some exotic fruit. She had exposed his luminescent skin to her gaze. Short crisp hairs trailed from his bellybutton, moving her to a thicker patch, just as dark, partially covered by the erection braced strong and proud where the zipper had been opened. He was beautiful even here, especially here. Letting go of the zipper, she kissed then licked his exposed underside and moaned.

He groaned in pleasure, his hands clasped firmly at his side. “Mmm…that’s the idea, pet,” he told her, his breath a little shaky. “Keep going like that, and I’ll be buried deep inside you in no time at all.”

He was encouraging. She grew bolder, moving to his tip and slipping her mouth down his length. Going slowly, she relaxed her jaw and deep throated him, her first time ever. She moaned in the back of her throat, sending small vibrations down his engorged cock.

Gasping, he sat with his head back, closing his eyes to enjoy himself. “I’m impressed you got it all in,” he drawled. “Now, be a good girl and prove you can make me come. I want to see you hold it in your mouth before you swallow it. Don’t spill any, or I won’t be pleased.”

She moaned and squeezed his thighs, her mouth working him at a tight, moderate pace. She took him in as far as she could then reared up, using a little bit of teeth to rake his underside, nip at his tip, then she sink down again, each time moaning as she did. He was delicious and sexy and, gods, did her body tremble for him to touch her. Her pussy clenched begging silently as it wept for him. She worked him longer, feeling his balls tighten, and she moaned again, knowing she was indeed close to her goal.

“Mmm… That’s it. Remember what I said.” He bucked his body deep into her mouth as he came, spurting his salty, hot seed into her moist cavern.

She sobbed, glorying in the feel of him and the feel of a job well done on her part. She would be rewarded, she knew, in the most splendid ways. She felt him subside and pulled off him, her tongue rolling in his essence. He tasted so good, so rich and sinful, she was shaking with anticipation.

“Good girl.” He panted after a few moments. “Now, open up and let me see.”

She did, slowly so as not to spill a drop as he’d instructed, her body a tight cord.

He nodded approvingly, clearly pleased with her work. “Good girl. You’ve done well. I’m rather pleased by your attempts. Now, you may swallow.”

She did, and she knew she had a look of pure rapture on her face. She closed her eyes and licked her lips then looked up at him and smiled.

“Now how was that?” he asked her, lying as far back on the couch as he could.

“You’re delicious, Prince.” She giggled and stayed on her knees, waiting for his instruction once again.

He nodded. “Good, I’d hate to disappoint.” He looked around the room. “Now that I’m taken care of, why don’t we move to somewhere more suitable for us both? I assume you have a room?”

She nodded. “My suite is down the corridor. Should that please you?”

“I think it might, although there’s only one way to find out.” He leant forward, his face only inches from hers. His strong hands snaked around her back and pulled her closer to him as his lips pressed against hers and he thrust his tongue into her mouth.

She moaned and moulded to him, her body going soft and yielding.

He gripped her tightly his hands, clasping at her flesh as he pulled back and dipped his head down to take a nipple into his mouth, lavishing attention on it.

She gasped and writhed in his hands, managing to breathe out a few words. “Prince, please, my room is but steps away.” Her body begged anew, the Satyr before her making it harder for her to think.
Ignoring her, he pulled off with a pop and moved onto the second one, rolling it with his tongue and suckling hard on it.

“Goddess! Prince Chambers…please…please? I wish to see the sky while you take me,” she said in a pitiful hope that she would get him to the room quickly. She felt his power rising as it prickled across her skin. As was his right, he would take her soon, would mark her and bleed her and fuck her until she passed out. She wanted it, but they needed to be in the bedroom.

He pulled back chuckling. “You’ll take whatever I wish, pet. Any more of your demands, and I’ll leave you here by yourself. Or maybe out there with the other males. Yes, this is no place to take you, but I bide my own time, pet.”

She looked at him through heavy lids and nodded slowly, her body waking more and more to his touch. She loved the feel of his mouth claiming her, loved the feel of his hands on her partially exposed skin. The jewels that surrounded her like a glittering cloud hung askew, the Prince eager to get at her body.

He moved back to her breasts, rolling her hard nipples with his teeth and expertly nipping them. Once he was satisfied, he pulled back. “Now, take me to your room, pet.”

She could barely stand let alone walk. Her body was on edge, and she shook from the desire she felt. She nodded and moved, shakily, towards the door. Every step was a sweet torture, her clit throbbing in time with her breaths. He turned her on and then some, stirring the pot so to speak and making her yearn.


Isn't he a Knee trembler, Girlies? RAWR! This is a must read book for all lovers of smut out there. Seriously! Give me a Satyr and gimme him NOW! 


Stella Price said...

LOL I love that you love naughty ben so much... Hes, well hes just hot plain and simple.

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I almost run for my own collar and leash when i see him LOL He is a naughty one. I love that about him =D

Minx said...

I want a satyr too! Oh yes.... and when I am in the shops and people call me 'pet' (which is a term on endearment here as Bearsy will attest to) it takes on a whole new level... if only one was a sexy man!

Oh Ben... he is so HOT!

Stella Price said...

AHAHAHAHAH I totally agree hun LOL.
Minxy theres a bunch of hottie satyrs... Harley, Corbin, Alexander, Iago, Sebastian....

Sparklybearsy said...

LOL haha Minxy, yes it does...they say pet and i wanna bare my neck for the collar...OOPS!

Round them up Stella, Minx and i will be by later to pick them up =D

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omg Ben is HOT! I've read him already and love him! I'm just itching for Harley to be available... :D

Stella Price said...

Im itching to get him to you guys! Im just hoping we do soon. its been a pain to finish with her preggers and having other commitments...

Sagi said...

YES!!! Ben is amazing!! I Love Ben he is sweet :P

*whispers* don't tell anyone but i have Ben in bed with me *squirms* ttyl ladies :P

Minx said...

I am suge he is helping you study Sagi!

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oooooooo Ian Somerhalder as Ben, RAWRRRRRRRRRRRR! Ben is a bad, bad boy...& I like it! =D

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LOL another long line for the man. damn i always arrive late!

Ben was my first eververse, i wouldnt mind mind having a tangle with that sexy Dom, wonder if he'd be my chew toy for an hour AHAHAHA!

and hella KUDOS for ian somerhalder holy shit sex exudes from him!

~Jenn Benn

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