Saturday, 6 February 2010

Eververse Men - ARCADY

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Arcady is someone you will just drop your panties for Ladies, He is walking, breathing sex on legs - What's not to like about a sexy Incubus Psychic ? Sit back and enjoy an  excerpt or 2 from Sugar and Sin 

The room Arcady walked into was dim with candlelight. He looked around the room, taking in its contents. A large bed was in the center, draped in tons of black silk. A wide, overstuffed chair, also in black, was to the left of the silk-draped bed. Mirrors lined all but one wall. Yes, he thought, Alcyone followed my instructions to a T. I’ll have to thank her later.

He turned his attention to the wall with no mirrors, to Ashlyn. Her arms were bound over her head, wrists tied together with black silk, and attached to a silver hook above her head. She was blindfolded, exactly like she’d wanted. If nothing else, Arcady was a man who gave a woman her deepest fantasy.

Silently, he crossed the room to Ash, who was shaking with anticipation. Arcady could hear her thoughts, and not one of them held a note of fear. She was enjoying this; the helplessness, the limited senses, and the uncertainty of when he would show up, all sent her body on edge.

It’s a shame I only get to see her like this once. Feyd really is a lucky man. She’s so receptive, and I haven’t even touched her yet. He put a hand out and traced her naked body with a fingertip.

She shivered. “Arcady?” she whispered the question. When no answer came, she asked again. Ash had told him her fantasy was to be fucked raw by a stranger, her choices taken from her, her will dominated. Arcady planned to give her her heart’s desire, but since he only had a limited amount of time with her, he was gonna give her everything he had.

He positioned himself in front of her and slid his pants down his hips slowly, sending a mental picture to her via telepathy, starting at his chest and sliding down. He stopped just before his groin, and Ash squirmed and moaned, upset that the thought cut off. It was his way of teasing, not letting her know exactly what he had for her.

She was shaking with need now, and he knew just by the way she was moving that she was wet and ready for him. He bent down and grabbed her by the backs of her thighs and slowly spread her legs so that he could fit between them. She was wet, sopping, he could see. She practically dripped for him.

He hooked her legs around his hips as he teased her swollen slit with the tip of his rock-hard cock. She sobbed, her arms still suspended over her head.

In one swift motion, Arcady detached her wrists, still bound together, from the silver ring. He slipped her arms around his neck and slid himself to the hilt inside her, which was no small feat. She moaned as he slowly slid out, wiggling her hips to capture his length once more. He pushed her completely up against the wall and slid back inside her. They moaned in unison.
Against the wall, he started to fuck her hard. Her body grappled to his, pressed hard against him. She was light, and holding her up was easy. She sobbed as his hips hit a rhythm she loved, hard and driving. She was close; he could feel it. He quickened his thrusts, her body welcoming him with every thrust.

“Arcady, shit. Oh, my God!” She came with a long moan. He tore off the blindfold, and she saw him watching her. “Um…um…oh…That was amazing. Thank you.”
“Don’t thank me yet, sweetness; I still have plans for you.”


He couldn’t get enough of Ashlyn. He was sitting in the overstuffed chair with Ashlyn riding his cock, her back to his chest. As she slid mercilessly up and down his hard shaft, his hands were busy of their own accord.

One was kneading her left breast, teasing her nipple tighter and tighter. The other hand was busy, tucked inside her secrets. Her own hands were supporting her bouncing frame, planted on the arms of the chair.

This little demon is riding me into oblivion, he thought as she quickened her pace, evidence that she was very close. He moved his mouth closer to her ear, a thing he had been doing from time to time in the past hour of their playtime, urging her on with murmurs of encouragement and dirty talk. She was so close. She only needed a bit of encouragement, the right encouragement.

“That’s it, sweetness, take it all. Harder, baby, I can take it. That’s right; get your fill, Ash. You’re mine after this.”
At those words, Ash came once again, shaking and sobbing, all the while Arcady still working on her flesh. She came again seconds later, under Arcady’s ministrations, grasping Arcady’s exposed thigh, humming and licking her lips. She lay back against him, panting.
“Satisfied, sweetness?”

Ash turned her head and softly kissed his lips. “Hardly. I haven’t done a thing for you, killer.”
“On the contrary, you have provided me with much delight. Seeing you come is a heady thing.”
Ash kissed him again and laughed. “I’m sure, but I really wanna make you feel good.” She wiggled her hips on his still-hard cock, and he groaned. She squeezed him while he was inside her wetness, and he moaned into her ear.

Taking his hands up, he grabbed her by the waist and slowly slid her off his body, regretting the loss of her heat. He turned her around, and she slid her legs around his waist. His hard cock nestled in her heat, teasing the area he had so recently been buried in.

She wrapped herself around him, enjoying the friction of his hard, taut body on her soft one. She kissed him then, the first real kiss between them. Jesus, he thought. She’s delicious. So damn hot, too.

He stood as they kissed, once again holding her with little effort. She broke the kiss and smiled at him. His heart jumped. It was the smile of a very happy woman.
“Mmm, Arcady. I like kissing you.”
“Feeling’s mutual, sweetness. But I think you’ll enjoy what I have planned for your mouth next a little bit more.”
She nuzzled his neck. “Hmm? What’s that?”
He sent an image into her head of her moaning and biting a pillow. Ashlyn purred into his ear. “And just how are you gonna accomplish that?”

He knelt on the bed. She released him and slipped to the cool silk. He moved back, admiring her body framed by all the black bedclothes. She truly was gorgeous. She watched him, eyeing him quizzically. “Hmm?”

He moved closer to her and lightly kissed her lips. “I’ll show you, Ash. You’ll be screaming my name in moments.” Arcady kissed down Ashlyn’s body slowly, savoring her salty sweetness with every kiss.

Her back arched as he kissed down her chest, his hands slowly trailing after his mouth. He knew she was enjoying the attention to her hypersensitive skin. He licked and nibbled at her belly, his hands now at the junction of her thighs. His mouth followed suit. The second he tasted her charms she came, moaning and clutching at his hair, grinding his face into her wetness.

That’s it, baby; he sent the thoughts to her. You taste amazing, Ash. You like that? Like my tongue sliding in and out of you? I like it, Ash. Come again, so I can taste you once more before I fuck you.

She moaned and gasped. “Arc…ady! Shit, how did you do that? Baby, please… Please, oh, please…”

A second later he got his wish, and she shivered as he lapped her up with slow, long trails of his tongue, from her slick wet opening to her clit. She sobbed his name as he turned her over and slid her half off the bed, her knees now pressing on the lush, black carpet. She turned her head to give him a look but shuddered and closed her eyes as he positioned himself behind her and drove himself into her.
“Yes, Arcady. Fuck, yeah,” she moaned as he worked her, pistoning in and out of her slick slit. He held her hips still as she tried to wiggle on him. He had plans for her.
“Ash, look at the mirror. Watch while I take you, angel.”
She looked up at the mirror, at the gorgeous man behind her pushing her toward oblivion. She watched him watch her, and as their eyes met, he winked at her. He swiveled his hips as he was working her, creating a sensation so profound Ash did indeed moan and bite down on the pillow in front of her as the force of her orgasm shook her entire body.

Arcady felt her body twitching as was always the case when he turned on his signature move. Her body tightened as he brought her, as she milked his body still working inside her. At last, he lost himself.
“Oh, my…Ashlyn…ugh…umm, Ash! Mmm.”
She smiled as he collapsed on her back, kissing it.

A while later, when they both learned to breathe again, he pulled out and turned her on her back, cuddling her tummy and touching her. Her hands found his hair, and she absently ran her fingers through it. “That was so—” she said, but he shushed her.
He crawled up her body and kissed her then smiled. “Shame I have to give you back to Feyd, sweetness. You were amazing.”
“You’re not half-bad yourself, Morrison.” She kissed him hard, a goodbye kiss. “Arcady, you did succeed.”
He looked up at her, a question in his eyes.
“You wore me out, killer. I need sleep.”
He kissed her once more. “Sleep, sweetness. When you wake, you’ll be home,” he whispered softly. “With Feyd, where you belong.”
He got up and sighed as she drifted off to sleep. In all the time they had been locked in that room, not once had he fed off her, a thing he had never done for anyone, not even Astrid.


Stay tuned for more sexy fun with those Eververse boys!


Sparklybearsy & Minxy


Stella Price said...

Ooh my ooey gooey yummy incubus boy. I love his name and I love his wild ways... but I also love how hes looking for love, a timeless love. Just wait till you read his book (Silk and Steel, out now), you will be so in love with him...

Stella Price said...

Oh and BTW... perfect nummy guy for Arcady, I would do him in a heartbeat.

Andrea I said...

That is one HOT man!! I'd like him to be mine.

Sparklybearsy said...

HAHA i had SUCH fun looking for eververse men pics...TOO MUCH fun! He was one of my faves after BEN (Ian Somerhalder...RAWR!! )

@Andrea thanks for stopping by! im sure Arcady wouldnt mind you having him ;)

Sarah said...

How have I never heard of the Everyverse boyse before?????? I'm off to Amazon as I need to get some more of Arcady :o)

Minx said...

I have Arcdy on my to do list, I also have his book on my tbr list!

*big grin*

jaymzangel said...

oh baby, I want a piece of Arcady! love the name & those pics are gorgeous, bear. he's going on the list ;)

Sparklybearsy said...

Isnt he just freakin' sex on legs??!?!?! makes a girl pant!

I dont know bout you girlies but im packing a bag and moving to the Eververse!

Anonymous said...

well fuck, a long line for Arcady, i hate to wait! LOL

that is some serious hot stuff! i think its in my top 3 favourite posts so far!

@Jenn Benn

Mar said... And that name is fing sexy as hell.

mk said...

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