Sunday, 7 February 2010

Eververse Men - Another slice of ARCADY!


You're Going to LOVE this fellow Gutter Girls - we have an EXCLUSIVE Arcady Excerpt for our last Eververse post of the day and it is freakin' smokin hot! Thank you to Stella and Audra Price for giving permission for us to use. Im so panting for the Incubus Arcady, he's definitely a keeper!



Sparklybearsy & Minxy.

Ok so back in the Day, Arcady had some issues getting a full feed in LA, apparently the women there are 90% frigid and 10% wildcats. It wsnt a good thing for an Incubus. So this is a little snippet of something he did to get a really positive feed...


Arcady walked out the hotel room quickly and quietly, the girl he had been entertaining well and passed out in the bed where he left her. He checked his watch and sighed. Have I really been here for twelve hours? Fuck this is just too much. He had picked the chit up at Haven, a popular spot for the young, decadent and trendy crowd of Los Angeles.

Their marathon sex session left him wanting, as the chit was nowhere near capable of giving a full feed, not with the way she held back. She was like all the rest, looking for the big fish, the guy that looked like he had money and did. A guy that could buy them everything, take care of them indefinitely, as if a man like that would be trolling for a woman at a nightclub. Few of that ilk ever slummed it up, and the fact that these girls all had the pretty woman syndrome going on didn’t escape him.

Not that it mattered to him. He was everything they wanted, and more… they didn’t call him Mr. Fantasy for nothing. The problem was, it was give and take. As an incubus, well he needed to feed, and when a woman held back like that…

Not that he didn’t rock her world. She went from frigid to cold in about 6 hours, but that paltry amount of energy wasn’t enough to sustain him the amount of time it took to get it. Fucking hell, this really isn’t worth it.

Sexual energy kept him going, kept his demon side sated and kept him young. It wasn’t such a bad trade off, being an incubus did have its advantages, and he didn’t have to sniff after people for their souls like the other demon races did, not to mention fucking wasn’t a hardship.

Women flocked to him, and he always had his pick of the crop so to speak, most of them fawning over his body, and charm and the “air of danger” that seemed to surround him. The chit he just left was no different, attracted to him and putting herself out there, but this time, as so many times before, he chose wrong. She was a promise of hot sweaty sex and a full feed as they made out in the club, but he got her back to the hotel room and naked, and the cold fish act set in. Some women were like that, and you could never tell these days who was looking for a keeper and who was the real McCoy.

Thoroughly disgusted with himself, he entered the elevator and shook his head. Check the messages, get a shower and grab a couple hours sleep. There better be a full feed waiting for me tonight, she was fucking hot, but that’s the last time I let my eyes pick for me... He always had a choice; use his demon senses or his human ones. Every time he used his human ones he came up short, but using the Incubus senses, ones that he could almost see the sex wafting off the girls aura, was an energy drain and gave him a monster headache, and that was when he was well fed and sated. He was not looking forward to doing anything like that on an “empty stomach” so to speak.

He made it to his car and out of the Plaza parking lot minutes later, roaring through the afternoon streets towards his parents’ house, the only place he stayed when he was in town.

Arcady showed up to his parents’ estate in Bel Air to a ton of cars in the driveway. He smirked and shook his head. Mom must be shooting today. He thought as he closed the door to his Mercedes and walked into the large double doors to complete pandemonium. His father was standing against a side wall talking to a production assistant while his mother was sitting in her chair getting new make up applied. The production assistant, a profession he deduced only because she was fresh faced and still had her clothes on and not a robe was cute, and his instincts screamed at him to show her up to his room and show her what it was to be in show business.

Not that he was into the porno scene, but growing in the industry, as his mom was one of the premier starlets taught him a thing or two about “breaking into the business.” His father was a director/producer and his mom, well she was the talent. Most people didn’t think this was the way for two children to grow up, but most people didn’t have an incubus for a father.

It was his dad’s way of being responsible, and as both his children followed in his footsteps, one an incubus and one a succubus, well sex was going to be a way of life. Making money off it just was a bonus.

Arcady had first realized what his parents did for a living when he and his twin sister Electra were sixteen. Before that, they thought Pete and Mandy were in movies, Pete as a producer and Mandy as a make up girl. It was the easiest way to shelter the kids, but they never hid the fact that they were incubus from them. For that, Arcady was grateful, though Electra came into her nature much earlier then Arcady, hence when they found out what mom and did for a living. It wasn’t perfect, and as Electra hit the demonic version of puberty, left him for a summer, came back a bombshell, Arcady was still the nerdy guy for another year.

Not that it mattered to him in the least. His life till he was seventeen was filled with math, numbers and school. When he did finally get the urge, he was sent to the succubus courts for training, and left a scant one hundred and thirty pounds, shy and awkward, and came back how he was now, perfect body, confident and sexy. He graduated from Beverly Hills High with honors and not a night alone.

Pete saw him come in and smiled motioning him over and Arcady went, his sights on the petite chit standing in front of his father. She was cute, from behind, a heart shaped ass in her black slacks, her tiny feet in clunky heels. People didn’t know that the Morrison’s were demons, let alone incubus royalty, so their handsome and very available son was always a constant topic. Arcady saw his father speaking to the chit and she smiled and blushed and he could only guess that his father was laying the groundwork for him, and that meant that the older and much more powerful incubus could tell that he was all but drained. Arcady longed for the day when he could feed from a distance like his father, and uncles.

“Arcady. Naomi this is my son Arcady.” His father looked at him and winked. Yeah, the old codger was setting him up, and he would have to thank him later if it panned out.

He smiled and shook her hand. Face to face she was every guy’s fantasy of the girl next door. Chestnut hair, big green eyes, a smattering of freckles across her nose and full lips made for sucking cock. Girls like this were what letters to penthouse were made of. Their unspoken wild natures hidden behind a veil of innocence…His mouth nearly watered to see if his assumptions were correct.

“Naomi? You know that is I moan backwards?” he asked a glint of mischief in his eye. The girl cocked her head and though a moment and then blushed.

“I guess it does.”

“So do you?” he asked his father moving off towards another one of his staff. He saw the living room set up and two other starlets, Jessica Frost and Maya Pierce standing in there with champagne in robes. Seemed his mom was doing a girl-girl movie. He smirked and shook his head and put his attention to the chit in front of him. He closed off his human self and let his demon side awaken, and he could feel and see the lust coming off the luscious little creature.

“Do I?” she asked, getting more confused by the moment.

He smiled. “Do you moan? You know, like your name says?”

She blushed and he took it as a yes, knew she would be a screamer more then a moaner just from her energies she was giving off. He looked over at his father who was standing a few feet from them, his eyes closed and sighing. He felt the energy and he opened his eyes and nodded to Arcady. That was all he needed.

“So? Do I get to find out? First hand?” He smiled and licked his lips, looking her up and down. Normally it wouldn’t be this easy, but the girl worked for a porn company. She was probably used to getting propositioned, though his father never did that with his employees, but desperate times called for desperate measures.

The girl swallowed and blushed harder, licking her lips. “Where?”

He smiled to himself. She didn’t question it, or get horrified at his forward behavior, she simply accepted it, and was eager. He grinned at her and snaked his arm around her back. “Did my parents give you a tour of the house?”

Getting the girl upstairs wasn’t hard, Arcady sent his father a mental message that he didn’t want to be disturbed, and that Naomi was going to be indisposed for the rest of the shooting day.

So now you can just ensconce my onsite assistants when you need a top up?

More then a top up Pop, that last one didn’t give off enough to satisfy the damn imps in the courts.

What have I told you Kid; it’s always the quiet ones. You’ll see. Enjoy her.

Damn right I will.

He mentally heard his father laugh and put his attention to the girl who was looking around his bedroom with calculated awe. She looked around, taking it all in, her eyes stopping on the king sized bed. He watched her tongue dart out and lick her lips and he moved up behind her, wrapping his arms around her, wasting no time. “So about that moaning.”

She giggled and turned kissing him and then looking at him. “I’m not in the habit of just sleeping with every hot guy I meet Arcady.” She said his name like it was a very naughty word indeed.

Arcady smirked and bent, kissing her soundly, her body fitting perfectly against his. “Naomi? You know I haven’t shown you the bathroom yet…” he turned her in his arms and walked them both over to the dark side door, the lights going on as he walked into the room. The black and silver veined marble, cut from the Afterverse quarry on the Incubus lands, shone brightly in the soft lights. The marble was the countertops and the floor, along with the large bathtub and shower stall that was their destination.

He let her go and she walked around, looking. “The marble is so pretty, unique. Leave it to Peter to have something like this in his house.” She said absently. Arcady watched her and shook his head.

“Yeah, Pete does have taste.”

“That tub is a veritable playground.”

“And that’s also true, though I think it will be our second stop today, maybe third.”

She looked at him and smiled, backing up to the wall. “Really, Arcady?”

“Well it all depends on you.” He went to her and kissed her again, his hands taking liberties he knew she wanted. He slipped his hands under her shirt and fingered the waistband of her slacks. “I think you need to get out of these clothes love.” He winked and she nodded, helping him out of his own as well. They were naked in seconds and as she oggled him, he turned and went to the shower stall turning on the water, the seven showerheads bursting to life. He stepped in and crooked his finger at her. Naomi giggled and came quickly, soaking under the spray of the hot water just as Arcady was soaping up.

They showered, touching and teasing, Arcady intent on milking every ounce of essence out of her when the time came. She was already hot, what person wasn’t on a porno set? Taking her to her limit was what it was all about, getting her body to that point of pure release, that was the only thing that would satisfy his gnawing hunger. With Naomi against the wall, her energy mounting, her little pants and cries fueling him as he teased her skin; he knew she was close to being ripe, ripe and ready for a full essence session.

He kissed her, lifting her from the floor as she wrapped her body around his, and he entered her, her gasp and purr as he did his reward. “Such a naughty girl Naomi… now how about that moaning….”

He worked her expertly, driving her just to the brink, nibbling on her neck and shoulders, her body thrumming with energy. She sobbed for him, arched and shuddered for him, finally moaning his name as she came for him, and he growled at her release, the pure joyous energy she expelled. His body drank her essence, took what she offered him for his attentions and he reveled in it. It was heady, and his conscious swam with it. Were he any less of an Incubus he would have lost his footing, dropped them both to the tile floor, but Arcady was the best pupil to come out of the succubus courts training since his father, and no matter how famished he was, he wasn’t going to disgrace himself. He was a royal incubus and he was going to act like one.

Naomi moaned again as he brought her a second time. Revitalized, his body pushing itself to the limits and back to its normal glory, he was unrelenting, taking her to new heights. No, now he could show her the good time her body was screaming for, up till this point it was all ‘textbook’.

“Now that’s a good girl, tell me, love, what’s your fantasy…”


And here endeth our Saturday Eververse Extravaganza! Thank you all for hanging out with us and getting to know the sexy boys of the Eververse. And a big big BIG thanks to Stella and Audra Price for letting us play with the boys. I dont know about you but this Gutter Girl has had FUN ;)

Stay Naughty!


Stella Price said...

Thank you all SO much for hanging out and for playing with our guys. I had a blast all day and Its good to see that the guys both aud and I adore are loved by others. Nothing in this world is better then sharing these guys with you all.

For more fun, join our forum, and keep the wild alive. the guys some up on occasion and make craziness as only they can.

Thanks again to Bear and minxy, you guys always rock and we love you to its and bits and screams.



Mar said...
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Mar said...

*sigh* What a day. ; )

jaymzangel said...

mmmmmmmmm Arcady may be my new favorite. shhhh! no one tell Marsh

Minx said...

I want Arcady! I'll be in my room waiting, please send him over!

I have had fun too, being a gutter Girl is a grand life!

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