Saturday, 13 February 2010

Dragon Fight Night!

"Evening ladies, I hope you all has a sexy little week, but thank crunchie it is Friday, speaking of crunchies I must add some to my grocery list and some smarties and oooo whipped cream! Sorry, was getting carried away there, but our fight night tonight is something worth getting carried away for! It is a Dragon Grudge Match! Well ok they are friends but after living together for centuries possibly a millenia they must have some niggles about who squeezes the tooth paste from the middle! Innn the red corner the firey, sultry and sexy Char! Oooo we have banners tonight wave your banners in the air ladies, no Bear I said banners not knickers! Innnn the blue corner we have the smooth, sensual and also sexy Kael! Yay we have an I love seamonkeys too banner! Wave those banners ladies, BANNERS Bear, BANNERS! Don't worry boys, I have a contigency plan, a vibrating chair, we just need to turn it on. Jaymzangel do you have the remote? See she is happy now, and remember ladies if anyone would like a vibrating chair just mention it to out doorman Rio on your way in, he would love to oblige you!

"Now Dragons, you will see you are dressed in loincloths and you are fighting, or rather wresling in mud tonight, this is special mud, provided by an earth dragon! So in you get and after 3 fight, remember we want to see lots of pounding, rubbing, rolling and straddling. Don't look at me like that, get in their and fight... 1...2....3.... FIGHT!

"And Char is off launching himself at Kael with brute force, I guess it is his firey nature but Kael is taking it all in his stride, he must have seen this move before because he shimmies out of the way, yes I said shimmied! Char seems enraged but this just seems in some way to amuse Kael, wow he really has chilled, get it, chilled hehe have you met his mate yet? Kael seems to think this is all amusing. Get on with it both of you, or I will release the Bear!

"Char is charing and slips, no sorry he was tripped, who poked that pole through the bars! He is up again and pulling Kael down with him, and he is not happy, punches are being thrown, now this is more like it, it is turning into a bar-room brawl! Half naked men in mud, mmmmm the only thing that could beat it is naked men, now Stella left me this wand, I wonder... if I wish really hard and wave the wand.... IT WORKED! No more loin cloths! Sagi grab the camera and take photos!

"The ladies are chanting fight, we have red banners being waved, we have seamonkey banners being waved, Bear is waving happily, and Jaymzangel is eyeing up Char, I think she is the owner of the big stick! What was that? Oh Char and Kael have big sticks, yes they do ladies this is true! They are rolling and pounding each other, Char has brute strength going for him, but Kael is crafty, what was that Jaymzangel? You have a candle in your room, that's nice. Char is on top, ow that must have hurt, Kael appears to be handy with knees, he is out from under Char and.... Kael what are you doing? He is opening that gate and letting Jaymzangel in who is dragon-napping Char! They have disappeared, no doubt to the candle in her room!

"Yes Kael brains have won over brute force, so yes you are the winner, ummm I have a fresh water pool near my room, I'll help you get cleaned up! Night ladies, see you next week! Minx out!"


Sparklybearsy said...

LOL! woot woot for an awesome fight night, ahhhh i do love those dragons...but my chair distracted me from most of the fight *blushy grins*

Well done Minxy pooh! MWAH!!!

Sagi said...

Minx u make these fights so HOT i need to wear sunglasses lol

I took some really HOT pics during this fight *browsing pics* oh wow nice abs and ok im going to have so much fun tonight lol

Stella Price said...

Char is screaming rematch.. LOL....

Minx said...

Too funny! Although I believe he was nursed back to health... =D

Sparklybearsy said...

Po po Char, we must loves up on him! :D

jaymzangel said...

hehe, candleS! many candles!! black ones snatched from V's penthouse *DROOL*

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