Thursday, 14 January 2010

Zsadist's Tantalizing Teaser

Hello Gutter Girls, it's thursday again, time for some delicious sexy scene from a favourite book, Sorry it's late, my killer headache i've had all day is to blame...but here it is, a little bit of Zsadist and Bella from Lover Awakened - J R Ward. It's the first time they're are together, and while its not the durtiest thing we've read, it pulls at my heart strings, Z is so scarred from his past, he doesnt think he should be touching something so precious as Bella...

This is him, giving her a yummy happy...ENJOY!


SparklyBearsy xox

"Christ" he murmured moving to her other breast "i had no idea it would be like this"

"" Oh God....His Mouth..
"I could tongue you forever"
She grasped his head with her hands, pulling him closer. And it took some wriggling, but she mananged to split her legs and get one out from under him so that he was almost lying in the cradle of her body. She was dying to feel his arousal, except he just hovered over her.
When he pulled back she protested, but then his hands went to the insides of her thighs, and he moved down her body.
As he spread her legs, the mattress began to quiver underneath her.
Zsadists whole body shook as he looked at her "You're so delicate....and you glisten"
The first stroke of his finger down her core nearly threw her over the edge. As she let out a hoarse sound, his eyes flashed to hers and he cursed. "Goddamn it, i don't know what im doing, im trying to be careful --"
She grabbed his hand before he could take it away. "More..."
He looked doubtful for a moment. Then he touched her again. "You're perfect. And God, you're soft. Ive got to know..."
He leaned down, his shoulders bunching up hard. She felt a velvet brush.
His lips.
This time when she jacked up off the bed and said his name, he just pressed another kiss to her again, and then there was the wet stroke of his tongue. As he lifted his head and swallowed, the growl of ecstasy he made stopped her heart in her chest. Their eyes met.
"'re delicious", he said, going back down with his mouth.
He stretched out on the bed, looping his arms under her knees and overflowing the space between her thighs....a male who wasn't going anywhere for a long while. His breath was hot and needy, his mouth hungry and desperate. He explored her with an erotic compulsion, licking and probing with his tongue, sucking with his lips.
When her hips bucked, one of his arms moved across her stomach, holding her in place. She lurched again and he paused without lifting his head.
"Are you ok?" he asked, raspy voice muffled, words vibrating into her core.
"Please..." It was the only thing that came to mind.
He pulled back a little, and all she could do was look at his glossy lips and think of where they had been.
"Bella, i dont think i can stop. There's this....roar in my head telling me to keep my mouth on you. How can i make this ok for you?"
"Make me...Finish me" she said hoarsely.
He blinked as if she'd surprised him. "How do i make you come?"
"Just keep doing what you're doing. Only faster"
He was a quick study as he figured out what made her go wild, and he was ruthless once he discovered how to give her an orgasm. He drove her hard, watching her as she shattered apart once, twice....many times. It was as if he fed from her pleasure and was insatiable.
When he finally lifted his head she was limp.
He looked at her gravely. "Thank you"
" the one who should be saying that"
He shook his head "You let an animal into the most beautiful part of you. Im the one with the gratitude"
He pushed away from her body, that flush of arousal still in his cheeks. That erection still straining.
She held her arms out to him. "Wher are you going? We're not done"


jaymzangel said...

oh Z *swoony sigh* his book just killed me. he & Bella's love story is so touching....and HOT <3

Sparklybearsy said...

much HAWT, his vulnerabilty just makes him sexier if thats possible.

Anna ♥ said...

YES! Z! He's my fave BDB book. I re-read his book all the time. His story was just, ahh, awesomeness on a whole new level. :D

Minx said...

I love this book... sooooooooooo..... much! And yes you are right it is their love story and his vunerability which make the book so poingant and HAWT!

Sarah said...

I LOVE Z!!! He is soooooooo hot & his past breaks your heart

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