Saturday, 23 January 2010

TONIGHT IS FIGHT NIGHT! Battle of the Wolves!

"Here it is ladies, they are neck and neck in our hearts, but only one can win! Who will it be? Innnnnn the blue corner the sexy wise cracking wolf Fang! Innnnnnnn the red corner the equally sexy mashed potato loving wolf Fury! Known by his newphew as Furry! That cracks me up! Now boys, you will have noticed that we have given you white suits to wear, what you don't know is that the suits are paper based and become see through when wet, oh and they also dissolve with enough water. That is right ladies, and that is why you have water pistols attached to your seats and why Sagi and Bear are manning the water cannons! Boys, word of advice, avoid the Bear if you can, she is wearing her evil grin and will have you naked in seconds, then again, that could be fun too. Off to your corners and on 3 fight.

"1....2.....3......FIGHT! The ladies are on form tonight, the water pistols and cannons are firing at the wolves with relentless force, now the suits are wet and see through, it is like watching a wet t-shirt contest for man bits! Ladies keep that water pumping and soon the suits will be off! The wolves are attacking each other, for brothers there seems to be little love lost between them, Fang is punching Fury, who blocks and punches back. What is next, hair pulling? Fury grabs hold of Fangs arm and falters when the suit comes away, keep the water coming ladies, he turns and blocks Fang following up with an upper cut. Fang, flailing, kicks out and turns, the riund house pulling Fury to the floor with him.

"Ladies it is if they know we want to see their wet, glistening, muscular bodies rolling around together. Mmmmmm YES WE DO! I hear you ladies! More boys, we want MORE! Fang is on his feet he turns and goes to jump on Fury, as he does so Fury rolls and Fang land hard on the deck, Fury rolls back and again ladies we have naked men wresting! Susi I will be wanting copies of those pictures you are taking, more water Sagi! Get them nice and wet! Fang pushes and straddles Fury and seems to be taking his fury out of him, but Fury is not taking this lying down, he bucks off his brother and turns to pin him, but wait, the gate is open! Jaymz did you let the Bear out? No she is still tied to her water cannon, phew. The boys are trying to get on top of each other, but there are people on the pitch, they think it is all over, it is now! Sagi and Susi and pulling them apart and looking them both up and down, the boys seem confused, Susi and Sagi shake hands. Wait, girls where are you going? They are running, umm Sagi have fun with Fury and bring him back unharmed, and Susi... Fang likes collars! Well he is a wolf/dog anyway... Enjoy!

"Well I guess we have to call that one a draw ladies, I'll see you next week. Minx over and out!"


Sagi said...

ooohh Fury sounds delish *evil grin* i will have a rockin' time tonight ... oops i wasn't supposed to tell anyone that - oh well *evil grin continues* lol I love this post it was a really fun read :)

Stella Price said...

I picked Fury, i liked him over Fang. totally Team Fury!

jaymzangel said...

LOL, bear is gonna be well pissed off when I untie her from that water cannon. I'm with Stella, I love Fury!!

Minx said...

I am certain with all that water going through it it will have vibrated her happy! *wink*

Sparklybearsy said...

-_- no fair tying me up in a non fun way!!!

Great fight night as always julesy, too funny!

SusiSunshine said...

Am back now and it was good! AAnd JUles, you were right about the collars. *wink*
Luckily I always have one handy!
Great post!

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