Thursday, 21 January 2010

Tasty Manlove Thursday

We have something yummy for you today for Tantalizing Thursday. What we do is pick a favourite scene and post it for you along with a hottie enjoy!

Today's scene is MANLOVE!! yes, boy on boy lurveee. Its from a book i only finished today, and wanted to share some of that delishness with you. I love Sirus and Grey, both sexy tall alpha men.  ENJOY!


Sparklybearsy xoxo

A scene from "Grey's Awakening"

The man was nude, and goddamnit, he was stunning. No towel this time, Sirus lay

tangled on top of his quilt in stark naked glory. Grey swallowed hard at the picture the
man created. The blunt angles of his face appeared harsher, with deeper shadows filling
in the rougher places. A thin line of light highlighted a sensuous mouth, half open with
nearly silent rapid breathing. A wide beam of moonlight highlighted Sirus’s wide,
muscular shoulders and chest, his cut, defined stomach and long, lightly haired legs. The
deep olive tone of his skin burnished with almost a bronze hue in the moon’s natural
light. Beyond that, what Grey kept darting his focus back to time and again as he tried to
mentally process every piece of Sirus Wilder, was Sirus’s big hand … stroking his even
bigger, fully-erect cock.

Jesus Holy Christ.

The man really was huge all over. Grey couldn’t even hazard a guess on girth and
length, but fuck, Sirus’s dick certainly matched his body, there could be no mistaking
that. Grey’s mouth watered as he watched, rapt, as the shiny head of Sirus’s dick came in
and out of view with every swipe of the man’s hand. Damn it, Grey loved a mouth full of
cock. He probably craved giving a blowjob just as much as he liked getting them. He
missed the smooth heat of another man’s dick pushing past his lips, of getting that first
hint of salty precum on his tongue, or the slowly building slide of his partner pushing his
length inside, filling Grey’s mouth with every inch of his prick. Jesus, Grey would have
to relax his throat and work hard to take all of Sirus, but his jaw dropped open a little bit
right where he stood, imagining the pleasure in learning to take it.

Sirus suddenly started pumping his cock faster through the tight fist of his hand, and
his body writhed all over the bed in that way a person only lets happen when they know
hey are alone. Deep, needful noises escaped Sirus’s lush, fucking kissable mouth,
vibrating a frequency through the air that reached Grey with a sharp, palpable wave.
Unable to walk away or even to turn his head, Grey pushed the front of his sweats down
and freed his erection, taking it firmly in hand. Exquisite sensation rushed through Grey
as he stroked his penis in time with Sirus’s motions. He held himself in a painfully tight
grip, imagining that Sirus would have a rough hand and would give a punishing jerk-off
to a cock—as it appeared he gave himself right now.

Mesmerized, Grey watched Sirus slide his hand up his body and stick two fingers in
his mouth, wet them, and then rub them back and forth over his large nipples, tweaking
the darker flesh until both tips stood out in pinpoints, making Grey want to nip them to
see if Sirus would cry out with pleasure. Grey’s cock jumped in his hand and his balls
pulled heavy with cum, begging for a rough touch. Grey nearly groaned with need, and
just then, Sirus dragged down on his length and kept right on going, reaching between his
legs. He played with his nuts, alternating between rolling and pulling on his sac—exactly
what Grey needed too. Grey quickly followed suit, taking his weight with a good tug;
switching back and forth between his member and his balls until it wasn’t enough and he
used both hands, biting his lip and fighting the coiling need for release.
“Mmm … yeah…” Sirus’s deep voice carried through the night. Even though he had
his eyes closed and looked like he was a thousand miles away in fantasyland, it was as if
Sirus took his cue from Grey’s unspoken needs. He two-handed his testicles and cock,
spread his legs wide, dug his heels into the sheets, and thrust his hips in earnest with
every move. Grey didn’t think he had ever seen such pure masculine beauty as he saw in
Sirus Wilder right now, with his mouth open and his skin pulled taut over cutting
cheekbones, perspiration glistening over every inch of his body, throwing every defined
line of hard muscle into pure, shadowed perfection.

Grey’s entire body buzzed with sensation and he swore to God it felt like a thousand
tongues licked his flesh all over, sending his nerve endings in a frenzy. With his gaze
locked on Sirus, Grey fisted his too-hard erection harder and faster, uncaring that he
didn’t have quite enough lubrication and it hurt a little bit. He ached all over with the
need to come and he couldn’t stop. Grey started thrusting his hips in counterpoint to
Sirus’s thrusts, imagining he had his cock buried deep in Sirus’s ass, and that every time
Sirus came down, Grey shoved up, taking the man’s smooth channel to the hilt.
It had been so long since Grey had taken another man, in any way, he almost
whimpered with the imagined tight inferno of Sirus’s snug hole smothering his cock with
suffocating heat. Grey’s hip thrusts turned jagged and off rhythm and he began leaking
more than enough precum to lubricate his length for the job. His balls squeezed and
pulled up ultra-tight to his body, so fast Grey didn’t feel the endgame hit before it
overtook him and shoved him right into orgasm.

“Ohhh, fuuuucckk…” He clamped his teeth together as he jerked and released,
spraying cum with the hottest jolt of pleasure, not stopping until he spit a half-dozen
milky lines onto the doorjamb and floor.
A hoarse, male shout yanked Grey’s eyes open and straight onto the picture of
Sirus’s hips thrust up in the air, shooting a load onto his chest and neck … his eyes wide
open, looking right at Grey as he did it. With desire, and not revulsion, in his stare.
Oh, shit.
Sirus was gay. Moreover, Grey could see it in the man’s eyes: Sirus now knew Grey
was too.
No, no, no. He didn’t need this complication right now.
Grey pulled every discipline he had ever taught himself into play and didn’t dart his
gaze away from Sirus’s. Instead, he stared the other man down without flinching or
blinking, schooled his features to indifference, stuffed his cock back into his sweats, and
walked away.
Never let them see you sweat.


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