Thursday, 7 January 2010

Tantalizing Thursday!

Oh's that day again, when the Gutter Girls give you a slice of deliciously tasty Smut from one of our favourite books.

If you want to join in, either post your fave scene in a comment, stating which book and author it's from. OR post it on your own Blog and come back and link us in a comment so we can drool over the smexiness.

You ready ladies? got your drool bibs on? panties ready to squeal like horny banshees? yes? then let us begin...
Todays hotness is taken from a book several of the Gutter Girls read recently "Of Crimson and Collars" Written by the sister duo Stella and Audra Price.
There's just something about Doms and Subs that tie my panties into an excited knot...and Ben is ALL Dom. Seriously 100% Dom, He just fries my circuits...Hope you like this taster scene between him and Minerva...its SMOKIN'!

"He allowed his hands to move around her front, taking her breasts in his hands. “Now, you mustn’t come, pet. Not without my express permission. To do so will incur severe punishment. Now, you may ask—beg even—but you must never come without my first saying so. This applies at all times. Sometimes, I’ll let you come as often as you want. Other times, maybe only once, if at all,” he whispered in her ear as he teased her nipples. “Understood?”

She shuddered and nodded. “Yes, my Prince.”

“Good. Your body belongs to me now. I own it and everything it is. Your every orgasm is mine. Mine to give and mine to deny.”
Minerva leant into him and panted. “Are you keeping me, Prince?”

“For now,” he told her, though he most certainly was keeping her. “But do not go against my wishes in this manner, and it includes touching yourself. Your pleasure is mine.”

Her skin against his chest was so supple and fresh, he couldn’t stop himself from kissing over her neck on the spot where he’d bitten her last night.
She moaned, tilting her head to give him better access. “I won’t disobey you, Prince,” she whimpered, her nipples hardening. Her hands went to his hips.

Holding her breasts tightly, he lifted her higher and teased her open with his cock. “Excellent.”
She gasped, feeling him between her thighs and moaned again. “Please,” she begged, “Please take me…”

Even Ben couldn’t resist a plea like that, not when she was still so tight and supple and especially not with the moons’ magic beating down on him, driving his body to slake his lust. Still holding her up high, he slammed up into her, careful to keep the jet on her clit. He was interested to see how far she’d get, whether she’d break his command or be reduced to sobbing pleas for mercy.

Minerva moaned and gasped, purring low in her throat. “Prince…gods, that’s deep,” she groaned. Her body quivered, and she dug her fingers into his hips, moaning. “Prince…please…so good…”

He took her hands, placing them on the edge of the tub before pushing her face down to meet them. Now with her completely bent over, he told her not to move. He stroked her thighs under the water, parting them uncomfortably wide before pulling almost out of her body then slamming back into her. Sometimes slow and hard was just what was needed to start the day, and he certainly enjoyed using her in this way. She was so willing and so complimentary, just happy to get fucked and make him happy. All women were in the end but from the start Mina was by far the best. She enjoyed giving him the control he needed.

She panted, arched and moved in his hands, letting him guide her. “Please. Please…I need to…” she whimpered.
“Need to what?” he asked cruelly, knowing full well by the fine trembling of her body that she was close.
“Please…” she begged. “Please, let me come, Prince.”

He toyed with just how cruel he would be before deciding he could allow her this one. “Since you asked me so nicely, come, pet.” He thrust harder into her, his cock moving over her sweet spots as the jet still pounded into her. “Come for me,” he growled into her ear"
More Smexiness next week!
SparklyBearsy xoxox


Pixiedust said...

oooh I loved that scene!!! Very hot! Such a good story too! I'm almost done with it. :D

Sparklybearsy said...

It's such a good story it makes me impatient for the next "To Collar and Keep"

Stella Price said...

LOL you totally made my day hun LOL!

I wish I hadn TC&K finished, but Audra is working on one last scene with Arabella and Minerva... Im not giving anything away but HOT....

Love ya!

Minx said...

mmmmm bathing with a sexy man is just the best, well that and other things :p *blushes*

Sparklybearsy said...

@Stella LOL you know author comments are gonna make me squeal! super thanks for stopping by, and THANKS for providing out hot scene..seriously...THAAANKS! I have SOME patience, so i can wait for TC&K since a hot scene is now promised HAHA ;)

@Minx Absofuckinglutely!!! ;)

jaymzangel said...


Stella Price said...

Just wait... I know you guys did on the M/M thing, but Arabella and Minerva made me whistle... DAMN!

Anna ♥ said...

HOT! *wipes foggy glasses* I've only read one dom/sub ever and it was... scary and traumatizing. But wow, that is mouth-watering hotness! Definitely going to read it when I get the chance. :D

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