Sunday, 17 January 2010

Sunday Smutty Sunday

ok, I'm SUPER nervous about posting this, mostly because I don't think my writing is good enough to warrant being posted & also because I usually don't let anyone read my stuff except for bear. but here it is. *bites nails*

“I know you’re wet for me, Lissa. I can smell your sweet pussy from here.”
Rafe’s eyes burned through the darkness. Lissa could see his white teeth as he smirked, the sharper canines never failed to draw her attention.
She shivered violently. She had never been so turned on in her life, had never wanted someone so much. She had been imagining how he would feel on top of her, his big body between her thighs, her legs spread open wide for him while he pushed himself within her. She realized she was holding her breath & released it in a rush.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
“You want me inside you, filling you up, stretching you wide,” Rafe said, his eyes boring into hers.
Lissa turned away, her face flaming.
“Don’t say things like that, it’s cruel of you to tease me.”
He stalked towards her across the length of the room.
“I’m not teasing you. I’m merely telling you what you desire.”
He stood very close behind her and bent to whisper in her ear.
“I can give you things you’ve only dreamed of. Things you never thought possible.”
He caught her earlobe between his strong teeth & nipped it lightly.
“I can make you scream.”
He drew his tongue behind her earlobe & down the side of her neck, pausing over her tender jugular. When she made to pull away, he ran his big hand up the back of her neck & into her hair, grasping a handful & tilting her head to the left. He scraped his fangs along her neck, pressing them to her vein.
She closed her eyes, breasts heaving violently as her breath shuddered in & out of her lungs.
“Please don’t do this to me.”
“Please don’t do what?” He nipped her neck playfully, and then soothed the mark with his tongue. “Do this?”
“Please Rafe...” she trailed off as his fangs began a slow journey out towards her shoulder. He gripped the tender muscle of her shoulder tightly between his teeth. He started to bite down, causing her to whimper.
She gasped for air. “Oh please, please don’t! Rafe, no!”
Rafe snaked his arm around her waist & pulled her slowly back against his pelvis. Lissa struggled but went still when she felt the rock hard length of his erection. He rocked it against her soft bum.
“Mmmm baby, you feel so good,” Rafe purred in her ear. She strained against his hold on her but he refused to let her pull away. “Do not fear me, Lissa. I promise not to hurt you.”
The sounds of her frantic breathing & the way she was trying to jab him in the stomach with her elbow told him that Lissa had no intention of taking him at his word.
Suddenly, the lights came back on. Lissa found herself released & sitting in a chair across from Rafe, who was seated nonchalantly at his desk. She blinked owlishly.
“What the hell...” she trailed off as the door was opened. Her brother poked his head around the doorjamb.
“Rafe, have you seen Lissa? Oh, there you are. I’ve been looking all over for you.”
Lissa felt her face heat & knew her cheeks must be bright red.
“Did you need me for something, Neil?” Lissa asked.
“Yeah, can you give me a hand with this file? I know Jamie said you took care of it but I still have some questions.”
“Sure, I’ll be right there.”
She watched her brother’s head go back the way it came & the door shut again. She glared at the tall, dark man who was calmly sitting behind the big, mahogany desk.
“Look Rafe, I don’t know what’s going on but I don’t appreciate you messing with me,” Lissa snapped angrily.
Rafe eyed her coolly.
“I’m not sure what you’re on about Lissa but there’s no time to talk about it now. Go see what Neil needs help with. We can have this talk some other time.”
Lissa stalked to the door, yanked it open & slammed it closed behind her.
By the time she got back downstairs to her office, she was fuming. The nerve of that man! Working for a vampire had a lot of perks but this certainly wasn’t one of them. Being called up to his office while she was in the middle of daydreaming her usual hot fantasy involving her sexy boss was one thing. But being molested while she was in his office was certainly another.
Thank God, her brother hadn’t seen anything. Rafe’s damn vampire senses had come in handy for that at least. She did not appreciate this grand mindfuck he had going on, sitting there acting like he didn’t know what she was talking about. Lissa threw herself into her chair. Arrogant jerk! She buried her face in her palms. Oh my God, I cannot believe that actually happened. She pinched herself.
Maybe it didn’t happen; maybe it was just her imagination. Maybe she’d just fantasized about Rafe for so long; it had somehow started to seem real. Lissa didn’t know for sure but what she did know was she better get her ass in gear before her brother had to come looking for her again. It wouldn’t do for him to become suspicious. She sighed & got up to make the trek down the hall to her brother’s office. If she could just get through the rest of this day, she had a 2 week vacation to look forward to.
Rafe watched avidly as Lissa stomped out of his office. Unfortunately, he was distracted by the sway of her rounded ass until the door slammed shut behind her. He rubbed his eyes. Shit, now she was good & pissed, probably confused as hell too. He hadn’t meant to intrude on her thoughts but he’d smelled her arousal as soon as she stepped through his office door. Telepathy was just one of the many perks to being a vampire. Rafe had made damn sure it wasn’t anyone else who had gotten her turned on. Just the thought of it made him want to tear someone apart with his bare hands. Lissa was his, or as good as his; he would have her in his bed sooner or later.
He personally hoped it was a hell of a lot sooner. He was sorry to upset her but he couldn’t be sorry that he finally got his hands on that soft body of hers. He couldn’t wait for more. But he knew Lissa & her moods; she wouldn’t be out of this one for quite awhile. Rafe knew she wanted him but wasn’t sure how to get her to give in. He was her boss, had taken over after her father retired & he knew she’d always had kind of a thing for him.
To be honest, he’d had one for her while she was still in college. He could remember her coming in to the office to visit her father; she was always shy to meet his eyes and would blush when he talked to her. Now she was older, confident, even more beautiful and sassy as hell.
Rafe shifted in his chair as he felt his hard cock strain against his zipper. He reached down to adjust himself. Lissa had that effect on him. Any time she got pissed at him, her eyes would snap & sparkle, her cheeks got flushed & she would get that snotty tone. That tone always made him want to grab her, put her over his knee & spank her ass red. The thought of her squirming & cursing him made his cock jerk. So did the thought of bending her over his desk & pounding into her until they both climaxed so hard their knees went weak.
Fuck, he had to stop this or he’d come in his pants like a teenager. He needed to talk to Lissa about this & he couldn’t do it with his hard on sticking out like it was. Rafe shoved his chair back from his desk & stalked to the door, flipping the lock. He walked into his private bathroom & grabbed a towel from the cupboard. One of the perks of being CEO was having his own bathroom with a large black marble shower. He often worked late or came in after being at the gym.
Rafe flipped on the water, stripped off his clothes & stepped under the spray. He closed his eyes & pictured Lissa in front of him, the water beading on her creamy breasts with their rosy, hard nipples. He wanted to run his tongue over them, suck them into his mouth. Drag his fangs over them, bite her there.
Rafe let his hand drift down over his rippled abdomen to his heavy sex. He braced one hand on the marble wall as he wrapped his hand around the hard length, stroking it slowly from base to tip. In his mind, Lissa was on her knees in front of him, sliding her hot mouth around his swollen length, licking him, sucking him off. He started to breathe harder, moving his hand more swiftly, squeezing harder. He brought his other hand off the wall & rubbed his palm against the sensitive head before rimming the underside.
His imagination had him yanking Lissa off her knees & slamming her back against the shower wall, running his fingers through her slick wet heat, then pushing his hard length as far inside her as he could get. The image of her wet, naked body spread out for him, crying her pleasure while impaled on his cock burned itself into the back of his eyelids. His punishing grip on his dick had him gasping as he moved his hand faster & faster. The thought of Lissa screaming his name as she orgasmed, her pussy hot & rippling around him, had him growling out her name as he came in long, shuddering jerks. Rafe leaned one arm against the wall as he fought to get his breathing back under control. After a few minutes, he gathered himself & reached for the soap. No matter what he had to do to seduce Lissa, he was going to do it because he’d be damned if his next shower was going to be alone. There was no way she was going to evade him anymore. Rafe grinned as he ran a soapy hand over his bicep. She was going to be a challenge. He looked forward to it.



Stella Price said...

NAughty! WTG Jay!

Sparklybearsy said...

Holy Moly SMUT-A-FUCKING-LICIOUS!!! I already wanna do baaaad things to Rafe, you must write more of him bt NOW!! I find it so sexy a guy giving himself a happy..and in the shower too BONUS!!

well done precious nothing to be nervous about you know i loves all your writings *SMOOCHES*

Minx said...


I was nervous posting mine too, I don't think my writing is great either, I think it is the curse of writers perhaps.

Love it... MORE MORE!

jaymzangel said...

*blushes* thank you ladies, I still don't think it's good.

@stella ty ty TY!

@bear isn't it enough that you got that much out of me? give MM & JB thank you gropes from me for the "research help" LMAO!

@minx thankies Julesy! it is really SO nerve-wracking!

Pixiedust said...

OOOOH MY GOD THAT'S SO GOOD!!!! Seriously...fucking fantastic. I love it! I would definitely want more of that story...Awesome choice in names..everything. Many kudos chica

Sparklybearsy said...

You're an evil asshat bt for the things you made me do...but your story made up for it HEE! *SMOOCH*

jaymzangel said...

@pixie thanks!

@bear HEHEHE! you know you liked it ;)

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