Sunday, 31 January 2010

Sunday is a Smutty day! Minxingly Smutty!

Ok this is a variation on as scene I did when I was doing role play, Tris and Jess have a very complicated history between them, they were together for a long time then he just left suddenly. Now he is back and trying to fix her heart and gain her trust. I know in comparison to other things this scene is probably more romantic than smutty, but I hope you like it.


This is my chance Jess thought; she still wanted to have a look through his things in private, "If you'll excuse me" smiling she excused herself from her conversation with Batman and Cinderella and headed off towards the toilets. Once she was lost in the crowd she checked to see no-one was looking and made her way up the staircase, with so many guests on the stairs she didn't think anyone would notice.

Tris's attention tailed off from the conversation he was holding with little Bo Peep, leaving him just vacantly smiling as she chattered on about her job and costume, these people really took their fancy dress parties seriously he thought as he smiled down at her; a guest his assistant must have invited, because he was certain her had never met her before. Looking up he noticed a flash of red on the stairs. Red Riding Hood was trying to escape the wolf and her red skirt which was cheekily bouncing up to reveal...' I'll kill her', he thought as he turned back and smiled at Bo Peep, “If you'll excuse me, I can see Red Riding hood is lost, I'd best rescue her." With his apologies he slid away from the crowd and silently made his way upstairs and walked into his bedroom to see his drawers being checked. The sight of her bending over inflamed him, he could just flip her skirt up and enter her and he was beginning to wonder if she was even wearing underwear. "You should have headed for the office Kitten!" he said as he closed the door behind him.

Jess flushed and turned to face him. "I was just checking your story out; I was looking for your laptop." She said unabashed at being caught.

"In my bedroom kitten?" he drawled.

"You sometimes used to have your laptop in your room. Besides I didn't know where your office was!" she retorted, turning to glare at him.

"Second door to the left" he said dropping his cane and beginning to stalk her, he grinned as Jess backed away from him, he kept in pursuit until she ended up trapped between him and the wall. He reached out and removed her hood, throwing it behind him and threaded his fingers through her hair. "You are welcome in any room Kitten; this is as much your home as it is mine." He bent to kiss her neck. They had fenced with words for long enough, they both needed this, and at least he was honest enough to admit it.

"Tris, we shouldn't" she whispered, but her words sounded hollow with no real feeling as her hands ran through his hair, he knew he shouldn’t rush her after all he had put her through, but fuck it all if he couldn’t help it.

"Why kitten? You tell me one good reason why I shouldn't love you the way you deserve to be loved" he asked as he looked into her eyes. Tris smiled at the glorious sensual sight she made, his cock growing harder, lengthening, ready. He knew what it wanted and he needed to be buried deep inside Jess, he wanted to feel her contract around him as she screamed in release, and then he wanted to thrust again, and pound into her until she screamed again.

Leaning forward Tris palmed one of Jess's breasts, taking in the weight. They were full but fit his large hands perfectly. He pinched the nipple through the fabric and watched her squirm. Smiling he bent his head and took the nipple into his mouth, teasing it with his tongue and teeth, then sucking on it, pulling it sensually into the cavern of his mouth, while his hand until pulled the laces free, opening the blouse to allow her breasts to bounce free. “Kitten, no-one does this to me, only you.”

Jess had longed to feel Tris feasting on her breasts and he was, she moaned and reached her hands to the back of his head entangling them in his hair. He smiled round her nipple and released it with a pop, moving over to lathe its mate with his tongue then repeating the process again. With each suck and pull, Jess grew wetter and wetter, taking one of her hands from the back of Tris's head she snaked it down his body and found his zip freeing it and slipping her hand inside.

Tris reached down and clamped his own hand around Jess's taking it away from his erection; he gripped both hands and held then in one of his placing them firmly above her head. He moved over Jess and lifted her settling between her thighs, his freed cock probing at her entrance. Jess moaned in frustration and Tris smiled. He realised her hands with a look that said do not move them, and latched onto her nipple again, nibbling and soothing the sting with his tongue. One hand cupped the other playing with her nipple, whilst the other stroked down and found her panties. She was hot and wet, her thighs already coated in her own juices. His hand slipped inside, playing with her clit, causing her to lift her hips and arch into him. He smiled round her nipple but continued to torture her with his tongue. His fingers played with her clit, stroking squeezing, making her gasp and moan, her eyes taking on a glassy look of pleasure. Leaving his thumb to torture her clit he thrust two fingers into her, stroking in and out in a maddeningly slow rhythm. Jess squirmed trying to move on his fingers, to ride his hand and he stopped. He captured her howl of rage in his mouth kissing her until she settled, mirroring with his tongue what he wanted to do with his cock.

Leaving her mouth he kissed his way down her body. Settling himself between her thighs and opening her up to his hungry gaze. He hooked her legs over his shoulders and bending his head he licked her clit, returning his fingers to stoking in and out of her dripping channel whilst he licked and ate at her. He pulled the nub into his mouth and sucked it. Jess screamed, coming hard, spacing round his fingers. But that was only the beginning. He was desperate to be inside her, to show her with his body what he felt in his heart.

Tris kissed his way up her body, he allowed one of her legs to balance on the floor, whilst he hooked the other in the crook of his arm. Jess could taste her own release on his tongue, she could feel pleasure running in waves through her body and she wanted to taste him. Tris leaned back a little and she pushed him away with a giggle and a grin, as he released her leg Jess fell to her knees and grinned. His erection was straining, a pearl of dew crowning it's top. Jess knew what he wanted. She knelt between his legs and licked at the pearl, kissing the tiny slit it had come from. She licked the length of his shaft and smiled at his hiss and scowl. Feeling merciful for the release he had given her she didn't tease for once, opening her mouth and sucking him inside. She moved up and down his shaft sucking and humming when she reached the crown, before moving back down his length again. She looked up at him through her lashes at the tendons straining in his neck and the look of desire in his eyes. Her hands moved from their place on his thighs to play with him more, stroking and cupping his balls. Next time she vowed he would receive more attention because she need him inside her now, rubbing her legs together the try and relieve the ache in her pussy. The fact she was thinking about next time completely bypassed her desire stoked brain.

Tris's control about to snap, he reached down and pulled Jess from him, he smiled at the squelching pop made as she released him and then kissed the head of his engorged penis. He flipped her over, positioning her on all fours and flipping up her skirt; he smiled at the red thong which his hands had already dislodged and thrust into her from behind. Jess reared up and pushed herself back against the friction he made, he was so deep in her and it felt so good. Thrust after thrust he pounded into her. Jess's breath became choppy, her face and neck became flushed. He was magnificent, never had she been a docile lover, always vying for who was in charge, but the way he pounded into her, she wiggled her hips in time with his thrusts, any carpet burns she got from this was worth it. Tris reached round her body, leaning over her back, his hand found her clit and flicked it, Jess screamed, her body wracked with spasms, her channel clutching at him, stroking it further. But still Tris didn't stop, he kept up his relentless pounding, playing with her clit until Jess squirmed and mewled and was about ready to combust. Tris growled in release, coming inside of Jess whist pinching her clit. Jess screamed her second release, this one even more powerful, her pussy gripping his cock, prolonging his own pleasure.

Tris withdrew from Jess's body and lay on the rug, Jess a collapsed heap next to him, a very satisfied smile on her face.

Jess sat up with a start; she tried to hide the smile on her face as her brain scolded her for what she had done. She was so confused."I need a shower," she muttered as she almost ran into the bathroom.

'Shit' Tris thought as he felt her shutters rise. He shouldn't have rushed, but when she kissed him on the dance floor he lost his head. Stripping his clothes off Tris followed Jess into the shower; he saw her jump as he opened the door.

"Tris, I can't do this." she said as she backed away from him. "I.."

"Kitten, hush" he said gently, "I don't want anything other than your company," he said as he silently approached her, turning Jess so hr back was to him as he picked up the shampoo and began to wash her hair. As the water washed away the suds and then the conditioner softened her hair something within Jess began to break, she turned to Tris.

"I can't do this, I can't, I.." Jess began to cry softly and felt herself be enveloped in Tris's strong arms.

He felt like such a bastard, he'd already hurt her and now rushing things had made it worse. Not that he regretted the sex, fuck me, he thought, sex that good could never be wrong; but they shouldn't have rushed.

Bending his head he kissed her hair, "shhh kitten, it's ok" he said as he stroked her back and allowed her to cry.


Sparklybearsy said...

A-MAZING! You know i loves upon Tris, i want more more! I love the mix of romantic and smutty julesy, your characters have a hot chemistry. Loved it! =D

Sagi said...

aaawwww that was cute! i enjoyed that :D i feel bad for Tris though :P

I get 1st dibs on Tris when he finishes his shower!! *evil grin*

jaymzangel said...

LOVE the name Tris, lovely story jules. you know we don't mind some romance with our smut. we're open-minded kinda girls ;)

Mar said...

The loving was hot & good. More Tris please.

ErotRomReader (Janna) said...

When doing a role play, you say? Now I'm very curious about that *g*
I love this scene, great smut and I don't mind the romance, it's sweet & hot! :)

Crazy Legz said...

I woulndt mind having 5 mins alone with him!

Patti said...

Love the scene! Thanks for sharing!

I left an award for you all here

Stella Price said...

VERY romantic, and sexy. I liked it a lot. I do enjoy reading these things guys, it lets me know theres talent out there thats yet to be tapped.


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