Saturday, 2 January 2010

Saturday Surprise!

Look which Book Boyfriend has dropped by to say Hello and hand out smooches ;) Dont be shy GutterGirls, Say hi To Butch from J R Wards Blackdagger Brotherhood, He's reaaallly friendly ;)

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You remember this scene right? i was steamy eyed reading it thinking "kiss him V...KISS HIM, bite him...lick him...ANYTHING!!!!!" The sexual tension was SCORCHIN'!

Lover Revealed Pg:442
Butch's induction ritual (All members of the BDB are present, and witness this exchange between Butch and V)

Then it was V's turn.....

"My flesh", he whispered.

He seemed to hesitate before turning to Butch. Then he pivoted and their eyes met. As candlelight flickered over V's hard face and got caught in this diamond irises, Butch felt his breath get tight: At that moment, his roommate looked as powerful as a god...and maybe even as beautiful.

Vishous stepped in close, and slid his hand from butch's shoulder to the back of his neck. "Your flesh," V breathed. Then he paused, as if asking for something.

Butch tilted his chin up, aware that he was offering himself, aware that he...oh, fuck. He stopped his thoughts, completely weirded out by the vibe that had sprung up from God only knew where.

In slow motion Vishous's dark head dropped down and there was a silken brush as his goatee moved against Butch's throat. With delicious precision, V's fangs pressed against the vein that ran up from Butch's heart, then slowly, inexorable, punched through skin. Their chests merged.

Butch closed his eyes and absorbed the feel of it all, the warmth of their bodies so close, the way V's hair felt soft on his jaw, the slide of a powerful male arm as it slipped around his waist. On their own accord, Butch's hands left the pegs and came to rest on V's hips, squeezing that hard flesh, bringing them together from head to foot. A tremor went through one of them. Or maybe...shit, it was more like they both shuddered.
And then it was done. Over with. Never to happen again."


Kindle Vixen said...

sigh. so drool worth that scene is.

Minx said...

I agree... mmmm.... drool... I was I had been there!

jaymzangel said...

ohhhh that scene was sooooo HOT. I hate that she punked out on the V/Butch hotness though, really REALLY hate it. the two of them together would have permanently curled my toes.

ErotRomReader (Janna) said...

*squeeze*... I...urh...mmm... *sigh*

Sparklybearsy said...

HEHE! im happies you liked it girlies, that scene never ever fails to tie my panties in a steamy knot. I sooo wanted a butch/Vishous tussle, bt we never got it =(

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