Saturday, 9 January 2010

Friday Night is Fight Night!! Shade v Wraith

"Welcome ladies, welcome to our battle of the incubi! Innnn the red corner the furry Seminus Demon Shade! Innn the blue corner the vampiric Seminus Demon Wraith! Yes ladies this is the fight of the night, the answer to that old horror question who would win in a fight between a werewolf and a vampire. Don't glower at me like that boys, I know you are both seminus demons, just indulge me! Actually I will indulge myself, hand over the pants now, we are having us a naked fight!

"Ladies, this week just to add a bit of spice to our fight you will find water pistols filled with baby oil strapped under your seats. Feel free to squirt whenever you have the need. Now boys, no swordplay allowed, *snigger*, men! I know neither of you are aroused by men, it is just a little spicier for the women, look at Bearsy, she is salivating, Jaymzangel can you wipe her chin and make sure the chains are tight. Thank you. Now boys, after three fight.... 1...2...3... FIGHT!

"Wow ladies Shade is in there with a smooth round house trying to knock Wraith to the floor, but Wraith hits back with a jab and an upper cut, both men are snarling, sorry both demons are now snarling at me for calling them men, ladies squirt them! Ha, that has livened things up, Wraith slipped on the oil and has pulled Shade down with them, ladies I wish you were here, they are rolling in baby oil, I repeat they are rolling in baby oil! The crowd are getting excited, the screams are deafening as Shade gets on top and begins to punch Wraith, but Wraith is not taking this lying down, he upper cuts and rolls his brother, pulling him into a half Nelson, no wait a full Nelson.

"Wraith has Shade pined to the ground ladies, 1..2..3..4..5..6..7.. Shade is trying to move on the baby oil and can get no fiction, their skin just rubs smoothly...8...9..10!

"I pronounce Wraith the winner! Your winnings? Your winnings are me! Ladies share Shade amongst yourself, I'll see you in about a week! Minx out!"


Sparklybearsy said...

HAHAHA best fight yet Minxy!!! DAYUM nekkid baby oil fighting i think i swallowed my tongue!

Larissa said...

OMG that was awesome!!!! got me LMAO =))))

sooooo sexy!!! hmmmm

Jenny Rebecca said...

Nice. May I volunteer to hose the boys down after the fight. They'll be so sweaty and oily, and I'm just waiting here with a damp cloth and some Dawn detergent. Cause' it cuts through the grease. And it's safer for the enviroment than other grease fighting...I got off track here. Let's go back to the sexy hosing. Yeah....clean guys...Rowr.

jaymzangel said...

hot hot HOT!! the baby oil was an inspired idea, enjoy your prize Jules!

Minx said...

I intend to! Mwahahahaaaa!!!

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