Friday, 1 January 2010

Friday Night is Fight Night!! Rhage v Rehv

Rhage v Rehv

Who will win our first fight night of 2010?

"I am Minx and I will be your host and commentator for this evening, helped by Jaymzangel my Bear wrangler, oh and Bear, this week she has tied herself to the seat and is using Vane as a cushion, you know Bear you are going to have to give him back after tonight, it has been 2 weeks you can only loan him! Sorry dear listeners; back to our fight night, due to the weather we have come outside for a naked snowball fight. Don't look at me like that, you really didn't think those loin clothes would stay on did you? Men! Innnnn the red corner, the animalistic wonder Rhage; innnn the blue corner the sexy sympath Rehv. That's right ladies cheer them both, ummm boys, where are you going? No. When they were chanting 'off' it was not about you getting off the stage, ... just get in the ring and prepare to fight, Oh and Rhage... no inner beastie tonight, we wanna see you! On 3 fight... 1.... 2.... 3... FIGHT!

"Wow Rehv got in their quickly with a super opening salvo of snow, the crowd are going wild as he bends over to make more balls, Rhage fires back with a continuous volley of snow bombs, go Rhage! Jaymzangel, what is she doing now, Bear you can't have them both, now just press the button. Ah ha boys you didn't see that coming did you, listeners, the screams are because Bear pressed the remotes which released the snaps on the loin cloths and trust me, the boys don't seem to be suffering from the cold. Who threw that snowball? Jaymzangel was that you?

"It seems the threat of crowd attack has upped the boys spirit, they are now putting their heart and bodies into the snow fight, they are wrestling on the ground, each trying to pin the other, and Rhage has done it, Rhage is on top ladies, Rhage is on top and stuffing snow down Rehv's mouth, but Rhev is fighting back he is trying to buck Rhage off, but wait, someone is in the ring. Jaymzangel is pulling Rhage off Rehv, the crowd is going wild. Rhage is confused, Rhage baby it's ok, you have won, she is just helping Rhev, in fact she is helping him out of the ring, she is running actually. Jaymzangel... bring him back unhurt!

"Ok ladies we have our winner RHAGE! So who wants to share the winnings?"


jaymzangel said...

MWAHHAHAHAHAHA!!! he'll be unhurt but he may be limping by the time I return him. sex injury, you know ;D

Sparklybearsy said...

Firstly...2 weeks? im sure i didnt sign any document! so Vane be mine =D *thinks of good hiding places*

Such a good snowball tussle! the boys did us proud, i did so wanna see Rhages beastie come out to play though *pout* Jay has ran off with Rehv...maybe we can see him? huh? huh? yay great idea! after all, it'll be a while before jay returns...if at all!! =D

Minx said...

Sorry no beastie tonight and when I have finished with Rhage you can see if he is willing to show you his beastie.

As for Vane, next fight night you may find yourself cushionless!

Crazy Legz said...

mm Rhage!!

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