Saturday, 16 January 2010

Friday Night is Fight Night!! Bones v Barrons

"Morning Ladies, it me again Minx, your hostess with a whip! Yes boys I have a corset and a whip and I am not afraid to use them. Tonight's battle is battle of the B's the sexy vampire Bones against the, well we don't know what he but he is something sexy too, Barrons! Yes ladies cheer them on, they may need it, Bear is eying Bones up like he is some kind of steak, umm and Barrons I hate to warn you but Jaymzangel is doing the same for you. You can always find refuge in my bed, er I mean room, umm and if I get Pri-ya can you umm fix me, I heard about...

"Oh sorry ladies I was distracted by a bare chest, where was I? Innnn the red corner Bones, Innnnn the blue corner Barrons, yes boys they like you, they are also exited by the and the idea of wrestling in jelly. Yes you heard me correctly, boys you are wrestling in orange jelly! Or jello if you are from the other side of the pond. Why do you think you are naked under the robes? It might stain the loincloths, so hand those robes over now and get into your corners. What was that Bones? No it is not a fight to the death, it is a fight until I declare a winner, 3 falls and a knock out, a pin down or Bear breaks into the ring.

"After 3 fight.... 3! FIGHT! And they are off! Barrons is quick out of his corner but they are both finding it hard to move on the jelly, anyone would think it was black ice they are both trying to find purchase and keep grabbing each other. Bones has his teeth bared and takes a flying leap at Barrons, who steps out of the way and they both land flat on the floor. The ladies are screaming and shaking the ring because they are wrestling, rolling on top of each other trying grab hold. Bones is on top and is bucked off by Barrons who jumps to his knees and ends up face down in the jelly. Bones leaps onto his back and pulls his head back by his hair. Hair pulling, what are you? FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT! Barrons struggles underneath trying to buck off Bones, but wait there is a disturbance, the ring is moving. It is the Bear she is running into the ring and skids and lands on Bones, she is now in the jelly too. The ladies are joining her, it is pandemonium, it is brilliant! Quick Barrons with me, I will keep you safe! Bones, you win, ladies take care of him, he needs the jelly lick- I mean cleaning off him! Barrons, I'll clean you up. Enjoy him ladies, Minx out, see you in about a week!


Sagi said...

lol i love this post esp because Bones is in it lol i love the way you wrote this Fight Night post :D

Minx said...

yay I am gla you liked it, I am a bit tired this morning so I hoped it made sense, LOL. *hugs*

Sparklybearsy said...

LOL!!! i always get so impatient for the fight to be over to get my prize =D

Funny as hell as always julesy, dont think i didnt see you scurry off with barrons ;)

jaymzangel said...

*snatches Barrons from Minx & Bones from Bear & runs off cackling evilly* see you in about 8 months, girls! =D

Minx said...

*slips through silvers steals Barrons back, sits on Barrons and locks the door* =D

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