Friday, 29 January 2010

Friday Night Fight Night!- Ash v Nick

"Evening ladies, tonight is the big night, just look at Bear she can hardly contain herself with excitement! Jamzangel can you just push that bucket under her chair, just in case. Now, tonight is our heavy weight fight between Acheron Parthenopaeus in the red corner, mysterious leader of the dark hunters, god of all things sexy, in the blue corner the equally sexy (in my opinion RAWR) Nick Gautier, dark DH, Malachai and former human! Don't get all swirly eyed with me or I will whip your ass, you were former human so just accept it and yes I know you want to kill him, or wanted to or whatever, but you can't, why? Because I say so, and as this is my little fictional world I am in charge... so there!

"Now ladies you may have noticed that this week I have dressed our victims in kilts, and short kilts at that, they are traditional, no shirts and no undies are worn underneath, you can also see they are fighting on a bouncy castle! Some skirt is gonna fly tonight! OK boys into the ring and start bouncing before I let Bearsy start pouncing. Ladies your flashes are blinding me, I want copies of those snaps! After three fight... 1...2....3...FIGHT!

"Woah, Nick is the aggressor in this fight launching himself at Ash with a passion, but Ash just bounces out of the way, grinning and this seems to infuriate Nick who again lunges for him and misses, falling and bouncing and oooo giving us an eyeful. Nice arse! Ash throws himself to bounce on Nick but Nick rolls out of the way, there are things flying everywhere, and ladies they have nothing to be ashamed of! Indeed, they should be very proud!

"They are back on their feet and punching each other, but they seem to be losing their footing, yes they are slipping on something, who gave Bear baby oil? But I must say it is making them glisten as they slide around in it, a ripped chest in baby oil and moonlight, well spotlights, is a sight to see. Ash and Nick wrestle and punch each other, bouncing in tandem to the wake of the bouncy castle, Ash is winning as he straddles Nick, pinning him to the ground. He seems to be saying something but the roar of the crowd is so loud I can't hear it. No it is more that that, that is escaping air, the bouncy castle is deflating around them! Who had the pin? Wait, where did they go?

"Has anyone seen Bear and Jaymzangel? What? They have kidnapped both of them? Ladies I promise you you will all get a turn, I declare Ash the winner, and I know just whose room he will be in.



Pixiedust said...

LMAO....."who gave Bear baby oil?"

OMG I love this! lol Makes it easier since I know and love both of them. Kudos chickie, I love this fight. :D

OH and I want copies of those snaps! *grins wicked*

Sparklybearsy said...

WOOHOOO!!!!!!!! ive waited n waited for this fight...


and im not bringin' him back *stomps foots*

great post Julesy, you made me giggle =D

Sagi said...

I knew Bear would take the hunk she always has that front covered :P

This post made me laugh and I love the way you write these fight nights :D

u rock!! :D

Mar said...

Haaa! I would like to rent out that bouncy castle for my birthday party, men included puwlesse. Have baby oil...! :)

jaymzangel said...

*snicker* bear does love her baby oil

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