Sunday, 31 January 2010

Sunday is a Smutty day! Minxingly Smutty!

Ok this is a variation on as scene I did when I was doing role play, Tris and Jess have a very complicated history between them, they were together for a long time then he just left suddenly. Now he is back and trying to fix her heart and gain her trust. I know in comparison to other things this scene is probably more romantic than smutty, but I hope you like it.


This is my chance Jess thought; she still wanted to have a look through his things in private, "If you'll excuse me" smiling she excused herself from her conversation with Batman and Cinderella and headed off towards the toilets. Once she was lost in the crowd she checked to see no-one was looking and made her way up the staircase, with so many guests on the stairs she didn't think anyone would notice.

Tris's attention tailed off from the conversation he was holding with little Bo Peep, leaving him just vacantly smiling as she chattered on about her job and costume, these people really took their fancy dress parties seriously he thought as he smiled down at her; a guest his assistant must have invited, because he was certain her had never met her before. Looking up he noticed a flash of red on the stairs. Red Riding Hood was trying to escape the wolf and her red skirt which was cheekily bouncing up to reveal...' I'll kill her', he thought as he turned back and smiled at Bo Peep, “If you'll excuse me, I can see Red Riding hood is lost, I'd best rescue her." With his apologies he slid away from the crowd and silently made his way upstairs and walked into his bedroom to see his drawers being checked. The sight of her bending over inflamed him, he could just flip her skirt up and enter her and he was beginning to wonder if she was even wearing underwear. "You should have headed for the office Kitten!" he said as he closed the door behind him.

Jess flushed and turned to face him. "I was just checking your story out; I was looking for your laptop." She said unabashed at being caught.

"In my bedroom kitten?" he drawled.

"You sometimes used to have your laptop in your room. Besides I didn't know where your office was!" she retorted, turning to glare at him.

"Second door to the left" he said dropping his cane and beginning to stalk her, he grinned as Jess backed away from him, he kept in pursuit until she ended up trapped between him and the wall. He reached out and removed her hood, throwing it behind him and threaded his fingers through her hair. "You are welcome in any room Kitten; this is as much your home as it is mine." He bent to kiss her neck. They had fenced with words for long enough, they both needed this, and at least he was honest enough to admit it.

"Tris, we shouldn't" she whispered, but her words sounded hollow with no real feeling as her hands ran through his hair, he knew he shouldn’t rush her after all he had put her through, but fuck it all if he couldn’t help it.

"Why kitten? You tell me one good reason why I shouldn't love you the way you deserve to be loved" he asked as he looked into her eyes. Tris smiled at the glorious sensual sight she made, his cock growing harder, lengthening, ready. He knew what it wanted and he needed to be buried deep inside Jess, he wanted to feel her contract around him as she screamed in release, and then he wanted to thrust again, and pound into her until she screamed again.

Leaning forward Tris palmed one of Jess's breasts, taking in the weight. They were full but fit his large hands perfectly. He pinched the nipple through the fabric and watched her squirm. Smiling he bent his head and took the nipple into his mouth, teasing it with his tongue and teeth, then sucking on it, pulling it sensually into the cavern of his mouth, while his hand until pulled the laces free, opening the blouse to allow her breasts to bounce free. “Kitten, no-one does this to me, only you.”

Jess had longed to feel Tris feasting on her breasts and he was, she moaned and reached her hands to the back of his head entangling them in his hair. He smiled round her nipple and released it with a pop, moving over to lathe its mate with his tongue then repeating the process again. With each suck and pull, Jess grew wetter and wetter, taking one of her hands from the back of Tris's head she snaked it down his body and found his zip freeing it and slipping her hand inside.

Tris reached down and clamped his own hand around Jess's taking it away from his erection; he gripped both hands and held then in one of his placing them firmly above her head. He moved over Jess and lifted her settling between her thighs, his freed cock probing at her entrance. Jess moaned in frustration and Tris smiled. He realised her hands with a look that said do not move them, and latched onto her nipple again, nibbling and soothing the sting with his tongue. One hand cupped the other playing with her nipple, whilst the other stroked down and found her panties. She was hot and wet, her thighs already coated in her own juices. His hand slipped inside, playing with her clit, causing her to lift her hips and arch into him. He smiled round her nipple but continued to torture her with his tongue. His fingers played with her clit, stroking squeezing, making her gasp and moan, her eyes taking on a glassy look of pleasure. Leaving his thumb to torture her clit he thrust two fingers into her, stroking in and out in a maddeningly slow rhythm. Jess squirmed trying to move on his fingers, to ride his hand and he stopped. He captured her howl of rage in his mouth kissing her until she settled, mirroring with his tongue what he wanted to do with his cock.

Leaving her mouth he kissed his way down her body. Settling himself between her thighs and opening her up to his hungry gaze. He hooked her legs over his shoulders and bending his head he licked her clit, returning his fingers to stoking in and out of her dripping channel whilst he licked and ate at her. He pulled the nub into his mouth and sucked it. Jess screamed, coming hard, spacing round his fingers. But that was only the beginning. He was desperate to be inside her, to show her with his body what he felt in his heart.

Tris kissed his way up her body, he allowed one of her legs to balance on the floor, whilst he hooked the other in the crook of his arm. Jess could taste her own release on his tongue, she could feel pleasure running in waves through her body and she wanted to taste him. Tris leaned back a little and she pushed him away with a giggle and a grin, as he released her leg Jess fell to her knees and grinned. His erection was straining, a pearl of dew crowning it's top. Jess knew what he wanted. She knelt between his legs and licked at the pearl, kissing the tiny slit it had come from. She licked the length of his shaft and smiled at his hiss and scowl. Feeling merciful for the release he had given her she didn't tease for once, opening her mouth and sucking him inside. She moved up and down his shaft sucking and humming when she reached the crown, before moving back down his length again. She looked up at him through her lashes at the tendons straining in his neck and the look of desire in his eyes. Her hands moved from their place on his thighs to play with him more, stroking and cupping his balls. Next time she vowed he would receive more attention because she need him inside her now, rubbing her legs together the try and relieve the ache in her pussy. The fact she was thinking about next time completely bypassed her desire stoked brain.

Tris's control about to snap, he reached down and pulled Jess from him, he smiled at the squelching pop made as she released him and then kissed the head of his engorged penis. He flipped her over, positioning her on all fours and flipping up her skirt; he smiled at the red thong which his hands had already dislodged and thrust into her from behind. Jess reared up and pushed herself back against the friction he made, he was so deep in her and it felt so good. Thrust after thrust he pounded into her. Jess's breath became choppy, her face and neck became flushed. He was magnificent, never had she been a docile lover, always vying for who was in charge, but the way he pounded into her, she wiggled her hips in time with his thrusts, any carpet burns she got from this was worth it. Tris reached round her body, leaning over her back, his hand found her clit and flicked it, Jess screamed, her body wracked with spasms, her channel clutching at him, stroking it further. But still Tris didn't stop, he kept up his relentless pounding, playing with her clit until Jess squirmed and mewled and was about ready to combust. Tris growled in release, coming inside of Jess whist pinching her clit. Jess screamed her second release, this one even more powerful, her pussy gripping his cock, prolonging his own pleasure.

Tris withdrew from Jess's body and lay on the rug, Jess a collapsed heap next to him, a very satisfied smile on her face.

Jess sat up with a start; she tried to hide the smile on her face as her brain scolded her for what she had done. She was so confused."I need a shower," she muttered as she almost ran into the bathroom.

'Shit' Tris thought as he felt her shutters rise. He shouldn't have rushed, but when she kissed him on the dance floor he lost his head. Stripping his clothes off Tris followed Jess into the shower; he saw her jump as he opened the door.

"Tris, I can't do this." she said as she backed away from him. "I.."

"Kitten, hush" he said gently, "I don't want anything other than your company," he said as he silently approached her, turning Jess so hr back was to him as he picked up the shampoo and began to wash her hair. As the water washed away the suds and then the conditioner softened her hair something within Jess began to break, she turned to Tris.

"I can't do this, I can't, I.." Jess began to cry softly and felt herself be enveloped in Tris's strong arms.

He felt like such a bastard, he'd already hurt her and now rushing things had made it worse. Not that he regretted the sex, fuck me, he thought, sex that good could never be wrong; but they shouldn't have rushed.

Bending his head he kissed her hair, "shhh kitten, it's ok" he said as he stroked her back and allowed her to cry.

Saturday, 30 January 2010

Build Your Own Book Boyfriend!

We all have our favourite book boyfriends and now you have the chance to create one just for yourself and your fantasies! How do you play? Fill out the quiz bellow, post a picture of sexy man and tag five (5) other book addicts to do the same. Don't forget to pop to their blogs as let them know they have been tagged! Once tagged... you have do do the same, grab the button, answer the questions, and keep it rolling! But don't forget the picture of the sexy man! It doesn't have to match your fantasy man, just a little eye candy for the rest of us... heheheee!

1- Hair colour and style
Dark hair for me, thick and luxurious so I can run my fingers in it. Not long either fairly short possibly brushing the back of his collar and not too much product, a bit ruffled, like he has just stumbled out of my bed!

2- Eye colour and facial features

Bright blue eyes with thick lashes, the kind of eyes you can get lost in. A handsome face with a strong jaw and kissable mouth, rugged looking!

3- Height and body type
Even thought I am short I like my men tall, so I want him to be about 6'3 with an athletic body type. Ripped stomach muscles with a lickable v and perhaps a smattering of chest hair for me to rub up against. But no gorillas or hairy backs ICK. Not to mention a tight butt and tones long legs! Skin should be tanned like someone who works outdoors, ooooo I almost forgot, broad shoulders, I have a weakness for strong arms and large capable hands. Especially if he knows how to use them.

4- Visible age

5- Bangability ie: kinky/bi/size
Stamina so he can go all night long if the mood takes him! Straight with perhaps a little kink *waves silk scarves* As for size, fairly large with good girth. *blushes*

6- Human or other
OOOOO this is hard... but I will go for a dragon! I always did love Drake Vireo

7- Paranormal skills
Ability to turn invisible, could be fun!

8- Interests
Me obviously, but also literature, films and extreme sports

9- Habitat
A city dragon, cute apartment with a fabulous view, and a big bed.

10 Special skills

The ability to make me laugh and scream, but not at the same time.

I tag....

The Geeky Bookworm

Sagi's Randomness
Leontine's Book Realm
Larissa's Life
Bearsy Book Bitch

Don't forget to come back to the Gutter Girls and let us know you posted so we can check out your man.

And now the eye candy!

Friday, 29 January 2010

Friday Night Fight Night!- Ash v Nick

"Evening ladies, tonight is the big night, just look at Bear she can hardly contain herself with excitement! Jamzangel can you just push that bucket under her chair, just in case. Now, tonight is our heavy weight fight between Acheron Parthenopaeus in the red corner, mysterious leader of the dark hunters, god of all things sexy, in the blue corner the equally sexy (in my opinion RAWR) Nick Gautier, dark DH, Malachai and former human! Don't get all swirly eyed with me or I will whip your ass, you were former human so just accept it and yes I know you want to kill him, or wanted to or whatever, but you can't, why? Because I say so, and as this is my little fictional world I am in charge... so there!

"Now ladies you may have noticed that this week I have dressed our victims in kilts, and short kilts at that, they are traditional, no shirts and no undies are worn underneath, you can also see they are fighting on a bouncy castle! Some skirt is gonna fly tonight! OK boys into the ring and start bouncing before I let Bearsy start pouncing. Ladies your flashes are blinding me, I want copies of those snaps! After three fight... 1...2....3...FIGHT!

"Woah, Nick is the aggressor in this fight launching himself at Ash with a passion, but Ash just bounces out of the way, grinning and this seems to infuriate Nick who again lunges for him and misses, falling and bouncing and oooo giving us an eyeful. Nice arse! Ash throws himself to bounce on Nick but Nick rolls out of the way, there are things flying everywhere, and ladies they have nothing to be ashamed of! Indeed, they should be very proud!

"They are back on their feet and punching each other, but they seem to be losing their footing, yes they are slipping on something, who gave Bear baby oil? But I must say it is making them glisten as they slide around in it, a ripped chest in baby oil and moonlight, well spotlights, is a sight to see. Ash and Nick wrestle and punch each other, bouncing in tandem to the wake of the bouncy castle, Ash is winning as he straddles Nick, pinning him to the ground. He seems to be saying something but the roar of the crowd is so loud I can't hear it. No it is more that that, that is escaping air, the bouncy castle is deflating around them! Who had the pin? Wait, where did they go?

"Has anyone seen Bear and Jaymzangel? What? They have kidnapped both of them? Ladies I promise you you will all get a turn, I declare Ash the winner, and I know just whose room he will be in.


Sunday, 24 January 2010

Sunday Is Smut Day it's my turn for Smut Sunday, Minx and Jay did awesome with their posts. A bit of backstory of what i've written. These are my RP characters (i've changed the names) i play with from time to time, they've been dancing around each other for a while, Luc is a Were and knows Cailin is mated to someone else but he can't stay away from her, the pull is too big. This is when they come together...haha so to speak. I haven't even gotten this far in the RP story yet, so it's a GG exclusive!
I hope you like Smut Sunday.


Sparklybearsy xoxo

Cailin slammed the door to “Killer Heels” the designer shoe shop open, and strode straight to the back office, ignoring staff that gave her a gaped mouth look. She intended to shove his damn shoes and all his other gifts down his smug throat once and for all. She was married dammit, albeit to a waste of space who had took off long ago, but still married, Luc had no right sending her anything, least of all fuck me right now shoes. Even if they were the sexiest shoes she’d ever had.

She knew if she ever wore them, she’d be so fucked. Literally.

The chemistry between her and the wolf was too sizzling for it to end up anywhere else. So she wasn’t giving him the slightest encouragement.

She hoped. Fuck, she really did hope she didn’t. But Cailin couldn’t deny she wanted him.

Seeing his office empty her temper deflated. Her hand went to the strappy heeled shoes stroking over them.

“Now if only you’d stroke me that way Angel” She heard from behind her, giving herself whiplash she spun around, going face to chest with ..with..HIM.

“Don’t you dare innuendo me Wolf!” She raised her eyes to his eyes, that were grinning down at her.

“I dare very much with you Angel. Care to see how far?” His voice dropped an octave as he bent his head to the side of Cailin’s face and nuzzled breathing her in deeply “Fuck. I can smell your arousal, it’s burning into me” He let a ripple of a growl rise from his throat, her scent made him drunk. Made him want to possess, to tear at her clothes and fuck her blind until she screamed his name. The wolf in him clawed for possession, to mate, to bury as deep and as hard as he could inside her hot wet sheath.

Luc slid a hand to the side of her face, brushed his thumb across her parted lips “I smell you Angel, i can feel your heart racing, unleash yourself, i know you want to claw at me just as bad as i do you” He stroked her lower lip dipping his thumb inside and feeling her tongue tip shyly taste his skin

“I hate you Luc. Hate. You” She whimpered low and her control collapsed as she let the pair of shoes drop to the floor so she could thread fingers into his hair and pull him roughly down to her mouth. She couldn't take the sexual frustration any longer “I hate you” she nipped hard at his lip tugging it between her teeth swiping across with her tongue tip as he crowded her back to the wall lifting her effortlessly to press her to it. “Fuck me so i can hate you some more Luc”

Lust exploded all over him, growls left his throat. He wanted inside her right now, to fuck until they couldn’t move. He hadn’t mated in months because of this damn woman so she better be ready for full on wolf mating, he had no gentle in him right now, lust ruled him now he knew she wanted him back. He slid a knee between her thighs grinding hard to her core feeling her heat through their clothes, her moans spurred him on, he fisted a hand into her hair tilted her head back and stroked a hungry tongue across her pulse beating hard on her throat,ending with a deep nibble.

“ Legs around me. Now.” Hands slid up and under her skirt and with a snap of his wrist her panties were torn clean off, Cailin made a mental note to whup him upside the head for ruining her favourite pair of panties.


Right now she was climbing out of her skin to get him inside her, fingers, cock, tongue. Anything. She was beyond stopping him, beyond denying she wanted him. All Cailin could think of now was being impaled on the thick length she felt grinding between her thighs. She tightened her legs around him pushing, riding, trying to gain a small gram of relief, she almost howled in ecstasy as she felt his fingers trail over her pussy lips, urging him on with moans and circles of her hips she licked over his lips tasting him, purring she lapped slowly at him dipping into his mouth to stroke around his tongue dragging it into her mouth to duel. She was blind with need, with lust..

No not lust...just the need to fuck. It had been far too long. A girl could go insane with no action between her thighs. The grunts by her ear told Cailin she was in for some major action now. She bowed her back with the first slide of his fingers deep inside her.

“Mmmm...Silky wet. Just as i knew you’d be Angel” He angled his fingers pushing them harder inside, his eyes pierced hers holding her gaze watching every thrum of pleasure race over her face as he fucked her slow sliding a third finger, the stinging pain of fullness he knew would enhance the pleasure as he rode in and out of her. “You’re driving me out of my mind” he took possession of her lips, prizing them open to slip around her tongue more, she tasted of the sweetest honey.

“How about...mmm fuck...” she undulated drawing his fingers deeper inside herself” “you get to driving into me instead huh?” nibbling on his lower lip Cailin slid a hand between them cradling the bulge in his jeans pressing with the heel grinding over and again, grinning against his lips when he groaned.

Within moments she had his jeans unbuckled and his thick pulsing length in her hand drawing out moan after moan from him as her thumb grazed over his weeping tip. She’d hate them both later, but right now she couldn’t think past just getting him inside her.

Crushing Cailins lips beneath his he tangled their tongues the same time he slipped over her clit with his thumb pressing and rotating, she was a fucking Goddess beneath him, nails dug into his back under his shirt, he knew he’d be marked once this was over. Knowing he wasn’t letting her leave this office until both of them were sated right down to their souls he growled low and gave her what she was whimpering for and sliced right up inside her in a single thrust, embedding himself hard. Her cry ricocheted around the room. Tongues stroked slow and sensually biting nibbling tasting while their bodies moved frantically together. He pushed deeper, harder, riding her up the wall her pussy feeling like heaven wrapped tight around him. “Say you belong to me” Luc issued with a deep pump of his cock sliding over her oh so sensitive gspot.

Cailins growl of protest made him smile against her lips “Say it. Say you’re mine now!”

“How about you go to hell!” She replied snapping her hips riding his length until she moaned from the fullness. So damn close, if only he’d stop talking and fuck her stupid already.

Laughing, Luc took hold of her hips giving shallow thrusts, grinding his cock tip across her swollen clit before slamming deep inside again wanting to drive her clean out of her mind with pleasure before he pushed her over the edge. “Oh Angel. It’s going to be fun taming you. That’s a wolfs promise.”

Saturday, 23 January 2010

TONIGHT IS FIGHT NIGHT! Battle of the Wolves!

"Here it is ladies, they are neck and neck in our hearts, but only one can win! Who will it be? Innnnnn the blue corner the sexy wise cracking wolf Fang! Innnnnnnn the red corner the equally sexy mashed potato loving wolf Fury! Known by his newphew as Furry! That cracks me up! Now boys, you will have noticed that we have given you white suits to wear, what you don't know is that the suits are paper based and become see through when wet, oh and they also dissolve with enough water. That is right ladies, and that is why you have water pistols attached to your seats and why Sagi and Bear are manning the water cannons! Boys, word of advice, avoid the Bear if you can, she is wearing her evil grin and will have you naked in seconds, then again, that could be fun too. Off to your corners and on 3 fight.

"1....2.....3......FIGHT! The ladies are on form tonight, the water pistols and cannons are firing at the wolves with relentless force, now the suits are wet and see through, it is like watching a wet t-shirt contest for man bits! Ladies keep that water pumping and soon the suits will be off! The wolves are attacking each other, for brothers there seems to be little love lost between them, Fang is punching Fury, who blocks and punches back. What is next, hair pulling? Fury grabs hold of Fangs arm and falters when the suit comes away, keep the water coming ladies, he turns and blocks Fang following up with an upper cut. Fang, flailing, kicks out and turns, the riund house pulling Fury to the floor with him.

"Ladies it is if they know we want to see their wet, glistening, muscular bodies rolling around together. Mmmmmm YES WE DO! I hear you ladies! More boys, we want MORE! Fang is on his feet he turns and goes to jump on Fury, as he does so Fury rolls and Fang land hard on the deck, Fury rolls back and again ladies we have naked men wresting! Susi I will be wanting copies of those pictures you are taking, more water Sagi! Get them nice and wet! Fang pushes and straddles Fury and seems to be taking his fury out of him, but Fury is not taking this lying down, he bucks off his brother and turns to pin him, but wait, the gate is open! Jaymz did you let the Bear out? No she is still tied to her water cannon, phew. The boys are trying to get on top of each other, but there are people on the pitch, they think it is all over, it is now! Sagi and Susi and pulling them apart and looking them both up and down, the boys seem confused, Susi and Sagi shake hands. Wait, girls where are you going? They are running, umm Sagi have fun with Fury and bring him back unharmed, and Susi... Fang likes collars! Well he is a wolf/dog anyway... Enjoy!

"Well I guess we have to call that one a draw ladies, I'll see you next week. Minx over and out!"

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Tasty Manlove Thursday

We have something yummy for you today for Tantalizing Thursday. What we do is pick a favourite scene and post it for you along with a hottie enjoy!

Today's scene is MANLOVE!! yes, boy on boy lurveee. Its from a book i only finished today, and wanted to share some of that delishness with you. I love Sirus and Grey, both sexy tall alpha men.  ENJOY!


Sparklybearsy xoxo

A scene from "Grey's Awakening"

The man was nude, and goddamnit, he was stunning. No towel this time, Sirus lay

tangled on top of his quilt in stark naked glory. Grey swallowed hard at the picture the
man created. The blunt angles of his face appeared harsher, with deeper shadows filling
in the rougher places. A thin line of light highlighted a sensuous mouth, half open with
nearly silent rapid breathing. A wide beam of moonlight highlighted Sirus’s wide,
muscular shoulders and chest, his cut, defined stomach and long, lightly haired legs. The
deep olive tone of his skin burnished with almost a bronze hue in the moon’s natural
light. Beyond that, what Grey kept darting his focus back to time and again as he tried to
mentally process every piece of Sirus Wilder, was Sirus’s big hand … stroking his even
bigger, fully-erect cock.

Jesus Holy Christ.

The man really was huge all over. Grey couldn’t even hazard a guess on girth and
length, but fuck, Sirus’s dick certainly matched his body, there could be no mistaking
that. Grey’s mouth watered as he watched, rapt, as the shiny head of Sirus’s dick came in
and out of view with every swipe of the man’s hand. Damn it, Grey loved a mouth full of
cock. He probably craved giving a blowjob just as much as he liked getting them. He
missed the smooth heat of another man’s dick pushing past his lips, of getting that first
hint of salty precum on his tongue, or the slowly building slide of his partner pushing his
length inside, filling Grey’s mouth with every inch of his prick. Jesus, Grey would have
to relax his throat and work hard to take all of Sirus, but his jaw dropped open a little bit
right where he stood, imagining the pleasure in learning to take it.

Sirus suddenly started pumping his cock faster through the tight fist of his hand, and
his body writhed all over the bed in that way a person only lets happen when they know
hey are alone. Deep, needful noises escaped Sirus’s lush, fucking kissable mouth,
vibrating a frequency through the air that reached Grey with a sharp, palpable wave.
Unable to walk away or even to turn his head, Grey pushed the front of his sweats down
and freed his erection, taking it firmly in hand. Exquisite sensation rushed through Grey
as he stroked his penis in time with Sirus’s motions. He held himself in a painfully tight
grip, imagining that Sirus would have a rough hand and would give a punishing jerk-off
to a cock—as it appeared he gave himself right now.

Mesmerized, Grey watched Sirus slide his hand up his body and stick two fingers in
his mouth, wet them, and then rub them back and forth over his large nipples, tweaking
the darker flesh until both tips stood out in pinpoints, making Grey want to nip them to
see if Sirus would cry out with pleasure. Grey’s cock jumped in his hand and his balls
pulled heavy with cum, begging for a rough touch. Grey nearly groaned with need, and
just then, Sirus dragged down on his length and kept right on going, reaching between his
legs. He played with his nuts, alternating between rolling and pulling on his sac—exactly
what Grey needed too. Grey quickly followed suit, taking his weight with a good tug;
switching back and forth between his member and his balls until it wasn’t enough and he
used both hands, biting his lip and fighting the coiling need for release.
“Mmm … yeah…” Sirus’s deep voice carried through the night. Even though he had
his eyes closed and looked like he was a thousand miles away in fantasyland, it was as if
Sirus took his cue from Grey’s unspoken needs. He two-handed his testicles and cock,
spread his legs wide, dug his heels into the sheets, and thrust his hips in earnest with
every move. Grey didn’t think he had ever seen such pure masculine beauty as he saw in
Sirus Wilder right now, with his mouth open and his skin pulled taut over cutting
cheekbones, perspiration glistening over every inch of his body, throwing every defined
line of hard muscle into pure, shadowed perfection.

Grey’s entire body buzzed with sensation and he swore to God it felt like a thousand
tongues licked his flesh all over, sending his nerve endings in a frenzy. With his gaze
locked on Sirus, Grey fisted his too-hard erection harder and faster, uncaring that he
didn’t have quite enough lubrication and it hurt a little bit. He ached all over with the
need to come and he couldn’t stop. Grey started thrusting his hips in counterpoint to
Sirus’s thrusts, imagining he had his cock buried deep in Sirus’s ass, and that every time
Sirus came down, Grey shoved up, taking the man’s smooth channel to the hilt.
It had been so long since Grey had taken another man, in any way, he almost
whimpered with the imagined tight inferno of Sirus’s snug hole smothering his cock with
suffocating heat. Grey’s hip thrusts turned jagged and off rhythm and he began leaking
more than enough precum to lubricate his length for the job. His balls squeezed and
pulled up ultra-tight to his body, so fast Grey didn’t feel the endgame hit before it
overtook him and shoved him right into orgasm.

“Ohhh, fuuuucckk…” He clamped his teeth together as he jerked and released,
spraying cum with the hottest jolt of pleasure, not stopping until he spit a half-dozen
milky lines onto the doorjamb and floor.
A hoarse, male shout yanked Grey’s eyes open and straight onto the picture of
Sirus’s hips thrust up in the air, shooting a load onto his chest and neck … his eyes wide
open, looking right at Grey as he did it. With desire, and not revulsion, in his stare.
Oh, shit.
Sirus was gay. Moreover, Grey could see it in the man’s eyes: Sirus now knew Grey
was too.
No, no, no. He didn’t need this complication right now.
Grey pulled every discipline he had ever taught himself into play and didn’t dart his
gaze away from Sirus’s. Instead, he stared the other man down without flinching or
blinking, schooled his features to indifference, stuffed his cock back into his sweats, and
walked away.
Never let them see you sweat.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Sunday Smutty Sunday

ok, I'm SUPER nervous about posting this, mostly because I don't think my writing is good enough to warrant being posted & also because I usually don't let anyone read my stuff except for bear. but here it is. *bites nails*

“I know you’re wet for me, Lissa. I can smell your sweet pussy from here.”
Rafe’s eyes burned through the darkness. Lissa could see his white teeth as he smirked, the sharper canines never failed to draw her attention.
She shivered violently. She had never been so turned on in her life, had never wanted someone so much. She had been imagining how he would feel on top of her, his big body between her thighs, her legs spread open wide for him while he pushed himself within her. She realized she was holding her breath & released it in a rush.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
“You want me inside you, filling you up, stretching you wide,” Rafe said, his eyes boring into hers.
Lissa turned away, her face flaming.
“Don’t say things like that, it’s cruel of you to tease me.”
He stalked towards her across the length of the room.
“I’m not teasing you. I’m merely telling you what you desire.”
He stood very close behind her and bent to whisper in her ear.
“I can give you things you’ve only dreamed of. Things you never thought possible.”
He caught her earlobe between his strong teeth & nipped it lightly.
“I can make you scream.”
He drew his tongue behind her earlobe & down the side of her neck, pausing over her tender jugular. When she made to pull away, he ran his big hand up the back of her neck & into her hair, grasping a handful & tilting her head to the left. He scraped his fangs along her neck, pressing them to her vein.
She closed her eyes, breasts heaving violently as her breath shuddered in & out of her lungs.
“Please don’t do this to me.”
“Please don’t do what?” He nipped her neck playfully, and then soothed the mark with his tongue. “Do this?”
“Please Rafe...” she trailed off as his fangs began a slow journey out towards her shoulder. He gripped the tender muscle of her shoulder tightly between his teeth. He started to bite down, causing her to whimper.
She gasped for air. “Oh please, please don’t! Rafe, no!”
Rafe snaked his arm around her waist & pulled her slowly back against his pelvis. Lissa struggled but went still when she felt the rock hard length of his erection. He rocked it against her soft bum.
“Mmmm baby, you feel so good,” Rafe purred in her ear. She strained against his hold on her but he refused to let her pull away. “Do not fear me, Lissa. I promise not to hurt you.”
The sounds of her frantic breathing & the way she was trying to jab him in the stomach with her elbow told him that Lissa had no intention of taking him at his word.
Suddenly, the lights came back on. Lissa found herself released & sitting in a chair across from Rafe, who was seated nonchalantly at his desk. She blinked owlishly.
“What the hell...” she trailed off as the door was opened. Her brother poked his head around the doorjamb.
“Rafe, have you seen Lissa? Oh, there you are. I’ve been looking all over for you.”
Lissa felt her face heat & knew her cheeks must be bright red.
“Did you need me for something, Neil?” Lissa asked.
“Yeah, can you give me a hand with this file? I know Jamie said you took care of it but I still have some questions.”
“Sure, I’ll be right there.”
She watched her brother’s head go back the way it came & the door shut again. She glared at the tall, dark man who was calmly sitting behind the big, mahogany desk.
“Look Rafe, I don’t know what’s going on but I don’t appreciate you messing with me,” Lissa snapped angrily.
Rafe eyed her coolly.
“I’m not sure what you’re on about Lissa but there’s no time to talk about it now. Go see what Neil needs help with. We can have this talk some other time.”
Lissa stalked to the door, yanked it open & slammed it closed behind her.
By the time she got back downstairs to her office, she was fuming. The nerve of that man! Working for a vampire had a lot of perks but this certainly wasn’t one of them. Being called up to his office while she was in the middle of daydreaming her usual hot fantasy involving her sexy boss was one thing. But being molested while she was in his office was certainly another.
Thank God, her brother hadn’t seen anything. Rafe’s damn vampire senses had come in handy for that at least. She did not appreciate this grand mindfuck he had going on, sitting there acting like he didn’t know what she was talking about. Lissa threw herself into her chair. Arrogant jerk! She buried her face in her palms. Oh my God, I cannot believe that actually happened. She pinched herself.
Maybe it didn’t happen; maybe it was just her imagination. Maybe she’d just fantasized about Rafe for so long; it had somehow started to seem real. Lissa didn’t know for sure but what she did know was she better get her ass in gear before her brother had to come looking for her again. It wouldn’t do for him to become suspicious. She sighed & got up to make the trek down the hall to her brother’s office. If she could just get through the rest of this day, she had a 2 week vacation to look forward to.
Rafe watched avidly as Lissa stomped out of his office. Unfortunately, he was distracted by the sway of her rounded ass until the door slammed shut behind her. He rubbed his eyes. Shit, now she was good & pissed, probably confused as hell too. He hadn’t meant to intrude on her thoughts but he’d smelled her arousal as soon as she stepped through his office door. Telepathy was just one of the many perks to being a vampire. Rafe had made damn sure it wasn’t anyone else who had gotten her turned on. Just the thought of it made him want to tear someone apart with his bare hands. Lissa was his, or as good as his; he would have her in his bed sooner or later.
He personally hoped it was a hell of a lot sooner. He was sorry to upset her but he couldn’t be sorry that he finally got his hands on that soft body of hers. He couldn’t wait for more. But he knew Lissa & her moods; she wouldn’t be out of this one for quite awhile. Rafe knew she wanted him but wasn’t sure how to get her to give in. He was her boss, had taken over after her father retired & he knew she’d always had kind of a thing for him.
To be honest, he’d had one for her while she was still in college. He could remember her coming in to the office to visit her father; she was always shy to meet his eyes and would blush when he talked to her. Now she was older, confident, even more beautiful and sassy as hell.
Rafe shifted in his chair as he felt his hard cock strain against his zipper. He reached down to adjust himself. Lissa had that effect on him. Any time she got pissed at him, her eyes would snap & sparkle, her cheeks got flushed & she would get that snotty tone. That tone always made him want to grab her, put her over his knee & spank her ass red. The thought of her squirming & cursing him made his cock jerk. So did the thought of bending her over his desk & pounding into her until they both climaxed so hard their knees went weak.
Fuck, he had to stop this or he’d come in his pants like a teenager. He needed to talk to Lissa about this & he couldn’t do it with his hard on sticking out like it was. Rafe shoved his chair back from his desk & stalked to the door, flipping the lock. He walked into his private bathroom & grabbed a towel from the cupboard. One of the perks of being CEO was having his own bathroom with a large black marble shower. He often worked late or came in after being at the gym.
Rafe flipped on the water, stripped off his clothes & stepped under the spray. He closed his eyes & pictured Lissa in front of him, the water beading on her creamy breasts with their rosy, hard nipples. He wanted to run his tongue over them, suck them into his mouth. Drag his fangs over them, bite her there.
Rafe let his hand drift down over his rippled abdomen to his heavy sex. He braced one hand on the marble wall as he wrapped his hand around the hard length, stroking it slowly from base to tip. In his mind, Lissa was on her knees in front of him, sliding her hot mouth around his swollen length, licking him, sucking him off. He started to breathe harder, moving his hand more swiftly, squeezing harder. He brought his other hand off the wall & rubbed his palm against the sensitive head before rimming the underside.
His imagination had him yanking Lissa off her knees & slamming her back against the shower wall, running his fingers through her slick wet heat, then pushing his hard length as far inside her as he could get. The image of her wet, naked body spread out for him, crying her pleasure while impaled on his cock burned itself into the back of his eyelids. His punishing grip on his dick had him gasping as he moved his hand faster & faster. The thought of Lissa screaming his name as she orgasmed, her pussy hot & rippling around him, had him growling out her name as he came in long, shuddering jerks. Rafe leaned one arm against the wall as he fought to get his breathing back under control. After a few minutes, he gathered himself & reached for the soap. No matter what he had to do to seduce Lissa, he was going to do it because he’d be damned if his next shower was going to be alone. There was no way she was going to evade him anymore. Rafe grinned as he ran a soapy hand over his bicep. She was going to be a challenge. He looked forward to it.


Something from Minxy's Tower on a VERY late Saturday something

Just a little something for you to look at!

Credit to danthedanimal at deviantart for the photograph.

Mmmmmm doesn't it make you want your own cowboy? I always think of Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunter Sundown! I hope he makes a comeback!


Saturday, 16 January 2010

Friday Night is Fight Night!! Bones v Barrons

"Morning Ladies, it me again Minx, your hostess with a whip! Yes boys I have a corset and a whip and I am not afraid to use them. Tonight's battle is battle of the B's the sexy vampire Bones against the, well we don't know what he but he is something sexy too, Barrons! Yes ladies cheer them on, they may need it, Bear is eying Bones up like he is some kind of steak, umm and Barrons I hate to warn you but Jaymzangel is doing the same for you. You can always find refuge in my bed, er I mean room, umm and if I get Pri-ya can you umm fix me, I heard about...

"Oh sorry ladies I was distracted by a bare chest, where was I? Innnn the red corner Bones, Innnnn the blue corner Barrons, yes boys they like you, they are also exited by the and the idea of wrestling in jelly. Yes you heard me correctly, boys you are wrestling in orange jelly! Or jello if you are from the other side of the pond. Why do you think you are naked under the robes? It might stain the loincloths, so hand those robes over now and get into your corners. What was that Bones? No it is not a fight to the death, it is a fight until I declare a winner, 3 falls and a knock out, a pin down or Bear breaks into the ring.

"After 3 fight.... 3! FIGHT! And they are off! Barrons is quick out of his corner but they are both finding it hard to move on the jelly, anyone would think it was black ice they are both trying to find purchase and keep grabbing each other. Bones has his teeth bared and takes a flying leap at Barrons, who steps out of the way and they both land flat on the floor. The ladies are screaming and shaking the ring because they are wrestling, rolling on top of each other trying grab hold. Bones is on top and is bucked off by Barrons who jumps to his knees and ends up face down in the jelly. Bones leaps onto his back and pulls his head back by his hair. Hair pulling, what are you? FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT! Barrons struggles underneath trying to buck off Bones, but wait there is a disturbance, the ring is moving. It is the Bear she is running into the ring and skids and lands on Bones, she is now in the jelly too. The ladies are joining her, it is pandemonium, it is brilliant! Quick Barrons with me, I will keep you safe! Bones, you win, ladies take care of him, he needs the jelly lick- I mean cleaning off him! Barrons, I'll clean you up. Enjoy him ladies, Minx out, see you in about a week!

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Zsadist's Tantalizing Teaser

Hello Gutter Girls, it's thursday again, time for some delicious sexy scene from a favourite book, Sorry it's late, my killer headache i've had all day is to blame...but here it is, a little bit of Zsadist and Bella from Lover Awakened - J R Ward. It's the first time they're are together, and while its not the durtiest thing we've read, it pulls at my heart strings, Z is so scarred from his past, he doesnt think he should be touching something so precious as Bella...

This is him, giving her a yummy happy...ENJOY!


SparklyBearsy xox

"Christ" he murmured moving to her other breast "i had no idea it would be like this"

"" Oh God....His Mouth..
"I could tongue you forever"
She grasped his head with her hands, pulling him closer. And it took some wriggling, but she mananged to split her legs and get one out from under him so that he was almost lying in the cradle of her body. She was dying to feel his arousal, except he just hovered over her.
When he pulled back she protested, but then his hands went to the insides of her thighs, and he moved down her body.
As he spread her legs, the mattress began to quiver underneath her.
Zsadists whole body shook as he looked at her "You're so delicate....and you glisten"
The first stroke of his finger down her core nearly threw her over the edge. As she let out a hoarse sound, his eyes flashed to hers and he cursed. "Goddamn it, i don't know what im doing, im trying to be careful --"
She grabbed his hand before he could take it away. "More..."
He looked doubtful for a moment. Then he touched her again. "You're perfect. And God, you're soft. Ive got to know..."
He leaned down, his shoulders bunching up hard. She felt a velvet brush.
His lips.
This time when she jacked up off the bed and said his name, he just pressed another kiss to her again, and then there was the wet stroke of his tongue. As he lifted his head and swallowed, the growl of ecstasy he made stopped her heart in her chest. Their eyes met.
"'re delicious", he said, going back down with his mouth.
He stretched out on the bed, looping his arms under her knees and overflowing the space between her thighs....a male who wasn't going anywhere for a long while. His breath was hot and needy, his mouth hungry and desperate. He explored her with an erotic compulsion, licking and probing with his tongue, sucking with his lips.
When her hips bucked, one of his arms moved across her stomach, holding her in place. She lurched again and he paused without lifting his head.
"Are you ok?" he asked, raspy voice muffled, words vibrating into her core.
"Please..." It was the only thing that came to mind.
He pulled back a little, and all she could do was look at his glossy lips and think of where they had been.
"Bella, i dont think i can stop. There's this....roar in my head telling me to keep my mouth on you. How can i make this ok for you?"
"Make me...Finish me" she said hoarsely.
He blinked as if she'd surprised him. "How do i make you come?"
"Just keep doing what you're doing. Only faster"
He was a quick study as he figured out what made her go wild, and he was ruthless once he discovered how to give her an orgasm. He drove her hard, watching her as she shattered apart once, twice....many times. It was as if he fed from her pleasure and was insatiable.
When he finally lifted his head she was limp.
He looked at her gravely. "Thank you"
" the one who should be saying that"
He shook his head "You let an animal into the most beautiful part of you. Im the one with the gratitude"
He pushed away from her body, that flush of arousal still in his cheeks. That erection still straining.
She held her arms out to him. "Wher are you going? We're not done"

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Super Smut Sunday!

A little more of Layla and Dray, this actually follows on from what was posted last week, as a Berserker Dragan has a very large appetite for sex, as a species they are bred and trained to channel all their emotions into either rage of battle or sexual tension, orgasm allows them to release that rage but to also see their souls.

“Don’t worry Lil,” he teased, “it’s only going to get better, I did a lot of training today.”

“A little worked up are we?” Layla asked as they quickly showered and dried themselves. Layla laughed as Dray picked her up and moved the into her bedroom, as he threw her down on the bed she continued to giggle, even when Dray growled at her and crawled up her body pinning her to the bed.

“I’d say at least a couple more rounds before I feel calm” He grinned down at her, “so do you think I could interest you in a little more?”

“I am certain I can squeeze you in!” Dray groaned at Layla’s bad pun, before kissing her into silence.

Layla continued to giggle as Dray pulled back and glared at her, “Lil, this is not the time for giggling” he said an exasperated tone giving an edge to his voice as he rolled over and lay on the bed next to her, know that he would get no further until her fit had subsided.

“I know,” she said as she sat up next to him moving to straddle his abdomen and taking his large hands in hers, “but you looked to cute, like a little boy who had been given his favourite toy.”

“Who says I haven’t been given my favourite toy” Dragan grumbled.

“Dray, I am not a toy,” Layla warned, sobering for a moment.

“Baby, who says I was talking about you.” He countered, “While you were having your briefing with Freyja, we had our own with Odin, and we have been gifted time on Earth, well mortal Earth, free time to do with as we please, to take whomever we please,” he drawled looking Layla in the eye.

Layla dropped Dragan’s hands and placed her own on his chest, she felt his hands move to her waist as he sat up under her and pulled her closer, “really?” she asked eagerly, followed quickly by a quizzical “why?”

“To try and draw out the succubus threat, all I have to do is log in when I want to go and if I will be going alone,” he moved his hands up to cup the sides of Layla’s breasts, his thumbs cupping underneath and moving to stroke her skin. “I wanted to share my good news with you, as I can’t think of anyone I would rather take.” Layla ran her hand through his hair and cupped the back of his neck.

“Yes” she whispered as she leaned in to kiss him, pulling away as Dray attempted to deepen the kiss. “You do know a way to charm a girl,” she said as she kissed her way down his neck, “but I know a sure fire way to calm you, and you didn’t need to dangle a shopping trip in front of me,” she chastised gently, “you’re my best friend silly, all you had to do is ask,” she said with a wicked grin as she pushed him back on the bed as kissed her way down his chest, avoiding Dragan’s hands as they tried to direct her or hurry her up. “You could have gone to a wench if you wanted fast and immediate relief, Dray,” she said as she sat up.

“Baby, why the fuck would I want a wench, over your slow torture,” he groaned and grinned at her; Dragan thought he was going to explode if she didn’t hurry, he could feel his heart racing, his blood boiling, he was still wound as tight as a spring, his earlier orgasm only touching the surface, his emotions were still high from training in berserk mode. Layla was right, if he’d wanted immediate relief he would have been better off with a wench than this torture, but fuck he loved her torture. He could feel her slow arduous journey down his body, as she took his shaft into her mouth and his balls into her hand he arched off the bed. “Fuck Lil” he grated as she ran her tongue round the crown before drawing the tip back into the warm sweet cavern of her mouth, moving down to take all of him, bobbing up in down in a slow rhythm testing his restraint.

Layla released his shaft with a pop, replacing her mouth with her hand as she turned her attention to his balls, rolling them in her warm mouth before licking her way up the length of his shaft, as she took the tip between her lips she moaned and hummed, working the length with her hand as she suckled the tip. Dray felt his balls grow tight as he exploded into her mouth.

Layla swallowed as Dray filled her mouth before withdrawing from his softening penis and kissing her way up his chest; she was already turned on and knew he would return the favour; she could feel the wetness coating the top of her thighs as she crawled up his body and straddled his abdomen. “Feeling better?” she asked before lowering her mouth to his.

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Friday Night is Fight Night!! Shade v Wraith

"Welcome ladies, welcome to our battle of the incubi! Innnn the red corner the furry Seminus Demon Shade! Innn the blue corner the vampiric Seminus Demon Wraith! Yes ladies this is the fight of the night, the answer to that old horror question who would win in a fight between a werewolf and a vampire. Don't glower at me like that boys, I know you are both seminus demons, just indulge me! Actually I will indulge myself, hand over the pants now, we are having us a naked fight!

"Ladies, this week just to add a bit of spice to our fight you will find water pistols filled with baby oil strapped under your seats. Feel free to squirt whenever you have the need. Now boys, no swordplay allowed, *snigger*, men! I know neither of you are aroused by men, it is just a little spicier for the women, look at Bearsy, she is salivating, Jaymzangel can you wipe her chin and make sure the chains are tight. Thank you. Now boys, after three fight.... 1...2...3... FIGHT!

"Wow ladies Shade is in there with a smooth round house trying to knock Wraith to the floor, but Wraith hits back with a jab and an upper cut, both men are snarling, sorry both demons are now snarling at me for calling them men, ladies squirt them! Ha, that has livened things up, Wraith slipped on the oil and has pulled Shade down with them, ladies I wish you were here, they are rolling in baby oil, I repeat they are rolling in baby oil! The crowd are getting excited, the screams are deafening as Shade gets on top and begins to punch Wraith, but Wraith is not taking this lying down, he upper cuts and rolls his brother, pulling him into a half Nelson, no wait a full Nelson.

"Wraith has Shade pined to the ground ladies, 1..2..3..4..5..6..7.. Shade is trying to move on the baby oil and can get no fiction, their skin just rubs smoothly...8...9..10!

"I pronounce Wraith the winner! Your winnings? Your winnings are me! Ladies share Shade amongst yourself, I'll see you in about a week! Minx out!"

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Tantalizing Thursday!

Oh's that day again, when the Gutter Girls give you a slice of deliciously tasty Smut from one of our favourite books.

If you want to join in, either post your fave scene in a comment, stating which book and author it's from. OR post it on your own Blog and come back and link us in a comment so we can drool over the smexiness.

You ready ladies? got your drool bibs on? panties ready to squeal like horny banshees? yes? then let us begin...
Todays hotness is taken from a book several of the Gutter Girls read recently "Of Crimson and Collars" Written by the sister duo Stella and Audra Price.
There's just something about Doms and Subs that tie my panties into an excited knot...and Ben is ALL Dom. Seriously 100% Dom, He just fries my circuits...Hope you like this taster scene between him and Minerva...its SMOKIN'!

"He allowed his hands to move around her front, taking her breasts in his hands. “Now, you mustn’t come, pet. Not without my express permission. To do so will incur severe punishment. Now, you may ask—beg even—but you must never come without my first saying so. This applies at all times. Sometimes, I’ll let you come as often as you want. Other times, maybe only once, if at all,” he whispered in her ear as he teased her nipples. “Understood?”

She shuddered and nodded. “Yes, my Prince.”

“Good. Your body belongs to me now. I own it and everything it is. Your every orgasm is mine. Mine to give and mine to deny.”
Minerva leant into him and panted. “Are you keeping me, Prince?”

“For now,” he told her, though he most certainly was keeping her. “But do not go against my wishes in this manner, and it includes touching yourself. Your pleasure is mine.”

Her skin against his chest was so supple and fresh, he couldn’t stop himself from kissing over her neck on the spot where he’d bitten her last night.
She moaned, tilting her head to give him better access. “I won’t disobey you, Prince,” she whimpered, her nipples hardening. Her hands went to his hips.

Holding her breasts tightly, he lifted her higher and teased her open with his cock. “Excellent.”
She gasped, feeling him between her thighs and moaned again. “Please,” she begged, “Please take me…”

Even Ben couldn’t resist a plea like that, not when she was still so tight and supple and especially not with the moons’ magic beating down on him, driving his body to slake his lust. Still holding her up high, he slammed up into her, careful to keep the jet on her clit. He was interested to see how far she’d get, whether she’d break his command or be reduced to sobbing pleas for mercy.

Minerva moaned and gasped, purring low in her throat. “Prince…gods, that’s deep,” she groaned. Her body quivered, and she dug her fingers into his hips, moaning. “Prince…please…so good…”

He took her hands, placing them on the edge of the tub before pushing her face down to meet them. Now with her completely bent over, he told her not to move. He stroked her thighs under the water, parting them uncomfortably wide before pulling almost out of her body then slamming back into her. Sometimes slow and hard was just what was needed to start the day, and he certainly enjoyed using her in this way. She was so willing and so complimentary, just happy to get fucked and make him happy. All women were in the end but from the start Mina was by far the best. She enjoyed giving him the control he needed.

She panted, arched and moved in his hands, letting him guide her. “Please. Please…I need to…” she whimpered.
“Need to what?” he asked cruelly, knowing full well by the fine trembling of her body that she was close.
“Please…” she begged. “Please, let me come, Prince.”

He toyed with just how cruel he would be before deciding he could allow her this one. “Since you asked me so nicely, come, pet.” He thrust harder into her, his cock moving over her sweet spots as the jet still pounded into her. “Come for me,” he growled into her ear"
More Smexiness next week!
SparklyBearsy xoxox

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Scarlet Smut Sunday

*takes deep breath* Ok I will be honest I am really nervous about this post, why? Like a lot of people I too am writing a novel, it is slow going and very rough at the moment, but I love the characters, and when Bearsy suggested we post some our own writings on Gutter Girls I though, yeah I can do that.

But it is a really rough draft, and yeah I know I am not the greatest writer in the world so here goes, I hope you like it.

To put it in context the story is set in the world of Valkyries, the main character Layla is a descendant of Freyja and a member of the Scarlettyne Order- Valkyrie assassins- Succubi are stealing the souls of the righteous warriors before the Valkyrie can get to them, so Odin dispaches his Berserkers and the Scarlettyne to stop them. Helped by her 'friend' Dragan (Captain of the Berserker Guard) Layla sets out to stop the Succubi threat.

This extract is from the beginning of the story, if you would like to know more about the background I have set up a small blog The Scarlettyne Sisterhood to host background information.

Ok, yeah I know I waffle... so without any further fuss... here it is...

'Layla sighed in frustration as she searched her room; it had to be here somewhere. Standing she surveyed the mess she had caused, a riot of underwear, weapons and denim lay strewn over the floor, “I am so fucked” she said to no-one in particular as she picked yesterday’s jeans out of the laundry basket and searched the pockets before throwing them randomly in the general direction of her bed. “Shit! Think Layla, think, you had it yesterday, you put it somewhere safe last night before you went to Asgard, you only now have to remember where.” The search continued; and as Layla picked up clothes from the floor and shook them she felt a fissure open in the space-time continuum: turning she found Dragan in her room picking up a scrap of pink lace from her headboard. Stalking towards him she snatched it out of his hand, “what do you want Dray? I don’t have time for this.” Layla glared at her friend even as she stood before him in her underwear, “I have things to do today, I don’t have time to play games with you, so just don’t.” The berserker looked at the small Valkyrie in front of him; he couldn’t help at laugh at the contrast between her defiant stance and her pale coloured lacy underwear.

“What colour is that? Peach?” He asked, deliberately ignoring her not so subtle attempt to get rid of him.

“What?” she asked in an exasperated voice as she returned to her rummaging.

“Your underwear, is it peach?” He grinned at her back as she ignored him, and sat on her bed opting to tease her all the more, “I have to say I am enjoying the view Lil, definitely made getting up at this hour worth while.” Layla shot up from where she had been bending and looking under her dressing table.

“It’s coral Dray? Now what do you want? You may not have noticed,” she said as she turned towards him, “but I am looking for,” she stopped as she noticed what dangled from the fingers of his right hand, a ruby in the shape of a fleur de lyses hanging from a thin black velvet ribbon, “that!” she said as she approached him. “But how did you get it, I didn’t take it with me last night?” Dray sighed and dropped the ruby into her outstretched palm, his eyes flicking to her breasts as she raised her arms to tie the symbol of the scarlettyne sisters around her neck, Layla rolled her eyes, “up here Dray.”

“That’s not what you said last night,” he grinned, “shit Lil, you are going to have to stop drinking berserker ale if you can’t remember how I got the necklace. You were playing poker with Loki, and ran out of chips, you weren’t willing to accept his terms for what you could bet and came back here for that.” He said pointing at her necklace, “thankfully you won that hand and your chips back, I took the ruby off you before you could lose it again. Freyja would scorch your arse if you lost another one of these. I planned on giving it back to you this morning before your meeting with her, but I woke to find my bed empty, some body having left in the middle of the night!” He leaned back and lounged on the bed, picking up something red, only to have it snatched out of his hands.

“You were snoring again and I couldn’t sleep. Besides you knew where I would be; and if I had stayed it would have been a rush to get back here, and there was no way I was turning up looking rumpled, not after last time. Shit I am still doing extra training for that.” Layla swept her hand around the room allowing her powers to flow out, magically tidying her room before pulling her Scarlettyne leathers out of her wardrobe. “Is there anything else you wanted?” She asked looking over her shoulder and sighing in resigned frustration at Dray’s raised eyebrow.

Dragan raised his 6’5’’ frame from the bed, “No, nothing else, I have to go whip the horde into shape. I’ll catch you later Lil and try and stay out of trouble.” With a quick kiss he was gone. Layla quickly dressed, one eye on the clock, she was going to be late, grabbing her weapons she vanished: teleporting herself to Freyja’s antechamber to await her fate.'

At Bearsy's request I have included a scene which happens after the meeting in Freyja's chambers and training. Enjoy!

'Four hours later Layla was sore and tired as she jogged back to her room, Gondul had been brutal, but then Layla had expected nothing less, all she wanted now was hot shower and perhaps a massage if she could get one. Layla opened the magically sealed door to her quarters, heading first to her small kitchen to grab a glass of water. The Valkyries all had similar apartments comprising of an open planned living area and kitchen, a large bedroom with an ensuite bathroom, what differentiated them was their décor. Layla’s apartment was a tactile dream, a combination of leather, metal and soft furnishings. Finishing her water she headed to her bathroom leaving a trail of clothing behind her, naked she stepped into the large shower enclosure, turning on the water and allowing it to cascade over her skin caressing her body.

Layla sighed under the warm water, “oh god” she sighed, “I needed this,” grabbing the shampoo she turned and screamed. “Shit Dray, give a girl some warning,” she shouted over the sound of the shower, peeking from around the steamed glass partition.

“What the fuck is this?” he asked the offending item dangling from his hand.

“It’s my sports bra Dray,” she explained, heading back under the water.
Dray began to remove his training clothes and headed into Layla’s shower cubicle. “You stink,” Layla said as joined her under the water.

“That’s why I need a shower!”

“You do have your own shower you know,” Layla said, she turned to face him as he chuckled behind her.

“But it’s not as fun as yours!” She sighed as he winked at her before picking up the shower gel. “What happened the little pink thing you had on this morning?”


“I came expecting little pink frillies and I found black and industrial! Although you out of them is a lot more fun.” Dray took the shower gel from Layla and began to wash her back, massaging her shoulders as he as he rinsed the suds off.

“I need to train in a sports bra Dray, you know this, it eliminates bounce.” Layla slapped his hands away as they came round to cup her generous breasts and turned to face him, taking the gel from him she motioned for him to turn and began to return the favour, washing and rinsing his back, watching the soap and water run down his muscular back.

Layla sighed, she was tired and ached, but watching the water running down Dragan’s body was making her body come alive. But the he knew this would happen, she had no doubt that was why he had sought her out after training. Dray turned and faced her, his desire evident as he picked up the shampoo and began to wash his hair, passing the bottle Layla after pouring some onto his hand. Layla turned her back into the spray allowing the water to soothe her before she too washed her hair, smiling as Dragan’s hands replaced her own, “That feels so good” she sighed as Dragan washed her hair.

“I have magic hands Lil” he whispered as he bent forward and nipped her earlobe, his erection pushing against the small of her back. Layla sighed and rubbed against him as Dray’s hands moved to her breasts, cupping them, feeling their weight before brushing her nipples with his thumbs. Layla turned her head and kissed him and his hand moved to her stomach, the other playing with her nipple as it’s mate moved to stroke her stomach before venturing further south. Layla mewled into Dray’s mouth and rubbed against him as she opened her thighs allowing him access. Dragan smiled as he pulled his mouth away from Layla’s, kissing his way down her neck to her shoulder as his hand stoked her swollen flesh, his large fingers worrying her clit before sinking further into her flesh. Layla began to pant, her hands moving to his, covering them as she rode his hand. “That’s it baby,” he whispered as he bit her shoulder, before capturing her mouth with his as Layla began to scream in release.

Layla felt her world explode as Dragan worked her body, prolonging her pleasure, dragging it out until she was limp, turning into his arms she wrapped her own about his neck as she kissed him, her tongue stroking the inside of his lower lip before nipping it slightly before venturing inside to stroke his tongue with her own. His erection burned against her stomach as he backed her to the wall; Layla slipped one hand from around Dragan’s neck and stroked her way down his body, as her fingers encircled his shaft Dragan growled into her mouth, taking ownership of the kiss as he began to thrust into her hand. Dragging his mouth from hers Dragan pinned Layla to the wall, his breath short and fevered against her neck as he lifted her and allowed her to wrap her legs round him, Layla rubbed against him, biting his shoulder in her need as Dray thrust into her.

“Fuck, Lil” Dray grated, as he ground into her, unable to finish his sentence as their passion mounted. “I want more baby” he ground out, lifting one of Layla’s legs into the crook of his arm, changing the angle of his thrusts, abrading her clit as he did so. Layla couldn’t take any more, the power of his thrusts as his large shaft filled her, the pressure beating against her clit, it was all too much as she screamed and came. Dray growled as Layla’s body milked him, shuddering in his own release. Their heavy breathing filled the room, replacing their cries of passion. Finally able to take her head from his shoulder Layla looked up at him, “we need to shower together more often,” she grinned, still a little breathless. Dragan laughed and kissed her nose before slipping out of her and lowering her back to the floor.'

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Saturday Surprise!

Look which Book Boyfriend has dropped by to say Hello and hand out smooches ;) Dont be shy GutterGirls, Say hi To Butch from J R Wards Blackdagger Brotherhood, He's reaaallly friendly ;)

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You remember this scene right? i was steamy eyed reading it thinking "kiss him V...KISS HIM, bite him...lick him...ANYTHING!!!!!" The sexual tension was SCORCHIN'!

Lover Revealed Pg:442
Butch's induction ritual (All members of the BDB are present, and witness this exchange between Butch and V)

Then it was V's turn.....

"My flesh", he whispered.

He seemed to hesitate before turning to Butch. Then he pivoted and their eyes met. As candlelight flickered over V's hard face and got caught in this diamond irises, Butch felt his breath get tight: At that moment, his roommate looked as powerful as a god...and maybe even as beautiful.

Vishous stepped in close, and slid his hand from butch's shoulder to the back of his neck. "Your flesh," V breathed. Then he paused, as if asking for something.

Butch tilted his chin up, aware that he was offering himself, aware that he...oh, fuck. He stopped his thoughts, completely weirded out by the vibe that had sprung up from God only knew where.

In slow motion Vishous's dark head dropped down and there was a silken brush as his goatee moved against Butch's throat. With delicious precision, V's fangs pressed against the vein that ran up from Butch's heart, then slowly, inexorable, punched through skin. Their chests merged.

Butch closed his eyes and absorbed the feel of it all, the warmth of their bodies so close, the way V's hair felt soft on his jaw, the slide of a powerful male arm as it slipped around his waist. On their own accord, Butch's hands left the pegs and came to rest on V's hips, squeezing that hard flesh, bringing them together from head to foot. A tremor went through one of them. Or maybe...shit, it was more like they both shuddered.
And then it was done. Over with. Never to happen again."

Friday, 1 January 2010

Friday Night is Fight Night!! Rhage v Rehv

Rhage v Rehv

Who will win our first fight night of 2010?

"I am Minx and I will be your host and commentator for this evening, helped by Jaymzangel my Bear wrangler, oh and Bear, this week she has tied herself to the seat and is using Vane as a cushion, you know Bear you are going to have to give him back after tonight, it has been 2 weeks you can only loan him! Sorry dear listeners; back to our fight night, due to the weather we have come outside for a naked snowball fight. Don't look at me like that, you really didn't think those loin clothes would stay on did you? Men! Innnnn the red corner, the animalistic wonder Rhage; innnn the blue corner the sexy sympath Rehv. That's right ladies cheer them both, ummm boys, where are you going? No. When they were chanting 'off' it was not about you getting off the stage, ... just get in the ring and prepare to fight, Oh and Rhage... no inner beastie tonight, we wanna see you! On 3 fight... 1.... 2.... 3... FIGHT!

"Wow Rehv got in their quickly with a super opening salvo of snow, the crowd are going wild as he bends over to make more balls, Rhage fires back with a continuous volley of snow bombs, go Rhage! Jaymzangel, what is she doing now, Bear you can't have them both, now just press the button. Ah ha boys you didn't see that coming did you, listeners, the screams are because Bear pressed the remotes which released the snaps on the loin cloths and trust me, the boys don't seem to be suffering from the cold. Who threw that snowball? Jaymzangel was that you?

"It seems the threat of crowd attack has upped the boys spirit, they are now putting their heart and bodies into the snow fight, they are wrestling on the ground, each trying to pin the other, and Rhage has done it, Rhage is on top ladies, Rhage is on top and stuffing snow down Rehv's mouth, but Rhev is fighting back he is trying to buck Rhage off, but wait, someone is in the ring. Jaymzangel is pulling Rhage off Rehv, the crowd is going wild. Rhage is confused, Rhage baby it's ok, you have won, she is just helping Rhev, in fact she is helping him out of the ring, she is running actually. Jaymzangel... bring him back unhurt!

"Ok ladies we have our winner RHAGE! So who wants to share the winnings?"

The Gutter Girls 2010

Our layout for the New Year! Something fun and frilly, but we are still rooted firmly in the gutter!

Fight Night will be posted later, if I can get away from my family dinner early.

Happy New Year!