Monday, 14 December 2009

VANE! He's my Wolf

hugh Jackman Pictures, Images and Photos  Out of all the Were menz out there, it's Vane from "Night Play" - Sherrilyn Kenyon that holds my attention. And just to put it out there...HE'S MINE! =D He lives in my Harem of Book boyfriends and he wrangles all my other menz in order with his smexi growls.

Have you read Night Play? if not why the heck not?!?!?! It's one of SKs best books ever, and my most read DH/Were book, i think i can quote sections of it...those sections may or may not be the smexi parts *grins* I just love this man, not to mention how unbelieveably mouth wateringly sexy he is, he just is a perfect man. When hes in his wolf form how he longs for Bride - and can i say what a lucky bitch she is! - just makes my heart melt, how he is when she takes him home to have dinner with her family has my heart smiling.

But c'mon people this is a gutter blog, it's the smexi time that held my attention and made my panties squeal! That dressing room scene....Holy jesuz! If there's been one time i wanted to hurl myself into a book and take over a scene it was that one. Seriously HAWT!

So Vane is my boy, my nice sweet romantic loveable wolf boy for all those moments when i dont want to kink it up, although a man that can orgasm for 5 mins minimum has to have some kink in his blood, no? 

Hugh Jackman has been the closet person to resemble Vane, all that tuggable hair makes my fingers itchy  Hugh Jackman Pictures, Images and Photos


SparklyBearsy xoxo


Minx said...

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm you know I love me a little Vane.... or even a lot of Vane. OMG the scene in the changing room, I almost melted! Vane is another occupant of my tower, and I still like a little RTG as Vane... RAWWR!

I have 2 copies of Night Play, I wore the original pink copy out!

Sparklybearsy said...

LOL hussy wearing out your copy of NP! and if you're sharing my vane then i get a turn with John Matthew, deal? =D

jaymzangel said...

oh Vane *SWOON* the dressing room scene, I swear my knees were knocking after that one. I could use another copy, it's my most read DH book

JennXer said...

Vane, how I love VANE! He's my fave, but when I think of him I picture Roy Dupuis when he played Michael on "La Femme Nikita" ... oy! I need to read this book again!

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