Sunday, 13 December 2009

John Matthew- Send him to the Tower!

As odd as it seems I keep all my book boyfriends locked in a tower... they have a floor each and I visit them all regularly. I know... I am insane, anyway, today I am letting out John Matthew.

My friend V and I are in lust, we have been looking for a visual representation of JM and we think we have found him! Well at least our version of him... ;o)
I have a LONG list of things I would like to try, and I have the handcuffs ready! So why JM? Perhaps one of the attractions is his lack of voice, not in a I won't have to listen to him way, but I think he will have a silver tongue in other ways, and his hands will be skilled! Need I say more. Plus he comes with team Qhay as standard... ooo the more I think about this the more fun it is!

Minxy XX


Sparklybearsy said...

RAWR!!!!! oh sweet baby jesuz upon his skateboard YES!!!!! JM is just a tall drink of delicious water i wanna gulp down fast! I shall visit him muchly in your tower Julesy, help him develop that silver tongue of his ;) HEE!!!

jaymzangel said...

dayyyyyyyyyyyyum!! JM is H.O.T. (so is the guy in the pic, YUM!) I agree that part of his attraction is that he can't speak but he also has many layers (as well as being 2 ppl essentially) so I think that will make for a fascinating journey...and some smoking hot sex

Minx said...
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Minx said...

Hell yeah, I want too see who he ends up, will he find his voice and will it be literal or metaphoric?


I must check my posts for typos before I post!

SusiSunshine said...

I so love this pic! You can't do that to a girl in the early morning?

pattepoilue said...

OHHHHHhhhhhhhhh MY John Matthews! How did he escape from my bed? lol I love this pic! Lover mine is gonna be spectacular nomnonmonmonmnom

Sparklybearsy said...

LOL @ pattepoilue! you gotta keep a tighter reign on your menz, there's theives everywhere, mwahahahaha! Lover Mine is gonna ROCK, i fear it will make us all bawl like babies too, but im gonna focus on the smexi time rawwwr!

Minx said...

Mine is on order and I just can't wait.... it will be so GOOD!

And when I read I will ahve that picture in my head!

Smokinhotbooks said...

This is close, really close. For some reason my vision of JM was that he had a flatter nose...and was ripped! But this guy, oh he makes my toes curl.

Pixiedust said...

*loses breath* OMG he's amazing! That is a HOT HOT HOT representation of JM! Finger lickin good I say. Many kudos :D

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